Modern Mythology: Santa Min

The Twisted Rope

This post may not be safe for those under 18.Some images are NSFW.

I’d like to tell you a story about Santa Min.

Santa Min

Once upon a time, as the months got colder and colder, Santa Min looked down at the people of the world and felt sorry for them. He decided that he wanted to help them by finding a way to keep them warm! In order to facilitate this, Min decided to use what he knows best- sex!

So one night, he and a bunch of his god pals went trolling around Egypt, leaving all sorts of goodies in people’s houses.

But these weren’t the normal gifts that you’d expect to receive. Oh no! Santa Min knows what everyone really wants… Sex toys! And that’s why people love Santa Min, he doesn’t discriminate against how you behaved that year! Were you good? Here is a cock ring…

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Unfortunate Journey: Dramatis Inimīcus

Here are the names of the people who have tried to prevent a Heathen mother from raising her son. May the Arrows of Sekhmet rain upon their heads!

Son of Hel

So, I’ve been told I can actually post the names of those involved in our journey.

These our our foes.

I suppose I will start off with the boy’s father: Paul Vallerand. As mentioned the lawyer, hired by his parents (for the illegal resistance to a lawful order to terminate temporary custody), attacked mine and R’s religion as a reason to be unsuitable for the care taking of her son. Well, Paul was the one who introduced R to Paganism. In fact, he was something of a priest at the time they met. Not to mention that he engaged in the art of exorcism with R supporting him, and according to R potentially made several pacts with high level demons and devils. He has since become “Christian” and while swearing (as reported to us by the “best friend”) had no idea the Lawyer was going to use religion to…

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An Unfortunante Journey

Asatru and Heathenry seems to be one of the largest growing religion from the pagan platform. While we’ve seen and heard Wiccans and witches going through these things, it now seems that the polytheists are in the cross-fire.

Son of Hel

I’m gonna start us off with a song.

Epic adventures in stories are something we all enjoy. We dream of living them. Sometimes we get to. The last three days were such a journey.

But such journeys are often marked by tragedy, and ours was as well.

My girlfriend, business partner, and love, R has a son. When she come to live with me, she left him behind because it was supposed to be a temporary stay, that became the effort to bring a new life. As soon as it looked as if she would be putting down roots, she wanted her son back. But her son’s father, and his father’s parents, did seek to deny the return of her son, though by law he should have been as it was a temporary guardianship that could be terminated at any time.

Last Tuesday, the Day of Tyr, we set off…

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Devo Magix: Know Your Basics

The Twisted Rope

This is an argument in favor of making up your own stuff.

When you surf around on the Internet, there are a lot of questions about spells. There are also a lot of prefab spells out there as well. And for a large portion of the pagan/witchy community, there are a lot of people who use pre-made spells as the bread and butter of their practice.

I think that this is okay for the beginner (possibly), but that at some point or another, you have to really break free from prefab stuff. At some point or another, you need to look at prefab spells, or any magix work you’ve done, and really figure out what is going on, what is making the magix tick.

Let me use an example.

Let’s say that learning magix is like learning a new language (which, it sorta is). There are many ways to learn…

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In all ways, this post is every aspect I have ever deliberated on in regards to the ‘culture question.’ However, it is said a good deal more eloquently than I ever could have said it.

The Twisted Rope

Mandatory Disclaimer: I am not stating anything within this post that is hard or fast. I am merely bringing up points and trends that I have noticed, considered and mulled over. I am presenting ideas to push others to question and consider their own stances. I am not making any particular statements about culture, or what is or isn’t appropriate. I am merely throwing out ideas for everyone to think about.

Culture is a popular topic now a days. Everyone talks about it, whether you should only work with the culture you were born with, the one you live in, not to touch cultures for fear of appropriation, etc. Culture culture culture. This, of course, got me thinking about culture, and how it’s sorta like inception, or an onion, layers and layers and layers of culture. And I wonder, sometimes, if we’re not considering all of the layers in these…

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Building it Up

The Twisted Rope

The last time I wrote about community, it was a bit of a disaster. And while I discussed our need for more community, I didn’t got into a lot of discussion about how to better the community around us. So I wanted to revisit the idea of community and how we can all work to make it stronger. How we can all build a boat and visit other islands.

As stated in my previous post, I do believe that we need to reach out to one another- not necessarily to sing kumbaya around a campfire together, but at the very least to reach a sort of understanding. Paganism (and Kemeticism in particular) spans thousands of years and millions of places – with each place having its own particular flavor of practice and belief. It’s complicated, it’s messy- and not everyone is going to completely agree with one another- they…

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Con artists

I don’t usually reblog others’ posts, but in this case, I think it’s necessary to get this information out there.

I’ve read this person’s blog. I’ve commented on her posts. She has, actually, commented on my posts. And with every new post that she would put up, begging for money, the cynical side of me couldn’t help but wonder why in the world they couldn’t actually make do for themselves. Well, as I go through this blog about their con artist status… now I really see why they could never do anything for themselves.