Working With Land Spirits.

Last night, I spoke with my neighbor’s girlfriend. She lives right down the street and wanted to warn me that there has been a rash of break-ins in the neighborhood in recent weeks. And of course, she knows this very well since she was a recent victim. She told me about some of the other victims and almost-victims in our neighborhood before telling me that the thieves took the usual items – iPods, cell phones, jewelry and various other electronics – but the oddest part was that they also took her entire box of personal photographs. The rest of it makes sense since someone who is a thief can pawn those things with little questions asked. However, who would steal personal items like pictures? And why? I told her it was probably a mind fuck of some sort and I doubt I’m wrong here. The issue is that these thieves have hit houses in bad parts of Springfield, West Springfield, and various other neighborhoods. So, it’s not just us that’s getting hit this way, but it’s something that worries me.

After talking with her about her experience and an experience of one of our neighbors, I looked around my house. I have to admit that in a thief’s point-of-view, I’m probably a buffet of thievery. We have three separate Xbox 360 systems. (A launch, a special, and a Japanese.) Just based off of that information alone, you can imagine what sort of other electronics we have in this house. I’m supremely grateful that all of my jewelry is white gold or silver since the thieves seem to be focusing on yellow gold since you can confuse white gold with silver at any point. (I’m also glad that I only have photos on my laptop, but also am now scared that someone may steal my laptop. I must remedy this situation…) But, I looked at my pitiful wards and recalled what I had done during Wp-Rnpt for my wards. It’s time to re-up what I’ve done and do other things to this house.

The thing is that the extent of my magical or warding work is very limited. I didn’t and don’t generally do any of that stuff. It started off with a general feeling of it not working and then snowballed when I lost my job after repeated (and slowly but surely more desperate) workings last July. Of course, I have to sit and think that I did pretty damn well with my Dodge Neon before the engine blew up. I was never pulled over in that car. I was also easily able to escape accident situations. And I always felt very, very, very, very safe in that vehicle no matter the situation. That was just after repeated prayers said in the vehicle, making it mine with a religious bumper sticker, and owning the hell out of it, filling it with my personality. That’s all it took for that car to be as safe and wonderful as it was. So, with that information at the back of my head, I asked my pagan and polytheist friends for help on wards and whatnot.

My dear, dear friends did not disappoint. While a shotgun was called for, I won’t get into all thoughts on it now. I’m going to discuss one specific suggestion (as though the title hasn’t given that away) and tell you about it. Linked below, however, are a few entries related to my query for anyone interested, though. So, anyway, I felt that Dee’s recommendation of asking my land spirit for help was a good suggestion. I’ve talked about the land I live on before, but I’m going to re-hash because it’s important to my working, this entry in general, and because sometimes I like to be a long-winded asshole.

I live in an apartment complex and one of the issues I’ve always felt were insurmountable was that since I did not own the land, I could not connect to it. Obviously this isn’t actually true because we hear of people forging connections with forested areas, mountains, and local parks. I think the actual issue was a bit of this and that. I didn’t feel comfortable connecting with land I did not own but also, a strong connection was difficult to forge because of who owned the property. My previous landlady is the type od someone I have described as scared of our land. She would cut the tree down so much that it wouldn’t blossom or bear fruit and spray it in chemicals. The grass was also left very short and tended toward a dead and brown look early in summer. You could just tell by looking at the land and getting a feel for the property that the land spirit was depressed.

At least that was always the impression I got.

Now, often enough on this blog, I have qualified myself for the epithet of “spirit blind.” I don’t get big feels from things like land spirits or astral forms (not bugs; I get those astral fuckers’ feels just fine). If the feels or the entity are pervasive enough or a Deadz, I’m pretty good at smoking it out. Otherwise, I’m usually just like, “Wat,” when people talk about this stuff. So, I think the connection with the land spirit was less my feeling unable and more its depression. The people who owned this property had owned it for years and years. There is only so much abuse a spirit can handle at the hands of a human being before it gives up. And it’s pretty obvious that the previous owners considered the land around this complex as an extra headache. (I can tell by how much love and devotion they’ve invested in their home… directly behind mine.)

Another issue that I’ve only recently begun to realize is that, on top of lackluster owners, the land spirit has been soaking up all the previous and current tenants’ problems, feelings, and issues. Most tenants have six month leases and are out fairly quick. If I’m to base even a fraction of previous tenant woes on the neighbors I have had in my three years here, the land spirit is damn tired of human woes. For example, two long-term previous tenants repeatedly commented on the bad luck they associated with this property. And I’ve wondered, mightily, if some of those issues weren’t some nasty goo by way of the land spirit, just a theory, but something that non-aware me thinks is valid enough. To be blunt, I strongly believe the land spirit was sick and tired of being ignored, misused, and destroyed by improper care.

Enter me!

When I first moved here, I was intent on doing offerings on a daily basis. My only drawback has always been the reversion of offerings after the fact. On the one hand, we have the ancient Egyptian way of eating the offerings afterward. I’ve never been particularly appetized by this. And then, there is the general nature-way that means we toss off our offerings for animals afterward. I noticed a trend when I tried utilizing the second way to revert offerings: there were no animals in my yard. I never saw a squirrel or a bird. It got to the point where reverting my offerings was a serious hassle. So, I started working with the land. And after this past March, when the old landlady sold the property, I was given complete reign over the yard and outlying areas. I mow it, I weed it, I run in it, I give offerings. And wouldn’t you know? Since I started to pay some serious attention where it is need the grass has grown in verdant, the trees have bloomed, birds roost in the trees, and I see little plump squirrels building nests and storing what they can before winter shows up. It’s amazing what a little attention, some careful words, and love will do to the land around you.

With this burgeoning relationship in the background, I turned to the land spirit for protection against the break ins in my neighborhood. I asked it for this thing and in turn, I will plant morning glories at the appointed time and try my hand at planting garlic (for harvest for Hekate). I’m also intending on trying to get rid of the wood chips out front in the bushes so that grass can grow there again. I’m also thinking I may pull out a bush [with permission and assistance] so that there’s more room for grass and nature instead of what we think should be in certain places. (Do not get me started on the whole intent of humanity to plant bushes and whatnot to cover the front area of their homes when they don’t necessarily belong there or look good.) I can definitely tell that the front of the house was left to a whimsy of whatever was on sale at the local store instead of actually putting in items of use or intent… With my plans in my mind and my intention laid bare, I left some apples and bay leaves in offering.

Four apples, cut in half so the middle shapes as a star. With four bay leaves at the quarters.

And in response, I saw a great large mouth with great big pointing teeth and a devil-may-care grin.

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10 thoughts on “Working With Land Spirits.

  1. At least the land spirit there reacted. The ones here (and I think there are a lot) just kind of look down their noses and sniff. The land spirit and the old house was always ridiculously glad to see me and kept my shit safe as could be. Like you, I am now in an apartment complex- a rather large one for the area, at that. I have minimal access to the ground, but I think you’ve inspired me to try again.

  2. I’ll be really interested to see where this leads. I think it could go some awesome places. In multiple ways. Have you considered cleansing the exterior of the area you live in? Or setting up small things on the property to help keep the energy moving or clean? Just a few thoughts. As always, if you need help with the warding or anything else- you know where to find me :P

  3. This will be interesting to see since I plan on working with the land spirits around my home. it’s a similar situation to yours (I don’t own the land, it gets over mown every two weeks the grass is more weed and bindi than anything else), but I’ll try. Good luck!

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