Heka for Everyone : Tip #1

This post is an excellent intro to heka.

Shadows of the Sun

This is the pilot entry in my new series, Heka for Everyone. While I’ve spoken a great deal about heka before on my blog, I feel it necessary to give tips and pointers regarding various articulations in frequent, concise, digestible bites, rather than in long entries that have more than one layer of thought and concept to them. The tips in this series are small but versatile and effective articulations of heka that are easy to understand and implement in the day-to-day lives and rituals of beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

Some of you are perhaps new to Kemeticism (Egyptian Religion), and might be asking yourselves: What is heka?

Heka translates to “art of the mouth,” or “meaningful speech” in the Modern English tongue, as the Ancient Egyptians had no word or concept that fits our Modern Western words and concepts pertaining to “magic.” The etymology of “magic” and…

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