The Second Month & The Second Hour.

I thought that if I had to choose a word to describe this month, it would be inert. The second hour of the Netherworld highlights the Inert Ones, those who are in stasis before they can move on to the next hour – if they even are able to move on at all – and so I assumed going in that “inert” would be my word of the month.

But I found that the real word, the real descriptor for this month, was fortify. If we look at the definition listed at Dictionary-dot-com, we find:

I thought that the second month of the year would begin to set the tone for the rest of the year, but I found that I was wrong. The second month passes by too swiftly for any sort of tone to be enacted, or to even be felt. From one second we are walking the line into February 1st and before we know it, we have passed by 28 or 29 days and see March on the horizon. Nothing concrete truly happens this month; it just provides a firmer road map of what the future will hold.

In the capture I provided above, I found that the phrase “increase the effectiveness of” was also an appropriate descriptor for this second month. At the end of all of this hard work in this year of rebirth, an increase in my own effectiveness could be seen as the sum total of the whole undertaking. It is interesting to see that this increase in effectiveness begins so soon.

This isn’t to say that the second hour of our journey isn’t fraught with inertia, or inertness. It is merely that during the rest period of that inertia, there is also a fortification or building up of oneself going on at the same time. While this may seem dichotomous, it is only through the inertia that we are experiencing that we can sense where we must focus our attention to fortify ourselves.

The Second Month

The end of January gave me a glimpse of what I could expect in February. Three major events have happened this month that are interrelated in a Big Picture kind of way, and of course relate back to my personal rebirth journey.

The first major happening was a Disappointment. As I’ve mentioned, I have a number of irons in the fire and have been working on these irons for a long time. The SO and I decided to try to pull one out to see what happened, but it ended up not working out so the iron was put back in place.

But even though this wasn’t the ending that we wanted, we realized that this Disappointment actually worked out in our favor. This gave us more time to add more heat to the fire that this particular iron is in so that it will be warm enough when we’re finally ready to pull the trigger. I was able to fortify on my end and he has been as well so that when it finally happens, we won’t have to worry nearly as much as we were when we first gave it a shot.

The second event of the month was also a Disappointment: the cracked tooth in the back of my mouth that had been hurting off and on for months had finally come to roost. I had a cavity in that cracked tooth, an absence which had caused an infection, and on top of everything else, the wisdom tooth that was never supposed to come in was sitting behind the cracked tooth, all impacted and shit.

I do not have dental insurance because I am an idiot, so I spent about half of February trying to find an oral surgeon to deal with this issue. Since my roots look like two clawed fingers and are inordinately long, the dental clinic I went to thought it best if a surgeon deals with it. But do you know what? Oral surgeons are not fans of people without insurance and not fans of payment plans. They are also not willing to donate their time to dental clinics.

I spent two weeks working on this health issue nearly non-stop as I found out that I have a higher pain tolerance than most people. I went to work every day while I tried to find someone who would be willing to take a payment plan or cut me some slack on the costs to remove a tooth. Of course, none of them were surgeons.

This time helped me to strengthen myself in a health sort of way. I often ignore my health in favor of everyone and everything else, but I learned that focusing on one’s health is just as important as everything else.

It was a horrendous ordeal removing this tooth. I spent two hours in a dental chair and spent two days recovering from it. While this was a learning experience (AKA, I found a loophole to get me dental insurance since I have other Major Dental Issues that need to be addressed and as TTR pointed out, tooth health is Very Important), it also helped me to jump over a hurdle that I had placed in front of myself.

This experience helped me to reach out to Nephthys as a friend of mine had indicated I should last month. In a fit of pique after spending two hours in a dental chair and emotionally wrung out, I promised her anything if she would just get the damn tooth out of my head. The roots popped out shortly thereafter, which means… I should probably start looking into her a bit more.

The third major event from this month is actually a Positive. After spending twelve years together, the SO and I finally figured we should get married. This is also going to help us with the irons I talked about above probably, so we may as well. I have found out that planning a wedding, even something as low-key as what I want, is A Thing and I don’t recommend it.

If you have to plan your own, find someone to do it for you as much as humanly possible.

While this may not seem like it relates, it is also a way for the SO and I to fortify ourselves especially after the Disappointment we had experienced early on in February. It will be a benefit in a lot of ways and of course, I guess there’s the whole thing about love and stuff.


The Second Hour

The second hour has been far more eventful than the first. As I worked on the above things to see me to the next hour, I found that I had to do the same thing. Everything going on this month has had rapid periods of movement as I work to bolster something forward or get something done, but there have also been long moments of inertness.

The periods in between where I am able to stop, sit back, reflect have been useful as I work on the fortifications that one needs to take on to pass through this second hour. You need to be able to reawaken yourself as Sia whispers to the Inert Ones lying passive in this hour. But you also need to take the time necessary to figure out how you’ve reawakened yourself and fit it into the place where it needs to go.

In order to move on, one must be capable of full integration with oneself. The only way that will be possible is if you also take the time to focus on the task and then sit back for a bit. Going full tilt will get no one anywhere for long. It’ll wind up looking more like you’re running in place than anything else. And then there will be no ability to move on.

I think that may have been what happened the last time I tried this. I think I was so focused on the journey that I didn’t stop long enough to absorb what it was that I was trying to do. I didn’t take the time to reflect on the parts of myself that were reawakening or awakening for the first time. And I didn’t let them situate themselves in place before I kept going.

So I’ve learned a lesson: moving forward is necessary, but a need for rest after the movement is also necessary. It is only through this quiet time afterward that you are truly able to put the pieces together, to truly integrate with what has happened.



When I first read through My Heart, My Mother, I was more focused on the idea of the Inert Ones in the second hour. It was a focal point for my mind and I wound up sticking on their appearance within the hour. The parts that I failed to integrate when I read through the book originally was that the second hour does more than just show up as a memorial for those who haven’t moved on to the next hour.

As Roberts states:

What we are seeing here in the Book of Night is a renewal of bodies, the reawakening of inert, lifeless forms. They are being told by Sia that they have not died when they entered the mother goddess, but rather that they have to take command again of all of their bodily functions. Hence, as each person begins the journey in the West, their first experience is a renewal and strengthening of all parts of the body…

The second step on this odyssey of the soul has been only a single step, a pause as I integrate what has happened, and then a few more steps forward. Less the phrase “two steps forward, one step back” and more a phrase I came up with earlier this month, “one step forward, pause, two steps forward, pause…” There can be no progression without the ability to fully come to terms with what has happened.

I am excited to see what comes next, when the irons will get pulled, when I will hopefully be able to say that I am noticing the progress I am making and seeing it in the world around me. We’ll see what comes next month, I suppose.


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