Signal Boost — The Ancient Egyptian Daybook Project

Shadows of the Sun

Word has since gotten around about Tamara L. Siuda’s Ancient Egyptian Daybook Project, and although the initial fundraising goal has been surpassed by a little over $5,000 USD, it still needs support from donors in order to fund extended goals — one of which includes an Egyptian calendar application for portable devices!

What is the Ancient Egyptian Daybook? As described by Siuda on the Kickstarter page, it’s a work about Ancient Egyptian calendars. Not only will it explain how the Ancient Egyptians devised and organized their multiple calendars, it will also lay out major festival days and other religious observances, as well as celestial events, important to that surprisingly advanced Ancient culture.

The Daybook is not simply intended for Kemetic practitioners’ use. It is an academic, scientific work, one which can be utilized by many people, whether religious or secular, from the serious scholar to the dabbling enthusiast. Tamara…

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