Hawkish Shenanigans.

This is around the moment when I began to suspect that I was being trolled.

This is around the moment when I began to suspect that I was being trolled.

A few weeks ago, I started hearing the screeching of hawks. It was kind of faint, so it was almost like they were outside and way up high. I went outside to see what it was that was causing all of this screeching and saw nothing in the sky. There weren’t even clouds and none of the usual flurry of bird activity was happening. There definitely weren’t any hawks flying about my house. Later, when I heard it again and again, I assumed my son was watching Rango again. There’s a few scenes where the screech of a hawk can be heard. However, later, I found out that he had been watching Monsters, Inc instead. And after getting up enough courage, I asked TH if he had heard the flurry of hawkish activity throughout the afternoon, only to learn that I was hearing things.

Since this moment, I’ve been paying careful attention to my surroundings. And in that paying attention, I’ve noticed a good many hawks flying around in my area. A lot of the times that I see hawks flying around or soaring, it’s on my drive to work. I assume that the area I am driving to (a forty-five minute drive) is full of good hunting because I’ve seen a hawk on my way to and from work every day for the last few weeks. I honestly don’t know if hawks are really as common as I am making them out to be for this area. It’s possible – wildlife and all of that. I’ve seen a lot more wildlife in the town that I work in, such as wild turkeys and different kinds of birds since I began working there. I’ve seen many more skunks, raccoons, deer, and possum. It’s not quite a “boonies” situation, but the town that I drive to isn’t exactly on the beaten track either. And it’s definitely not the sprawling metropolis that I have lived in most of my life.

Oh, so very hawkward.

Oh, so very hawkward.

Yesterday, I watched as a hawk took roost on a lamppost that I had to drive beneath. And while I drove beneath it, I was incredibly uncomfortable. It began to dawn on me that something was going on and that I needed to pay attention to what was going on around me. While I did end up seeing another hawk soaring by on my way home yesterday, it was this morning’s interesting shenanigans that left me feeling like I needed to get to researching. While driving by a park that I drive by every day, I noticed a bird of some kind gamboling around in there. At first, I thought it was the ugliest fucking goose I had ever laid my eyes on. It’s feathers were shaggy and unkempt and it was so fat. As I got closer, I thought it must be a wild turkey because the color was a deep brown and totally unlike the Canadian geese that have made that park home since the weather change. And then I saw the distinctive hawk head rise up as it jumped on something and I sped the fuck on. I don’t know what I saw or what the hell was going on in there, but I was pretty irritated by that point. Point of fact, I screamed, I am unamoosed. If you have a message, leave it. Do not speak in gibberish.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the last few days and I’ve come to a couple of thoughts on the subject, which will probably be added to and-or changed as time goes by.

  1. I am honestly being trolled by one of the many hawk-related deities in the Kemetic pantheon. As anyone who has been in the Kemetic world for any length of time can say, there are a lot of hawk deities. While I am more inclined to think that this is either Heru-sa-Aset or Re, it’s possible that this could be any of the other deities with similar heads. I honestly can’t even name them all – and won’t try. But if this is a deity, then I have my research cut out for me.
  2. The trolling is actually one of the various hawk-related deities’ netjeri. A netjeri is a demon messenger that does the bidding of whatever deity it is a part of/assigned to. Many of my friends joke about how these particular creatures are the godphone answering machines of the netjeru and that because of this, it is likely that some instances of deity-devotee interaction could be the trolling of a netjeri is bored. And considering what I’ve learned regarding the netjeri in my research for my Sekhmet guide as well as what I’ve gleaned from conversations with Sekhmet, it’s entirely possible that this is exactly what is going on. If the god in question isn’t around to hold the netjeri in check, then it’s feasible they would play around while their netjer is away.
  3. I am conflating coincidences with signs. This is a common reaction, I think, with many people who are looking for gods to work with. The thing is that I have so many fucking gods that I really don’t want anymore. When Geb showed up with his, “Hi, pay attention to me sometimes,” and a winning smile, I really just couldn’t say no. But it was after that when I was like, “I’m kind of done with this because I don’t have enough spoons for all of you.” I’m lucky in that the relationships I have with many of the gods aren’t exactly primary relationships, but I have a habit of picking up a god, accidentally, and then having a massively huge relationship with them. (Please reference: Sekhmet, Aset, Hetheru, Djehuti, Mut.)

I honestly don’t know what to believe with any of this and I honestly don’t know what to do about any of this. I don’t think, honestly, there is anything that I can do about it. It’s not like I can just ask every hawk in my line of sight to stop themselves from being in my line of sight. And I can’t exactly stop from seeing them while I’m very busy driving to and from work every day. I would, however, like a little resolution on what these particular instances are supposed to signify. And the reason I give any credence to my thoughts that this is a netjeri is that I’ve repeatedly said, “I don’t understand this message, please elaborate,” and nothing has come of it.

If anyone out there has any thoughts regarding this, I’m all ears because frankly, I’ve got nothing.


13 thoughts on “Hawkish Shenanigans.

  1. Check out Hawk as a spirit teacher in his own right. Heron is still teaching me and probably will be for years to come. I know Hawk is generally considered solar aspected and is sometimes related to extroverted go get it done energy but beyond that you’d have to look things up. When getting animal signs I start with the animal itself and see where that search takes me.

    • I looked into this briefly and everything I found felt wrong. It was interesting that some of the characteristic traits of Hawk as a spirit are ones I already carry, though. XD

  2. This just clicked into place something I’ve been puzzling over for a while now. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how I’d managed to collect two totems who made it clear that they were allied with two of my Netjeru. I’d only seen netjeri referred to as nature spirits and/or the spirits of our dearly departed pets, so I just hadn’t made the connection.

    This actually makes so much more sense now. I don’t have super-weird totems, I just have netjeri assigned to me as sort of deity-liasons/allies. :)

      • Hee! I think in my case, it’s actually a good thing. They’re not at all pestery, and generally have something insightful to say when I have questions. And given the sort of work that Bast has tapped me for, it’s definitely not a bad thing that I’m going to have netjeri hanging around watching my back.

  3. Sympathies on the whole “is this a coincidence, or a sign, or trolling?” thing. My partner and I have both struggled with similar questions for years, and have come to the conclusion that once you have the equipment to receive messages from the Otherworld, well, sometimes it picks up signal and sometimes it picks up noise. We’re still working on understanding which is which, but IME if it keeps repeating, and if the repetitions occur in multiple contexts, then it’s probably signal. So since you’ve both heard hawks while at home and seen them while driving, and it’s been going on for weeks, I reckon this isn’t just coincidence. As for whether it’s a deity or a bored netjeri, that’s trickier. Fwiw, my experience of deities is that they usually only do this kind of thing to get my attention and, having succeeded in that, will respond to a direct request for clarification; that’s been pretty consistent across the Celtic and Norse pantheons and the Christian Trinity. Not getting such a response would lead me to guess some Sidhe or local equivalent were having some entertainment at my expense, and my next step would probably be to leave an offering for them on my windowsill. So if Kemetic deities behave similarly to the ones I’m familiar with – which of course they may not – then I guess my money has to be on a netjeri, but I have no idea what one does to get a netjeri to stop pestering one; do they accept offerings?

    • Since the sightings have stopped since I posted this, I’m assuming I hit on who/what was going on. I’m about 98% positive now that it was a netjeri bothering me.

  4. The hawk makes me think of Hermes, who is a trickster in his own right. In my neck of the woods, I often see hawks getting trolled by crows, the crows here fucking hate hawks. It’s kind of hilarious watching their aerial battles.

    I agree with ladyimbrium though, perhaps look at the hawk from the spirit animal perspective.

    • Hermes used to hang around. After Hekate left, he went with her. So, if this was even six months ago, I would have seriously expected it to be Hermes. Luckily for me, I can focus entirely on my Kemetic gods. Unlucky for me, it’s difficult to pin down when they use hawks for messages.

      • Wow, it’s interesting to hear you say that, because Hermes showed up shortly after Hekate showed up for me (Gods wise, I am Hellenic centered, for the most part). I hear you though, it’d be tough getting pulled in all directions.

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