Universe is Trollin’ (PBP).

I keep getting trolled by the universe and it’s all the same trolling.

This is the universe.

And this is my face.

What do I mean when I keep telling everyone that the universe is trolling me? Well, you know how you get all of those Internet trolls who are just trying to push your buttons and start things just for the sake of having something to do? You know exactly what I mean if you have been on the Internet for longer than five minutes. Internet Trolls are the bane of the Internet, but sometimes, you get the same kind of thing when it comes to the universe. Sometimes, the universe sits up, notices what you’re doing, and decides to just piss you the fuck off with what you think are extraneous and unrelated topics. In fact, this is far from the truth because the universe is bigger, badder, and older than you are. The topics in question may be pushing your buttons, but they are ultimately related. It’s just a matter of deciding how you handle it.

You can just ignore it.

You can just go with the flow.

Or, you could just do this.

I’m currently at the last option.

After last week’s PBP post, I was kind of not really sure what to do with the information that reading had provided me. I was under a certain impression that X was the cause of the “nefarious deeds” mentioned therein. The problem, however, is that I’ve had a shit-ton of past lives with this guy and in any one of those lives, I could have done something that would come back and bite me in the ass. I decided not to think about it, but you know, this is a post about the universe trolling me. So, you know, as much as I decided that I could get a working done for the here and now, the universe had other plans. First, a quick conversation with a friend of mine who said that “nefarious deeds,” to her, sounded more like stealing a child, murder, and all that fun stuff. A’right. That’s probably more of a past life thing so again, I decided to mull it over in my own time.


I sat down with Hekate and was randomly shuffling the cards to figure out what the hell was going on.

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

The cards are Earth, The Sun, and Astral Body. Oh-ho-ho. Isn’t it just so interesting that I get a card about the astral when I’m busy studiously not thinking about how I should try to travel into the astral and figure out what the hell I did back then to fuck shit up so hardcore now? Yeah, it was really interesting. The reading was, in effect, this is what you do to achieve some goals, doing all of this well help with getting to the next step in your life, and you have to go to the astral to do it. I decided that this wasn’t really what I had to do. This had to do with the here and now, for fuck’s sake. This didn’t have to do with the astral or severing ties: this had to do with what I did to the ex-husband five fucking years ago and not what could have happened between us in any number of past lives we lived together (and possibly died because of each other in).

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So, then I did another random shuffle and this is what happened next. I received As Above, So Below, Tree of Fall, and the Three Great Realms cards. In effect, this reading was telling me that what has come before is coming back now. It’s all mirrors, everything is mirrors. I interpreted that to mean that I’ve managed to get away before, but it’s always come back to bite me in the ass although in different ways. I have to shed this stuff because it no longer works. It’s just dead weight and like a tree in the fall, it’s time to get rid of those leaves. And the final card is, in effect, telling me that all dimensions are concerned here. It’s not just what I see and want to be reality here, but that all decisions from my past and in the astral are impacting me right now.

So much for completely ignoring something and coming to conclusions in my own right.

And then my lovely friend who talked to me about “nefarious deeds” decided to do a card reading for me because she is lovely and awesome and have I mentioned lovely? And guess what?

The universe smacked me around with some more stuff. BECAUSE IT IS A TROLL.

I present to you, the universe… again.

This has left me in a very interesting place. The last few nights, I’ve been going to the astral. I don’t know how or anything except that I am going. I have the clear-cut signs of someone completely hungover from a night spent in the astral realm. I don’t remember anything. Last night, however, I went to the room that I associate with my way-station before I head into the astral. Whenever I purposely go there, Mut (who I am thinking is a guide of sorts here) would never show up. I would end up spending hours exploring the room and trying to get a clear picture of the gods on the table in the center of the room or wandering the balcony and wondering when I would get to leave that room.

I was able to leave that room last night.

I was sucked into a mirror. And the last thing I remember is…

Sans unicorn, perfectly accurate representation.

So, as much as there are times when we don’t want to look at the signs and figure out what the hell is going on, no matter how much you shove your head in the sand, it doesn’t matter. The universe is going to troll the fuck out of you until you pull on your big girl (or boy) panties, pack a lunch, and get the fuck out there to figure it out. It’s so much fun when you try to take your normal route – such as hiding your head in the sand as I am wont to do – and the universe drops a whole bunch of truth down your throat and in your face.

Truth bomb, in yo’ face.


8 thoughts on “Universe is Trollin’ (PBP).

  1. I would be willing to wager that the more time you spend in that room, the easier it’ll be for you to pop in there- and traverse from there. My Interior works very much the same way. Another idea for you is to create a physical link that ou can hold that helps you to connect with the area. I have two stones that I use to connect to various places in the Unseen, and I can use certain stone/statue combinations to pop over to popular haunts with my gods.

    This troll thing reminds me of cliffs. See, you wanted to avoid going over the cliff, now the universe is hurling you off the cliff instead XD

    • So, just keep chillin’ in the room and it shall get easier. A’right, I can do that. What kind of stones do you use to ease that transition? Whatever floats your boat or did you choose stones for specific purpose?

      Yep. I’m tumblin’ over the cliff. It seems that my minor forays are just not enough anymore.

      • Yup. Whenever I’m bored, or have a minute- I try to connect with where I am on the other side. Eventually, it gets easier. My Interior is super duper easy to get to. Other places where I don’t frequent as much- take time.

        Most times, the stones relate to the area. i.e. one location- the stone relates to the person I’m in there with. For O, it’s Lapis and his statue. For Set, it’s carnelian balls and his statue. Usually, an item will relate to the entity you’re talking to, or the location you’re trying to reach. Sometimes, items can create links and you won’t even realize it. If you keep your spidey sense open- sometimes you’ll find that things will take you places and you didn’t realize it.

          • Quite possibly. If you left it out on your shrine for the gods to screw with, ou’d be even more likely to get back in, imo. Esp considering Hathor’s connection to mirrors. If it’s what comes to mind, I say go for it. Just make sure that if you do use a mirror to traverse- you keep it in a safe spot, so that other things can’t tamper with it.

  2. Its often said that when destiny has a place for you. You can’t either swim with the current or against it. Either way you end up at the end of the stream, but you may be worn the fuck out if you tried to escape it. Ancestors often play a vital role is understanding and identifying important aspect of your life. They may not be able to understand that what they are doing it what feels like ruin. They do it just the same because they want to help and see you where you need to be in the end.

    You just gotta keep on keeping on and accepting the lessons given to you, whether they be in blood, sweat or tears. Wear them proudly because you survived. You’ll always be given another chance to try again if you really want it.


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