In all ways, this post is every aspect I have ever deliberated on in regards to the ‘culture question.’ However, it is said a good deal more eloquently than I ever could have said it.

The Twisted Rope

Mandatory Disclaimer: I am not stating anything within this post that is hard or fast. I am merely bringing up points and trends that I have noticed, considered and mulled over. I am presenting ideas to push others to question and consider their own stances. I am not making any particular statements about culture, or what is or isn’t appropriate. I am merely throwing out ideas for everyone to think about.

Culture is a popular topic now a days. Everyone talks about it, whether you should only work with the culture you were born with, the one you live in, not to touch cultures for fear of appropriation, etc. Culture culture culture. This, of course, got me thinking about culture, and how it’s sorta like inception, or an onion, layers and layers and layers of culture. And I wonder, sometimes, if we’re not considering all of the layers in these…

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