Everyone has probably noticed that my entries have dropped off significantly since I began working last week. I’m hoping that this is actually going to be a kind of… momentary problem as opposed to anything else. I prefer to blog on a regular basis as it keeps me feeling connected to my religious path. And after months of disconnect while working at my last job, the last thing I want to do is go through that again. So, I’m hoping that after this past week, I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things and start putting out [regular] content again.

Another thing anyone may have noticed is that comments have significantly depleted. I have stopped commenting on other entries as well as replying to ones on my blog, as well. Even though I have an app that keeps me connected to WP, I rarely have time to do much more than think, I should comment on things. This has made me realize that my blog roll is astronomical and not working for me. I’m going to still keep the blogs I’ve posted on my Blog Roll tab, up on top, as it is. And I’ll continue to update it. However, I need to pull some from my reader as well as the ones I receive E-mail notifications for. Since I can’t really have access to the Internet while I’m taking claims – and since my phone dies quickly because my battery is old and decrepit – I can’t really get online to check my E-mail as often and, you know, forty new blog posts is a little excessive.

So, I’m going to clear out some lists and hopefully, I’ll be back to functioning properly in another week!

For the remainder of this week, you should see reblogs as well as posts that I’ve queued up to see my hardcore fans through!

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