The Emotional Scale Isn’t Jiving With Reality.

My emotional compass is out of whack. I don’t even really know how to phrase it beyond that. My emotions are not very much in tune with reality. I should be motivated, pleased, and at least quasi-happy. I have a lot of good things coming or have already come to pass. I have a job; I’m working. I have a good house husband; he cooks at least. My son is healthy and happy; he’s growing like a damn weed. All in all, I get the sense that my emotions should be more positive than they really are. Of course, not everything is perfect but to just catch a glimpse of what the rest of this year could, feasibly, bring only leaves me apathetic and irritated. Usually, though, my emotions are pretty blah, boring. I’m unmotivated to do anything. In fact, I feel rather old and angsty a lot of the time.

My emotional scale isn’t jiving with reality.

7 thoughts on “The Emotional Scale Isn’t Jiving With Reality.

  1. I have been feeling severely out of whack. I thought it was just me, but at my Circle this past weekend, we identified that as part of an energy shift, many of us are plagued by that “blah” feeling, with a lot of us suffering from uncharacteristic depression….. Perhaps you are feeling that too…?

  2. Perfectly normal. For two years you had no where to go but up and lots of lime to think about what that would be like. Now you are up and no where to go but, er, sideways. And you miss being with your son. And being able to do what you want when you want. And keeping up with your blogs and your friends, It’s the realization that you have finite time and infinite things to do.

  3. Yup. Total unwillingness to engage beyond necessary activity. Although today and yesterday have found me feeling quite a bit better.

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