CONTROVERSY: Head Covering.

Usually, I don’t really give a crap about whether or not I blog about something that may or may not be controversial. Fuck. I blogged about being an oversharing pagan and was pretty sure I was going to get shit on for it. In fact, that did not happen and I was given a lot of support from people who read the entry. (SQUEEEEEE!) In this case, I know that I’ll probably get some negative responses or reactions. And that’s fine. I’m no stranger to people getting angry with me over things that I say, do, or believe. The thing is that I’m not really going to comment on where I stand on the controversy itself because I have no opinion on it. I have never been asked to cover my head by my gods and while Cam made some really awesome thought-provoking comments about it in regards to the ATRs, I still haven’t really decided where I stand on this. The only part that I can safely attest to having an opinion on is the fact that it’s stupid to make this even remotely controversial because, you know what? Everyone does whatever the fuck they want to do in their religions and it’s nobody else’s fucking business.

That’s my opinion on this whole big thing.

If someone decides that they need to cover for morality sake, then that is their business. If someone has been asked of the gods to cover their heads, then that is their business. If someone has never been asked to cover for any reason whatsoever, then that is their business. In taking this to a higher level, we’re making it a huge split down the middle, knock-down-drag-out fight. And for what? We’re an entire community that’s so busy fracturing itself on shit like head covering, modesty issues, and not being willing to share information with the newbies that we’re going to end up dissolving ourselves before we really get going. And you know what? That bugs the fucking crap out of me more than anything else. WE ARE A COMMUNITY. We all believe in different things, different gods, different practices, but when it comes to an issue like wearing a scarf over the head that’s when we have problems? What the hell is the matter with people that they feel the need to force their opinion down other people’s throats? Why is that even remotely a good thing in paganism, at all?

I came into paganism because I was sick and tired of the Abrahamic faiths making decisions about me and my body and my soul without my consent. Yep. That’s why I started out down this road. I loved the freedom that I’ve learned and discovered in paganism. And now as time goes by, I find myself more and more not wanting to do anything in this “community” because it’s turning into the exact same shit as I found when I was a fucking Christian. Before I know it, I’m going to have BNPs (big name pagans) telling me if I can get an abortion, use birth control, vote for the next presidential candidate, etc. And that really just doesn’t fly with me. The whole point, to me, in this practice is to be able to do what I decide is proper in my spiritual practice. And if that means that I feel the need to wear a white bandana on my head when I’m communing with the lwa, then so be it. If that means that I have to go running around naked under the full moon, then so be it. If that means that I have to tap dance to the National Fucking Anthem while touching my nose and patting my stomach, then so be it. This is my religious path and what I do is my fucking business. That’s what makes it MINE.

And that goes for anybody else who is a practicing pagan.

Their path, their rules.

20 thoughts on “CONTROVERSY: Head Covering.

  1. Huzzah!
    That’s one of the things that I noticed when I first started branching into the Pagan Community – in-fighting. It turned me off in a big way, but not permanently. I learned that just like in Christianity, there are groups that I fit in with and those I didn’t. I also learned to steer far away from those who have an interest in telling people what is Right, because those people are not in it for my well-being or anyone else’s; they’re in it for the POWER. And those people suck and can be found in any/every religion.
    I cover. What I wear on my head affects ZERO other people. And you said this better than I could. Thanks for that!

    • Honestly, I never realized how much in-fighting there was in paganism until I discovered paganism + the Internet. (I was a book learner first.) As time goes by and see all of the crap that some of us go through because our beliefs don’t line up with others just gets me more and more angry about the intolerance going on. It’s wrong and stupid and heinous and did I mention wrong?

      And you’re welcome. :)

  2. I don’t see why head covering has to be controversial either. Much like you, I think it’s people’s personal business. I cover my hair at times too (feels comfortable really) much to my mother’s dislike – she hates head covering in any way, shape or form.
    What goes for someone doesn’t go for someone else and viceversa. And ditto on BNPs telling me what to do, I don’t care who they are and what they do xD

    • I guess you and I are just two peas in a pod. :) I refuse to have others tell me what is in my best interest. If I haven’t figured that out after thirty years, then obviously, I’m doing something wrong.

  3. “If that means that I have to tap dance to the National Fucking Anthem while touching my nose and patting my stomach, then so be it. This is my religious path and what I do is my fucking business.” Feckin’ applause for this!

  4. Oh, there’s in-fighting in all groups on the internet. We Pagans aren’t as special as we think. ;)

    Seriously, though, I agree wholeheartedly. Whether or not someone covers his or her head is not a big deal. It becomes an issue when people try to push it on others. If this grows into a sect, or several sects within traditions, then that is the prerogative of the people who join.

    • I really just don’t understand the whole fight. Of course, I don’t really understand why pagans are so busy fighting one another anyway. I know it happens and I’ve been a party to it happening, witnessed it happening, and had it happen to me. But I think it’s stupid. We should all be more willing to help others – same path, similar path, or different path – while paganism starts standing on its own two feet.

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