Pazuzu : God, Demon, Exorcist

I love Pazuzu and have for years. Share my love.

Shadows of the Sun

Feverishly adored and often misrepresented by many Modern Occultists, and popularized by The Exorcist film franchise as a mere demon with nothing better to do than possess underage American girls and cow to Catholic priests, Pazuzu has a long history far more respectable than a few chintzy “cult classics.” He enjoyed the attention of many Ancient Near Eastern families within a number of diverse regions, both as grotesque guardian of the home, and as draconian ruler and subduer of the malevolent denizens of the Western winds. Though He may not have had entire ziqquratu dedicated to Him, as had prominent deities like Marduk and Ištar, Pazuzu still played a popular and important role in both daily life and magical ritual as a perennial champion over evil forces.

O R I G I N S   A N D   I C O N O G R A P H Y

Pazuzu is…

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