Rites and Services.

After many months of planning, I am pleased to announce that the rites and services, previously provided as tests, are officially ready to be rolled out to the general public. There will be two types of rites and services provided – those for Sekhmet and those for Papa Legba. Each rite will be performed in my home on behalf of those who request a petition. Every rite will be catalogued with pictures and then written up in a follow-up blog entry. On how to request a petition, please see below.

Sekhmet Rites and Services

Each month in the calendar year will feature one rite for Sekhmet, per her request. Each of the services provided will feature a specific nature commonly seen in ancient Egyptian holidays – a feast, a procession, and a festival – and I will provide the details of what is coming up next a few days prior to the date of the celebration. Anyone can submit a request, whether they are a devotee of hers or not. Anyone can submit a request on behalf of someone else, again whether either person is a devotee or not. I will not refuse a request for a petition to Sekhmet unless someone is attempting to bring harm to themselves or to others.

When I put out the notice that an upcoming rite will be provided to Sekhmet, I will recommend how best to phrase the petitioner’s request. As a general notice, however, please be advised that each of the three listed types of celebrations will be based on specific phraseology. A feast to Sekhmet would allow a petitioner to provide anxieties, insecurities, injustices, ill-health, and general blocks for her to eat upon in an effort to grant the petitioner a break in whatever is causing them trouble. A procession to Sekhmet would allow a petitioner to progress through whatever blocks or negative aspects have been, in their eyes, preventing them from moving on to the next step. A festival will be a general thanksgiving for the works provided in the previous two months and a catch-all celebration: if someone wants to ask to remove a negative item or would like assistance in moving forward with an item, I will do both.

The fourth item, which is new, is that I will be offering oracular services on behalf of Sekhmet. I have already begun the process of working with her on how best to perform them, for the both of us. As this will be my first, official, work with oracular services, I will limit the number of entrants. As anyone who provides divinatory rites for others is aware, those divinatory rites can and will take a lot of energy out of the practitioner. As I am not asking for payment or energy reimbursement for these services, I have to keep in mind the spoons I have on hand at this moment. Due to the limited number of spoons I have, I will limit the first oracular session (shown in the calendar below) to seven requests. When I put out the reminder notice, I will remind everyone of that fact.

The following is the rites and services calendar for Sekhmet:

Second Weekend of January – Feast of Sekhmet.
Second Weekend of February – Procession of Sekhmet.
Second Weekend of March – Festival of Sekhmet.
Second Weekend of April – Oracle Services for Sekhmet.
Second Weekend of May – Feast of Sekhmet.
Second Weekend of June – Procession of Sekhmet.
Second Weekend of July – Festival of Sekhmet.
Second Weekend of August – Oracle Services for Sekhmet.
Second Weekend of September – Feast of Sekhmet.
Second Weekend of October – Procession of Sekhmet.
Second Weekend of November – Festival of Sekhmet.
Second Weekend of December – Oracle Services for Sekhmet.

Papa Legba Rites and Services

Services provided for Papa Legba will only be provided on feast days for the saints he is syncretized with and on days wholly dedicated to him according to the calendar I have on file. Each celebration will, just as with Sekhmet, be proceeded by a notice indicating what to expect out of the rite in question. In that notice, I will also provide helpful hints on how best to phrase the petition.

January 1 – New Year’s Day.
April 19 – Feast Day of St Expedite.
June 29 – Feast Day of St Peter.
December 17 – St Lazarus/Lazarus of the Four Days.

How to Request a Petition

Anyone can send me an E-mail to satsekhem@gmail.com as well as pop an ask into my Tumblr inbox, found here.

Please note: This will be recreated as a page on my Tumblr, found here, and my WP blog, found here.

7 thoughts on “Rites and Services.

  1. Wonderful. I’m actually in the process of setting up something similar. May your service be rewarding and good, my friend.

    • I hope your services go well and that they are rewarding, too.

      As completely strange and weird as all of this is, it’s so… rewarding and thrilling. And honestly, I really enjoy it. :)

  2. What a wonderful mission our Mother has you working on! I wholeheartedly applaud it. I’ve been doing similar things, that I admit I have gotten out of the habit of for various reasons. Good on you for this. :)

    • She really seems to like to branch outside of the “conventional” pathways. And I think that’s excellent because it means that we can get out there and really start building up all the things she has in store. And also, I like the idea of those hardcore recons staring in horror at the additions, like this, that the NTRW are throwing into the mix. Oh, yes, I think the next few years will be interesting.

      I hope, one day, you can get back into it. It’s fun!

      • Then I am glad to inform you, that I have gotten my marching orders, and that is exactly what I will be doing. Perhaps you and I and other Sekhmet minded people can coordinate our efforts – much to the chagrin of those who dare not step outside of their own personal spheres, of course! ;)

        Drop me a note sometime soon.

  3. Awesome! I also work with the Goddess Sekhmet and Papa Legba and have altars to both set up in my home! It was strange how I literally by chance found this post, I was definitely guided here lol. I work with Sekhmet through my writing and have recently published a work of occult fiction titled ‘The Sekhmet Initiation’. I am currently posting the chapters to my blog for free reading if you are interested.
    best wishes Leigh-Anne Morgan

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