The Ultimate Reset Button, or Are the Gods Actively Recruiting for a Reason?

I’ve noticed a lot of Kemetics being called to voodoo lately. I wonder why that is.

I posted this on my Twitter feed today. I’ve noticed that, more and more, Kemetics tend to have some form of relation with voodoo. This isn’t an exact science, obviously, since not ever Kemetic ends up building a relationship with the lwa. But, I have noticed that more and more, Kemetics are being called to their service in some form or another. In one case, I know where the opposite is true: a practicing Vodouisant was called by the Kemetic gods. But, all in all, it’s very interesting that the two seem to be more than just generally related. I’ve asked, often, what kind of relationship Legba and Sekhmet must have since it was via Sekhmet that Legba came into my life. I know I’m not the only Kemetic to think this way, or even non-Kemetic. I know that there are other people who have wondered at the relationships between gods and the lwa and what it is that connects the two. We may never know, but the reason I mention this is because I had a fucking kick ass conversation with Seillean and Brandy after posting this. And of course, my brain is on fire with the need to write (actually, it’s a headache that’s demanding release) about it. So, here I am.

What really began to spark my headache was the fact that Brandy had mentioned that it wasn’t just the lwa who seem to be actively recruiting. It was mentioned that the Norse gods seem to be stepping outside and recruiting out of their usual pool. (I made mention that maybe it was because the Heathen community seems to be really taking off, better than the Greek or Kemetic communities. The reason I mention this now is because it comes into play later.) She wondered why that happened to be and I had an epiphany moment. You know what I’m talking about: the dumb, stupid look that I get on my face where it looks like I may be trying to have a B.M. but really, I’m thinking about something important. And then it clicked: Spider Goddess!

Recently, she had posted about feeling like something dark was trying to get in (link below). I had commented on this entry, noting that she wasn’t the only magical worker that I know who felt that way. I was thinking of a few instances where I had heard from various workers that something was on its way or coming or already here. A friend of mine referred to it as the Fear Beast of 2012. Yet another said that it was trying to get in and that it had broken a few dishes around their home. When I mentioned this to Brandy, she said that she had been having that problem for a while now, but had learned to adjust. And it really made me wonder, Are they actively recruiting because of these issues?

At one point, after I had mentioned that my thoughts on why the Norse were coming out was because the Heathen community seems to be really taking off, Seillean said this, Interesting. Maybe as more people are realizing “this shit is real” they are looking to revive things again? This then came from Brandy, That’s possible too, especially since the old gods have a bigger track record than newer gods and spirits. And I continued this line of thought with the following, and since they were big once, why not again? Doesn’t that make a lot of sense though? Just as a simple side track, the pantheon’s closest followers are really beginning to make themselves known. If you throw a rock at a pagan gathering, you could probably hit two or three Heathens! (Don’t do that, though. That’s just mean.) But, really, think about it. Here we are minding our own business and then, bam. The gods come out and start actively pursuing followers in some form or another. It makes you wonder just how much they really do desire having humans pay attention to them.

At this point, I mentioned a theory that I had heard once. Once, I was talking with the EM about the end of the world as told from the Maya Long Count calendar. As anyone who is anyone, we all know that the long count is getting ready to end as of December 21, 2012. This is where the Maya-related end of the world theories come up. The EM mentioned that she was always of the mind that it had more to do with a change in thought, with a synthesis of human thoughts to relate to a more esoteric and new age feel. This always stuck with me (mostly because, when I asked this, I was still a new parent and worried about the end of an entire world after just giving birth to a child). When I mentioned it some time later to someone else, they said that maybe the end of the cycle in the Maya calendar had more to do with perception and feelings and human existence than anything else. When I mentioned this in the conversation between Brandy, Seillean and I, this was what Brandy responded with: I’m personally of the mindset that the world is resetting & gods are taking back their world.

Cue high-pitched and pain-filled epiphany-derived headache.

This is when I knew that I had to get this down. I had to write this all down and think things through. So, I’m going to offer a theory. Anyone can comment or refute or say what they will (as long as it’s not about throwing rocks at pagans because, seriously, that’s just rude). Here’s my theory.

What if… this negative beings or entities that magical workers have been sensing is the start of it all? Instead of a war between nations or between religions, it’s a war of perception. I’ve always been of the mind that the “dark entities” tend to work on fear and fear alone. They went to incite and they want to feed off of it. (Maybe that’s why I haven’t connected with it: I’m too dumb to be scared.) And that if we react to it incorrectly, an entire different kind of reset may end up happening. I’m not saying that it’s the job of the magical workers out there to make mankind better or anything, but they’re feeling it now because they’re more in tune than the rest of humanity. So, maybe the correlation there is that these, these fear things that are going around and knocking at doors are trying to incite that fear and keep it going. It’s like… if they can get the magical workers to react negatively and wrongly in regards to what they’re inciting, then the rest of the world will follow.

You follow me?

So, maybe that’s why the gods are actively recruiting and the lwa too. Not every pagan out there practices magic or meditation or any of that stuff. (I know, since I’m one of those people who don’t.) But, they have to do something to get things working in a way that they want to see happen. It’s not just about reconnecting with the old ways, when the world was new and exciting and fresh, but a reconnection of us to our roots and therefore, with the old gods.

What do you think?

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48 thoughts on “The Ultimate Reset Button, or Are the Gods Actively Recruiting for a Reason?

  1. Yes a thousand times yes. You have described what my partner and I have been seeing/feeling for some time now. We’ve been observing a lot of people who wouldn’t even consider themselves spiritual or pagan in any way, begin to be recruited as well. As well as the strange changes and cues that our guides, gods, and friends have been laying around, + additional insight. Oh what a time there is ahead of us.

    You definitely described it with clarity.

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  3. I have no clue. I used to have problems with gremlins hanging around. But after Set showed up, most of that stuff left me alone. And I no longer have a lot of problems with things of that sort.

    So I have no clue.

    • Honestly, neither do I. I have no idea except from what I’ve read from other blogs and what I’ve been told by other magical workers. So, you and I are clueless, but at least there are people out there who are aware.

  4. Here’s my opinion on this. From what I understand of the Mayan Calendar is states that the World will end. It seems to me to be saying that mankind will be given a choice, either to enter into a new age of spiritual enlightenment or to plunge into spiritual darkness on a scale that would make the Dark Ages look like a tiny bump in the road. Consider all the things that are happening around the world in regards to personal freedoms, social liberties (Gay Marriage, the rights of Women, freedom of worship) that many are shrugging off. Consider that Christianity (the religion largely responsible for taking away many of those freedoms people enjoyed in pre-Christian times) is on the rise politically and is seeking to dominate the political scene. Islam and Judaism (which have similar goals) are also in the news. Their focus seems to be the stamping out of the pagan mindset (freedom and equality for all). There are a few Christians,Muslims, and Jews who do not endorse these practices but they are in the minority. So I think the whole recruitment issue is geared towards fighting against this juggernaut that threatens to overwhelm this world and not just in a spiritual way, but in a physical one as well. The Christian mindset is that the earth’s resources are infinite. Eventually all the oil will be used up. Then what? Or what if a terrorist decides to plant a nuclear device over the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and everywhere else that produces oil. We’d be unable to use that oil and our society as we know it would come to a halt. Without oil (because we have failed as a society to create sustainable, renewable energy sources) we would be plunged back into the Stone Age rather quickly. Most people cannot grow their own food, they depend upon a supermarket for that. Take away food delivery and you have millions of starving people. Take away things like the internet, television and every thing else that is fueled by electricity and you have millions of people who will find themselves adrift in life with no meaningful purpose. All ripe for someone or something to come along and tell them what to do. Non self sustainability is a very dangerous place to be in, it opens the door for all sorts of evil to be done. With millions out of work and social liberties being taken away people will be ripe for harvest when these things eventually come to pass.

    I think the Mayans were trying to warn people (they had no idea their culture would be destroyed) that a great Apocalypse is on it’s way, one created and fueled by mankind’s own doubts and fears. But we have a choice. We can either submit to the Darkness or fight it tooth and nail.

  5. Y’know, this reminds me of what happened the year before 1000 AD. Massive panic swept across Europe and people thought the Apocalypse was nigh. People interpreted comets as omens. Entire towns gorged themselves on their harvests in farewell feasts and locked themselves into the church on New Year’s Eve, expecting to be dead in the morning.

    But the sun rose. And the day came just the same. And then they truly starved, because they had no food.

    As human beings, we want things to happen. We slow down instinctively near car accidents to take a look- not because we’re consciously morbid, but because we have a love-hate relationship with violence. It excites us. We complain about war, but then itch for something to happen during peace. We watch scary movies to get a cathartic release.

    I’d argue that there’s always darkness. We’re like children walking in the sun, never bothering to look back, until one child does and notices his shadow. Then the rest turn and see that the darkness follows them, no matter how far into the light they go. The sun moves across the sky, the shadows change form, growing longer, thinner, smaller, until the world is enveloped in night, and the shadows can run free. They race up walls, creep into homes, scratch on doors. All we see is blackness. We imagine the monsters that cast them, like us but not, joined to our hip like parasites.

    We build them up in our minds. We forget the darkness comes from us.

    And the sun rises just the same.

    Yes, I think there’s a horrible amount of evil, greed, and selfishness in this world. It sickens me on good days and leaves me crying on the rest.

    But really, there’s always been suffering. Unlike the media portrays it, we’re in a golden age of human rights and prosperity. I’d argue that there is more goodness in the world than ever before. People are fed, healthy, sheltered, and able to pursue education (and their dreams) at unprecedented rates. There is more freedom than ever before. And we’re are healing the mistakes of our pasts. From civil rights to feminism to the environmental movement, so many revolutionary ideas have finally reached fruition. I’m part of the first generation that has been raised not to judge people by the color of their skin, their sex, or orientation, but “the content of their character,” as MLK so eloquently put it. My friends and gods are from all walks of life, most of them different than my own. The world is opening up, opening the minds of millions to new ideas and ways of living different from their own. Ethnocentrism is losing ground and the global community is emerging.

    I think a new Goddess is being born. I think we’re in the birth pangs of Liberty.

    I also think we’re going through a ‘paradigm shift.’ A lot of people are realizing that humanity holds a sickening amount of power, and there’s a tremendous responsibility that comes with this knowledge. We’re undergoing a wake up call.

    Unfortunately, we haven’t wielded the power wisely. We’ve changed the climate of the earth and forced it to fit our will. Human rights suffer because of greed and malice, often a symptom of exploitation. Through our collective blundering, we’ve managed to destroy ecosystems worldwide and are responsible for the greatest massive extinction in the geologic timeline. The natural cycles are literally poisoned, and things are falling apart. Very. Very. Fast.

    Our past actions have left scars, bitter sentiments, and hurt. Lots and lots of hurt. We’ve collectively turned our backs on nature and the traditional ways of existence. I think we lost something vital between the Agrarian Revolution and the Industrial Age.

    Humans have caused pain and suffering, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are things angry at us from all sides of existence. I don’t know if I can justify our species’ existence. I used to sympathize with Prometheus, but now I’d probably throw him in the depths of Tartarus. Maybe Yahweh and Zeus were right. On a collective scale, we are too stupid to handle power and free will.

    And now there are wolves, rightly so, but much of the flock is still blind. If they’re obstinate, Fenrir will eat them. It’s natural selection. Systems that are not life-giving will fail. It’s happened with regimes in the Middle East. The world is too big and open now to sustain oppression for long. I think we’re naturally undergoing a ‘purification’ period, a de-weeding, that is trying to clear way for the best possible. If we actively change our ways and grow as individuals, then collectively, then I think the sun will come up, and we’ll be rosy.

    If not, there’s always weedwhackers.

    And if it’s a war of perception? Than openness and love are the answer. They always are, in the end.

  6. I like that name, Lokisdottir. I have the exact same name of a WoW character, though spelled Lokesdottir. XD I can see the warning of Loki as said to the Aesir right before they set upon him and bound him to the rock. I really like this comment, thanks.

  7. I came over from Kristin’s bloggy ☺
    where I commented on the end times thing already ;-)
    but your post here really made me think about my choice to leave a witchy blog behind because of the darkness. and I do deal with darkness, negativity a lot and usually it all balances out I find often the negative was needed .
    I also think it reminds how people often want to just read omens for the good or see only the so called good signs .when if we ignore the negative we may miss the good that is behind the negative .does that make sense ?
    I had to stop myself about two weeks back. this blog 7 person seemed so up my alley , working crafties, with all natural , being tradi and really seemed knowledgable .
    but always there seemed this darkness attached .
    it seemed a play on cool . attending shamanic conferences mixing natural potions etc.
    yet the darkness grew . it reminded me more and more of Crowley . yes perhaps something there at first but honestly I view Crowley in the end as a horney ego boosted dumbass .
    and that is exactly what kept coming up in my mind about this person , whom has many a follower now .
    where will she be in 30-40 yrs ? an elder , or just gone , a passing cool .
    you see its not real to me . in the end it took me away from what is true and needed .
    to be resonsible to teach our young the true & real old ways . not some mumbo jumbo on how to be the coolest witch in the woods .
    and wow does my world rock when I said goodbye to madam darkness suck me my me focus on me me me .
    I touch the lake , the wind and I I pass it on , it goes it gives , its forever . This will be with my children and passed down to their childrens children .
    when I remember it is like a shock , a slap in the face wake up . how could I be so selfish to go off following that persons blog and neglecting that child I should be out teaching for real.
    so as I said my choice to leave that persons world led me to the one I am meant to be in yet again .
    I’m attending the Indigenous Wisdoms Keepers gathering , just like that ☺
    to me this is real and true and the knowledge will be forever with my children this is going to survive and what is needed for them to have and carry on .
    so I guess from my time in darkness I am better prepared for that light ;-)

    • Hi and thanks for reading!

      I knew someone like that blog you’ve described. She was a good person with a good heart, but she was so overwhelmed and surrounded by the darkness that she couldn’t get passed it all. I had to sever that friendship, but it hurts sometimes to see someone you know and care about go down that path.

  8. I’m going to have to add this blog to my list of “stuff to spend my time reading” because I totally have the time to spend….

    As I’ve said before, there is definitely a theme going here. I read a couple of comments that suggested something to the effect of ‘we’re aware of this now because we’re so much more in tune’ and I have a minor nitpick thought for that. I think everyone is being affected. Why else would political foolishness and selfishness have reached such a ridiculous level? Why else have certain places around the world (especially, unfortunately in the so-called Third World) descended into arenas of violence and corruption? In a lot of ways these are all fear reactions. I must do everything to secure myself at the cost of whomever and whatever gets in my way. People and the planet die as we all fight our own struggle for security in the face of a fear we don’t understand. They’re feeling it alright. I think it may be up to those of us who are managing- thus far- to keep cooler heads to do something about it. Large scale action is probably not the answer. Learn how to preserve food. Learn basic first aid. Build bonds of friendship and camaraderie with your neighbors. I know it makes me sound like just another whackjob walking around with a “the end is near” sign, but seriously. Even if the end isn’t near, those skills would be useful to have.

    Just my 2 cents from someone who’s never commented before. Nice to meet y’all ;)

    • Hi! Nice to meet you.

      The reason I mentioned them being in tune with it now was because I had no idea how many people were actually aware of this feeling. I just figured it was a few of us here or there. Then, I stumbled upon a Christian friend of mine who said she’s been feeling that way as well. And as Foxdreams said above, her Roman Catholic mother feels likewise. Now that I’m seeing more and more people commenting with, “yeah, I feel it too,” it makes me realize that it doesn’t matter how “in tune” you may be… it’s just coming out of the woodwork everywhere.

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  10. I’ve noticed it too. I actually wrote something about it on my blog for today. Sometimes, I even have a theory as to what this coming darkness might even be. But the Gods are stepping up their recruiting. Just as the Darkness is growing.

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  12. I believe that makes a great deal of sense. I had begun wondering why I was being approached, quite pointedly, by various deities that I had never previously worked with. This was not being done in a subtle way either. Good to know I am not the only one experiencing this, I didn’t even know to ask the question of anyone else…… Still not sure what to do with it, or if I must choose just one…….

    • As I mentioned in your post, I knew about it. However, I never realized it was as widespread as it evidently is. I’ve seen blog posts springing up all over the place about this and noticed commentary via Twitter accounts. And of course, I’ve noticed Christians feeling similarly. (They of course perceive it as Revelations or End of Days, but still.) It’s just something that doesn’t get discussed.

      Side rant: I think it’s due to the whole secrecy and keep the darkness out of the path kind of stuff. It’s not taught but it seems instinctive for people to ignore the darker side of things, whether it’s paganism or otherwise.

      Why not choose them all? :) You never know who would be the best choice. So, go with all of them and see how it goes. Besides, it should be kind of interesting to have so many different ones to choose from, right?

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  14. These are all things I have been sensing very strongly recently, as well. You and the other recent writers on the subject inspired me to write about my own experiences with it. As someone who works with darker Beings, I’m not inclined to thinking that this war is a “Light vs. Darkness” sort of thing, but I have definitely sensed a fear-inciting Darkness recently, as well as more mischevious spirit activity (like dishes breaking) and Something creeping around my home and watching me in my sleep. When I tried to “talk” with it, I heard the word “Death,” and minutes later drew that exact card from the Tarot. Could’ve been Anyone, I guess, but no Being has ever illicited so much fear from me since the time I was a child.

    I hadn’t even made the connection between the increase in God-recruitment (which I have definitely been experiencing myself) and the Darkness until I read your post and the others inspired by it. It’s a bit terrifying to imagine a force that has even the Gods concerned and asking for strength from new and old worshippers alike, that gets the Gods of War riled up enough to invite even those of us who have never once been spoken to by Them to come together as allies. It’s all a bit overwhelming!

    Thanks so much for writing this and letting those of us who weren’t already aware that other Pagans are out there experiencing the same things and sensing the same Darkness. (I live in the south and get a bit sick of hearing of my “sins” that will be made known to Yahweh on “Judgment Day” when I try to discuss related topics.)

    • I’m sorry you are experiencing things so very much. But, I’m glad that this post and the others that stemmed from it was able to let you see that you’re not alone.

      I used to live in Texas. I definitely understand the stuff about how we’re going to Hell during the Days of Judgment or whatever. I always wanted to say, “But Jesus died for my sins, right? So, how am I going there if any sin I commit means I’ve got an auto-pass from him?” I never did, but the faces people would have made would have been photo-worthy.

    • I also work with darker deities (when I’m a good Pagan… lately I’ve lapsed a lot), so I agree that this isn’t an issue of Light vs. Dark. Even the chaos, death, “demon”, war, pestilence, etc. deities seem to be out in droves recruiting, so I personally think there’s a lot more to this than good vs evil/light vs dark, etc. My personal theory is that all of the gods are allying together, for lack of a better term, and choosing people to fight a common enemy. I can’t say I know for sure what or who that enemy is, but I have my guesses and theories. I do know that this world is on the brink of widespread destruction/collapse, and we can either keep living or destroy the planet we depend on and endure a global extinction down the road. I think the world is very, very imbalanced and that has a lot to do with it. The malicious entities I’ve been experiencing don’t work only on fear, either, but hate, rage, depression, sorrow, etc.

      As for the biblical Judgment Day, I don’t think anyone really understands it fully. From a purely monotheistic standpoint, it makes absolutely no sense because of the amount of entities and what are clearly deities who come forward. It also relies on the idea of the world being completely destroyed, then starting over. I don’t think anyone is alive by the middle of the story (the souls have already been harvested, aka the Rapture, the horsemen have already done their jobs, angels have poured disease and plagues into the waters, the earth seems like a wasteland save for the people who ran to the mountains), and then everyone who is judged is a spirit who has already been separated from flesh. It seemed to me that everyone who’s meant to belong in paradise is given a new body, while everyone else just goes poof. Interestingly, being a Christian and reading the bible is not one of the prerequisites for paradise, at least according to how I interpreted Revelations. In fact, a major portion of “Christians” would be doomed according to that book. I could be wrong, however.

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  17. Yeah, this is an old post but I feel the need to comment. I’ve been shut off from just about everything for years but the one thing that has always stuck with me was the sense that Somthing was Coming. In speaking what amounts to an ‘Elder’ in my community I brought it up and found a word for what I feel approaching. A conflict, a war, just as you said and the Elder pretty much confirmed it from his dealings with the Otherly. I haven’t been recruited yet but something Divine is waiting for me to break out of a circle of fear and doubt (Advice with that would be nifty), but I know there’s a part to play. 2012 may be when it stirs truly, but I think 2014 is when things instigate. That numbers been with me for years.

    Just my imput. >.>

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