Its Not The End Of The World…

In response to my The Ultimate Reset Button and all of the posts that sprang up from that. An excellent take on something that should be paid attention to, as well…


…so everyone take a deep breath, okay?

I don’t mean to be the party pooper of the bunch, but the recent spat of pagan “Darkness walks among us! The Gods are recruiting! Everyone prepare for Ragnarok/the Zombie Apocalypse!” is going beyond the realm of “Ok, I’ll buy that” and into the dark waters of WTFuckery Bay.

I don’t buy the whole “Darkness is growing” for a very simple reason- the “Light” is growing too. Think about it. Gods are reaching more people. People that don’t have a foot in the occult pond are starting to go wading. Nothing “evil” is growing. Its always been there. We’re just getting closer and closer to Things Woo-woo. Its like we (as a species) have been wandering in the dark. Those with better night vision (i.e., the mystical, the magic-minded, the diggers of roots and diviners of the way) have seen things both good…

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14 thoughts on “Its Not The End Of The World…

        • Well, I’m not sure what would qualify. People have different levels of proof. For instance, I read all of the posts and replies to the original post of Aub’s, and the proofs put forth did not convince me of the truth of the position. My post had some of the reasons why I did not see it in such a fashion, and apparently those were not enough to convince you of my position.

          So, truthfully, un-humorously, and with all honesty- what sort of proof would convince you that the gods (if I am reading it right, ALL gods that aren’t part of the Abrahamic God) are NOT banding together and building up an army of followers, and/or a looming darkness isn’t coming to wreck destruction upon the world and our way of life?

  1. In my defense, I never used the phrase ‘we’re doomed’ anywhere…. lol. Of course it makes us sound nuts to talk about a wave of darkness coming. But hey, wave, not permanent unending pitch-black pit of nothingness. Big difference. I’m usually one of the last folks to jump on the group-think bandwagon but in this case I find myself agreeing with the rest of y’all. Besides- even if we’re all having a collective hallucination, wouldn’t the new skills, new wards, new friendships turn out to be for the better anyway?

    I do like her writing though, and definitely understand where she’s coming from.

    • Sorry if I offended >.> I don’t think you guys are having a hallucination, in all honesty. I’ve just seen too many nice, rational people go running after a Doomwagon far, far too many times. Do I think that something is coming? Well, yeah, something’s ALWAYS coming. Is it stronger than “normal”? Maybe, I don’t have much to compare to in this. I’m just rooting for “forge bonds of friendship in adversity” over “Who’s got the best recipe for Kool-Aid-a-la-Jones?”

      (Also I did exaggerate the overall doom-levels. On purpose, even, because I’d rather have people think with a smile than get caught up with freaking themselves out. Gives a better chance of even-thinking. If, after careful deliberation, you decide that something is coming? Then it probably is, and should be prepared for accordingly. [Humor also helps keep me from jumping on the Doomwagon, by the by.])

            • I’m glad. I was worried that people would get offended by an utter stranger coming along and interfering. Its not like I was invited, after all <.< (Part of the reason I didn't post a reply to other blogs on this subject, as a matter of fact. I really try to respect people's private and semi-private space. Besides, that's what MY blog is for, right?)

  2. I don’t think we’re *doomed* either, but I do think this is a reset/big change. At this point, we’re on the precipice of either global extinction (looking at things: more animals than ever are endangered or extinct, GMOs and Monsanto, widespread disease/famine/war/etc., Fukushima, radiation, animals dying off by the masses with no explanation, pollution, etc.) or a global rebirth (“green” living, more people wanting to end oppression across the globe, more people wanting to help the poor/disabled/elderly than not, the “small people” coming together in solidarity, information being open to everyone at any time, etc.), so to speak. More people are asking questions and wanting to Do Something about the things we collectively know aren’t helping anyone, while other people want to willy nilly destroy and oppress everyone and everything while thinking it doesn’t affect them. Maybe it’s that now we’re a “global community”, so we know about things that happen around the world that we didn’t before, or maybe it’s that we have the technology to both create and destroy on a much bigger scale, which can be catastrophic for everything and everyone.

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