Trickster Deities.

As I’ve said before, I’m a deity collector. I never wanted to be. I remember starting out and being new and excited, but never wanting more than a few relationships with pointed gods, namely the relationship I have with Sekhmet. I never wanted to incorporate anyone else into my practice, in all honesty; I wanted to be a “Sekhmet kid for life.” And while I am that, I have had my “phone number listed.” Due to this, I don’t usually have a lot of choice in whether or not gods come a-calling, although I have a lot of choice in whether or not I allow them to hang about or I actively begin cultivating relationships with them. Here are the stories of two “trickster deities” and my choices therein.

A good year and a half prior to my relationship with Hekate, Hermes had been pulling his King Troll Extraordinaire routine with me. The Sister began working with him in late 2010. Her relationship is exceedingly UPG and one of the items that he had requested of her was to pick up feathers in her path. Now, normally, feathers aren’t a huge omen thing as birds are, well, everywhere. However, this girl finds the most random feathers in her path at times of the year when such feathers should not be out and about. Around the time she began this little exercise, he began sending me feathers here and there. Now, I knew it was just a game to him – I would go over to her home and pay my respects to her Hermes altar, “hear” things from him on her behalf, and whatnot. But even with all that communication going on, I was always very sure to tell him, “Thank you but no. I am a solid Kemetic.” Er, well, if we ignore the whole lwa thing.

I think he started really trolling me because he found my stance in regards to Hellenic deities to be amusing. I am not a fan of theirs. When I began working with Hekate, it took me a lot less time than I had expected to get used to the difference in “godphone frequencies.” This, however, opened me up to more trolling from Hermes. The moment I put up an altar for the working I would do with Hekate, he began coming over on a fairly regular basis.

Now, while he has a lot of serious qualities, the Hermes I tended to see and hear was not very serious at all. It’s all a game to him, really, with me. “Let’s see what she does this time,” sort of a thing. I tend to view it as a child’s desire for attention, meaning that they will do both good things and bad things to gain that attention. In Hermes’s mind and my own, I began to see what he would do to me as a kind of “any attention is good attention.” So, when he began ice-skating around my house or tap-dancing in my kitchen screaming, “tea for two, two for tea,” I did my best to ignore it.

One would assume that with a god making themselves known like this then the next step would be to cultivate a relationship. And in some instances, I have to agree. However, not in my instances. When it was recommended that I begin working with Persephone for other shadow work items, I refused. When Hermes showed up with messages from Athena, I said no. It’s not that I am offering them disrespect – in a way, I am very much flattered by the willingness of these deities to work with me. However, Hellenic deities and I are not a matched pair. I have never had a thing for deities outside of the Kemetic pantheon, even as a child, aside from a very serious and odd obsession with deities of death, tricksters, and destructive deities. Even with my desires to know more about these types of deities, I still prohibit myself within my pantheon.

Er. Aside from the lwa thing.

After I refused Athena and Hekate packed up, I can honestly say that Hermes’s influence in my life has faded. Even when speaking about him with the Sister, he has not shown up. There have been no feathers in my path. I have not seen him ice-skating around my house, I have not lost my keys from the hook they hang on, and I can honestly say that I believe his trolling behavior is at an end.

Of course, this whole path stuff isn’t so easy as “farewell.” Oh, no, no, no. Just because one trickster leaves does not mean that another one won’t show up.

Towards the end of King Troll Extraordinaire’s reign in my life, I began getting extensive “feels” from Djehuti. One would assume that I would know a thing or three about him. As a deity whose epithets include who gave words and writing, lord of writing, mighty in his words, and lord of speech, one would almost assume that he would have been a patron of mine – regarding my lackluster writing “career” – already at this point. However, I was very serious when I mentioned above that I wanted only to be in a relationship with Sekhmet. I didn’t seek him out because, in all honesty, I held more to a “muses inspire” paradigm in my writing than anything else. Since his appearance in my life, I’ve obviously and rapidly begun to amend my thoughts on this matter.

At the end of February, I began getting nearly daily calls from a “pay us $500 to publish your stuff” place that I had never heard of. It’s possible I signed up for this stuff when I was still living at my in-laws’ home, however the fact that the calls began around the time I noticed I had begun surrounding my Tumblr persona with Djehuti kids began to make me go, “hm.” Around that time, my daily rune began to make me ask questions and when someone very helpfully did a supplementary reading, it was entirely around “writing.” Okay. Well, that’s just coincidence… until another friend of mine wrote about how I needed to start writing books beyond the 101 in the areas of voodoo and Kemeticism and everywhere in between. And that’s about the time that I had the light click on.

If anyone can assist me in naming the source, I would greatly appreciate it.

If anyone can assist me in naming the source, I would greatly appreciate it.

The solid moment when I knew I couldn’t quite ignore him anymore was when I saw the image to the left. I had tried something a little different in my daily routine since I had issues with spoon management and being allowed to blog. I had asked for his input on Tumblr, gone into the Sekhmet tag, and found the image as shown. (It wasn’t sourced on Tumblr and I don’t honestly know how to do the reverse source thingamajig.) Anyway, when I saw this, it really spoke to me. I can’t quite say if this image is trying to tell me anything more than Sekhmet wants him around for me or if there’s more to it than that. It doesn’t really matter, he’s here and I’ve accepted that… or as much as a person like me can accept such things.

I have to admit that when it has come to working with other gods, I often will refuse a time or twenty before I finally give in. The differences here aren’t just about the pantheons specific to each deity, but also about the roll they would have in my life. While I may not have spelled it out, my relationship with Hermes would be about cooling off, calming down, and more frenetic. It would also be inherently specific to his messenger service. As he did with Athena, I knew that embracing him in my life would leave me open for all manner of other Hellenic deities. And that is not something I can or will accept. I have a love-hate relationship with most Hellenic deities – for UPG reasons – and besides, Sekhmet has never lifted her “no Mediterranean pantheons” restriction from me.

As far as Djehuti is concerned, while I know he has trickster aspects not just from what he’s done with me but from other followers of his, I also know that he can and will get serious when the time comes. As I don’t know if this is a life-long or just-now type of relationship, I’m in the “wait and see” kind of mode. All I know is that watching an ibis-headed man walk around my apartment in a pinstripe suit, looking about as suave as can be possible, is quite a break from the norm.

18 thoughts on “Trickster Deities.

  1. Huh, I never got “trickster” from Djehuty. I got the “serious bureaucrat” face from him. It’s fascinating how differently the same god can present himself to different people.

    Also, I have trouble gelling with Hellenic deities as well. You aren’t alone in that regard. :-p I still get the impression Zeus drops by on occasion. I’m scared to death of him.

    Your story is a lot like mine in some ways. As soon as I try to scale my practice down to just Bast, somebody else pops in. . . like Shree Ganesha. Followed by Devi/Durga. And then Atum (who doesn’t get enough appreciation *anyway*, so. . . okay.) I don’t have an open-door policy. It’s just, when the gods *really* want in, they’ll break down the door, sneak in another way, etc. You can set up boundaries. The divine won’t always respect them and you have to pick your battles.

    Also, I poked around for the image source. Didn’t find anything.

    • There are days where I’d prefer a more serious Djehuti and then, I remember who I am and am grateful. XD Honestly, I am not really good with the task-master kind of deities. Sekhmet is one deity who will give me a good bit of slack and leeway but if she wants something done, she makes it very apparent. Other gods, though, I’m just like, “Dude. No.”

      I think they’re all amazed at how sassy I am. Or, you know, like it. I dunno. I’m kind of rambling.

  2. I have to disagree with Shine just a bit. Gods DO kick in doors (I seem to remember a certain God of War doing just that) but that doesn’t mean you can’t kick them right back out again. I will not name names out of respect for the deity involved but no means no. At least it can.

  3. Well i am sure i do not need to tell you how much of the Kemetic religions oozed up around the Mediterranean world in Gnosticism and even into the Hermeticism of the last few centuries in the Freemasons etc. Hermes and Mercury are masks of Thoth. But you know all this already much more than me as i am not much into the Hellenic and Roman deities either.

  4. I have never seen Djehuti as a trickster. It is pretty cool that he is so playful with you. As I am sure you already know, Hermes Trismegistus is Djehuti. The Greeks were very much into the Egyptian world – philosophy and religion. They owe much of their knowledge and understanding to the Egyptians…..

  5. I tend to get best friend/counselor/physician from Djehuty. I know there’s a trickster in there somewhere, but with me it seems subtle. The rest of my line up is a bunch of Fire and RAWR, so Djehuty is the one to tell me to slow my butt down. Though when I saw a group of deities playing cards in my apartment and getting the rules all wrong (Go Fish Poker?), that might have been his influence. It’s not as weird as ice skating though. That sounds funny.

  6. Djehuty is quite a sneaky trickster, and the best kind because He’s not overtly known for it. But I’ve experienced it too.

    Also, yeah, Hermes is pushy. He has been with me again, and now that I have decided not to fight it, He’s dropped off the radar. Well, at least for the moment.

  7. LOVE! these last few months I have had “random” Gods show up for chats and it has been quite an experience. Some just have messages to pass on and one has let me know on no uncertain terms that we are going to be having a relationship. It was not one that I had issues with having a relationship with so I accepted it but still interesting.

    • I find it really weird to have random gods just doing “the pop in.” I was so used to, for years, just having one or two gods around.. and those deities being mine that I never considered what it would be like for them to just stop by. It’s definitely been a learning curve.

  8. Reblogged this on The Darkness in the Light and commented:
    I’ve not experienced a trickster yet; i have had my door kicked in and HARD by SEKHMET. This happened when i was feeling particularly low. While i feel the need to give hard truths at all times, 99% of those around me reaalllllly dont appreciate that. I also have no shame; I’ll hand out my personal truths anyday of the week. Working with Sekhmet has taught me to never let that Lion out of my heart. But I’ll admit, at times I’ve had to quickly appease that Lioness lest i go on a highhorse spree lol

  9. Hi there, i was just googling around trying to see if anyone else has had similar experiences with these deities. I read your entry here recognizing much you say here. I was fairly involved with Hekate as my primary goddess. During that work i got frequent interfearence from Hermes and many times they appeared together in my dreams. He never provided anything usefull eccept confusion. Im still to this day haunted by the number 32. I think you really put in the right word there about beeing trolled! About Hekate, after some years of serious devotion it came clear to me that there is a more sinister agenda on behalf of her. To my experience and observation it seem she is sucking people in almost like a siren. Especially people new out there! People will then experience similar things, and most likely have some minor miracles performed and a rellation is established. Next she will open doors and a sence of initiating the person into her world, This i feel is an investment on the behalf of her. What she do next is to obsess the mind of the person and start leeching energy. I can give out more detail but will keep things brief here. After i got rid of my old pagan habbits i have been contemplating this further. I believe these gods are a bit like ghosts. They are however of a higher level and as such more powerfull. I concluded that these god,s are in fact dependant on people to worship them for some reason. It,s all a game of illusion on their side i think, a bit like a spiritual soap opera promising power to the worshippers. I never felt as powerfull as when, that day i rebelled and realized these loosers were just lagging me behind. The powers they have is very much in ourself.

  10. I’ve been doing archeological digging in your blog today, looking for old Sekhmet posts… :-) and noticed an image of Sekhmet and Thoth together, you wanted to find out the source.
    Here it is
    About the Design
    Sekhmet and Thoth
    This is from “THE PROCESSION” series of paintings, depicting various Egyptian deities in procession towards Osiris, original artwork by Maria Aragon.

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