More thoughts on cultural appropriation, humility and Vodou

An excellent commentary on cultural appropriation and voodoo.

The Hermit's Journey

I doubt that anyone not born or at least raised in Haiti from a young age can ever understand Vodou in its full depth; the development of Haitian Vodou is so rooted in the history and culture of that country. Those of us adopting the religion can learn as much as we can, but some nuances will be lost on us due to differences in language, concepts and environment. We will never be the ‘experts’ in the way that someone who has always lived in the tradition is.

I am not saying that outsiders cannot be called by the lwa. If I believed that, then this blog would not exist. But I do see the topic of cultural appropriation brought up a lot in the online places where I lurk. This is mostly a good thing, as all of us who are not Haitian need to keep this in mind…

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The Hekatean Prayer and Ritual Book: Call for Submissions

A call for submissions from all those people who work with Hekate.

Feral Druidry: The Crossroads Companion

Since doing Hoofprints in the Wildwood, I’ve been wanting to do a devotional for Hekate. However, there are so many Devotionals out there for her already most notably by Avalonia and B.A. So I’ve decided not to do a devotional proper, but rather a Hekatean Prayer and Ritual book, which I think there is much need for. This will be a book of prayers and rituals only, with images for meditational use. The idea being something you can take with you, read some prayers out of in either ritual or just thumb through reading prayers and looking at artwork on the fly for inspiration. The focus of this book is really prayer and ritual, so there will be no essays or poetry or the normal fare you would see in a standard devotional. I personally think something like this would be a boon to the community, not only to help new…

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The Emotional Scale Isn’t Jiving With Reality.

My emotional compass is out of whack. I don’t even really know how to phrase it beyond that. My emotions are not very much in tune with reality. I should be motivated, pleased, and at least quasi-happy. I have a lot of good things coming or have already come to pass. I have a job; I’m working. I have a good house husband; he cooks at least. My son is healthy and happy; he’s growing like a damn weed. All in all, I get the sense that my emotions should be more positive than they really are. Of course, not everything is perfect but to just catch a glimpse of what the rest of this year could, feasibly, bring only leaves me apathetic and irritated. Usually, though, my emotions are pretty blah, boring. I’m unmotivated to do anything. In fact, I feel rather old and angsty a lot of the time.

My emotional scale isn’t jiving with reality.


So, I tweeted this but I thought it could merit its own post.

A lot of lovely people recommended that I should do a road opener and uncrossing on myself regarding my dismal attitude and basic feeling like I’ve been cursed lately. As far as magic goes, I’m a strict cleansing, basic warding kind of gal. (With dreams of becoming more one day!) I have no idea how to even go about doing either of those things but I think the acts would help me to solidify my “I am woman; hear me roar” that I need to get back in touch with.

So. Recommendations and thoughts and opinions and ideas are heartily welcome.

But first, there will be a lotnof cleansing going on.

To-Do List.

Things to work on…

1. Figure out the Negative Confessions for self.
2. Some kind of BOS to write this shit down.
3. Work on witch bottle for Hekate. (Nails? Dirt?)
4. Use K’s Tarot spirit layout on Pyramid Oracle.
5. Figure out festivals for Kemetic calendar.
6. Perform EE Deadz ritual on Daddy.
7. Start offerings for Gran Bwa.
8. Sit down with M for Met Tet divination.
9. Statue for Bawon and Maman?
10. Shrine cleaning for all and sundry.
11. Start alchemical experiment for the Sister.
12. Research various Lave Tets for future add to BOS.
13. Cowrie shells for Old Man.