Ptah Protects the Winged Disk – Ritual Rubrics for Day 1

Day 1 – The Appearance of the Winged Disk

Needed Items

  • Water
  • Food (representations of or actual food)
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Image of Ma’at or feather of ma’at amulet
  • Image of ib or ib amulet
  • Image of Eye of Heru/ Eye of Heru amulet

Approaching the Shrine/Altar
Action: If you have a temple/bedroom that is used for your shrine/altar space and is not in a public area, you would complete this in front of your closed door. Step towards the shrine and/or altar space where you have set up for this rite. If you are so inclined, you can offer dua while stopping a few steps away from the space. (Dua is the holding out of your hands at face level, palms facing the area in question.) Say the following:

O you NTRW of this temple, who sanctify the god in his shrine:
I have made my way and I enter into your presence.
I am one of you.
Do not repulse me.
My feet are not impeded.
I am not turned back from this place.
I am pure.
I am pure.

Stepping Before the Shrine/Altar

Action: Take a few more steps forward and open the closed door/doors of your temple/bedroom that you use for your shrine/altar space. If you have your shrine/altar space in a public area, pretend to open two doors with your hands. Say the following:

O you ba-souls of Wetjeset-Hor, if you are strong, I am strong.
If I am strong, you are strong.
If your ka-spirits are strong, my ka-spirit is strong at the head of the living.
As they are living, so shall I live.
I am pure.
I am pure.
I am purified.
I am purified.
I open your temple and I come before you.

Action: Close the door/doors of your temple room/bedroom behind you as you step into the space. If you do not have a dedicated room for this space, pretend to close the doors behind you.

Opening the Doors of the Shrine/Altar

Action: Open the doors of the shrine space. If you do not have a dedicated shrine with doors to open, you can pretend to open doors on your altar just like was done above.

The doors of the sky are open.
The doors of the earth are unlocked.
This house is open for its Master.
I come forth as he shall come forth.
I enter as he shall enter.

Lighting the Candle

Action: Light the candle(s).

Come in peace, O Glorious Eye of Heru!
Be strong and renew your youth in peace.
The flame shines like Ra on the double horizon.
The fire is laid; the fire shines.
I am pure.
I am pure.
I am pure.
I am pure.

Lighting the Incense

Action: Light the incense.

The fire is laid; the fire shines
The incense is laid on the fire, the incense shines
The incense comes, the divine perfume comes
Its perfume is for you.
Its essence is for you.
Its smoke permeates your shrine, bringing life!
It transforms your heart through its perfection.
I appease your body and heart.
The temple is filled with the scent of incense.
It sanctifies your throne; it purifies your ka from evil.

Presentation of Water
Action: Hold the bowl or cup of water aloft while saying the following:

Greetings to you, primordial water!
Greetings to you, great river!
Greetings to you, flood water of Nun; you, the father of the gods.
Receive the water from my hand because I am Horus, The Provider, the successor to the throne.

Water Purification
Action: Continue to hold the bowl or cup aloft still.

I give you essential water, a tide in your time.
I bring the flood waters to purify your sanctuary.
This Primordial Water purifies as in Zep Tepi!

Action: Take some water and sprinkle gently over the altar space/shrine area and the image of the god.

I bring the water of rejuvenation that flows from the Two Caverns.
I sprinkle the water, purifying your image!
I sprinkle the water, purifying this place from all impurity!
O water, may you remove all evil.

Action: Take some water and sprinkle in the four cardinal directions as you speak each line.

The god Heru Behdety himself does sanctify this, his Temple to the South.The god Heru Behdety himself does sanctify this, his Temple to the North.
The god Heru Behdety himself does sanctify this, his Temple to the West.
The god Heru Behdety himself does sanctify this, his Temple to the East.
The Temple of the god Heru Behdety is established.
It is established for millions of years.

Offering Ma’at
Action: Lift up an image of the feather of ma’at, an image of the goddess of ma’at, or an amulet of ma’at.

I have come to you as Djehuty, whose two hands are joined together under Ma’at.
She comes to be with you for she is everywhere.
You are provided with Ma’at.
You move in Ma’at, you live in Ma’at.
She fills your body, she rests in your head, she makes her seat upon your brow.
The breath of your body is of Ma’at, your heart does live in Ma’at.
All that you eat, all that you drink, all that you breathe is of Ma’at.
Djehuty presents Ma’at to you, his two hands are upon her body before your face.

Action: Place the image/amulet before the image of the god.

Offering the Whole Eye
Action: Lift up an image of the Eye of Heru or an amulet of ma’at.

I have come before you to give you the Whole Eye.
I have brought to you this Eye of Heru placing this at your feet.
All that was once confusion has been turned to peace.
The world is filled with ma’at and rejoices with the contented Eye.
All is in harmony.

Action: Place the image/amulet before the image of the god.

Water Libation
Action: Hold up the cup or bowl of water and pour into the offering cup/bowl.

This libation is for you, O Lord of Heaven
I have brought to you this offering of water so that your heart may be refreshed.

I present to you that which flows forth from you that your heart shall continue to beat.

Action: Place the filled cup/bowl on the altar.

Offering Food
Action: Hold up the dish of offerings.

The great offering is filled with all good things.
Tens of thousands, an infinity before it, great quantities behind it.
Hundredfold and tenfold in the midst of it.
Consisting of every good and wonderful thing.
I offer to Heru, Lord of Life.
All life emanates from you.
All health emanates from you.
All stability emanates from you.
All good fortune emanates from you.
Offerings of every kind come forth in abundance.

Action: Place the dish of offerings on the altar.

Presentation of Ib
Action: Hold out the image or amulet of the heart to the image of the god.

Hail to you, O Heru, Lord of Hearts
I have come before you and brought to you your heart to be set in its place.
Let me draw near to you with your heart
And so that by means of me you may have power over your body.

Action: Place the ib before the deity.

Address to the NTRW

The Great Winged Disk has appeared upon the double horizon
His splendor shines forth across the land as bright as eternity
He shines with many colors and the world is in awe of him
He has slaughtered the enemies of his father and the enemies of his people
The Great Protector has come before us and the world is safe once more.

Homage to Heru of Behdet, O Exalted One, O Lord of Heaven.
I have placed myself on the floor in awe of you.
I embrace the earth before you.
I have come that I may kiss the earth before you.
O Heru, I am your servant.
I come before you to nourish you as you nourish me.

O Heru, you have heard the enemies of Ra conspiring against his Majesty
You have been called forth to let your fiery heart gain mastery over these enemies
You have unleashed your terribly fury upon them and taken their hearts from them
You have brought gladness to the heart of the gods because you have overthrown the enemies
You have created the House of Victory and known contentment therein

Your light touches the heart of me.
Your kindness succors me.
Your strength fortifies me.
Your wisdom teaches me.
Your protection strengthens me.
Your joy pleases me.
Your love reassures me.

O Heru, you have caused great fear within the hearts of these enemies.
You have made great and terrific slaughter among them.
You have caused them to know confusion and fear.
You have overthrown them and gathered their hearts together as offering to your father.

You have known great victories against your enemies.
You have brought peace where once there was confusion.
You have brought ma’at where once there was nothing.
You have brought safety into the world.

Let your hearts rejoice, O ye gods of heaven! A
Let your hearts rejoice, O ye gods who are in the earth!
Horus, the Youthful One, come in peace
And he hath made manifest on his journey deeds of very great might

Action: At this point, you can sing hymns or say prayers to the god. You can also add any form of meditation or magical working in the name of the god. Before moving on to the next portion of this, which is the start of the closing out of this ritual, blow out any candles, whisk away the offerings and libations to be reverted after the below actions are completed. If you have a shrine space, close the doors and then stand before your altar/shrine area.

Reversion of Offerings

O NTRW, your enemy withdraws from you.
Heru has turned himself to his Eye in its name of Reversion-of-Offerings.
These, your divine offering revert, they revert to your servants for life, for stability, and for joy!
O that the Eye of Heru may flourish for you eternally!

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