Heka for Everyone : Tip # 3

Shadows of the Sun

T H E   M A G I C   O F   M O T I O N

Pantomime is an often overlooked aspect of many magical disciplines. In historical heka — though heka itself means “art of the mouth” or “meaningful speech” — the importance of movement, gesture, and physical action was central, particularly in regard to apotropaic spells and execrations.

In the following execration spell, the practitioner is instructed to act out the destruction of the demon par excellence, Apep, by cutting an effigy of it with ritual knife and trampling it, and so on, cutting, stabbing, and trampling isfet itself by proxy.

This spell is to be recited over [an image of] Apep drawn on a new sheet of papyrus in green ink, and [over a figure of] Apep in red wax. See, his name is inscribed on it in green ink . . . I have overthrown…

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