Connecting Dots.

Today, I’ve been doing some research into more hoodoo-leaning uncrossing and road-opener work. I’ve never actually done anything like this and aside from an occasional glance at hoodoo-related Etsy stores, I’ve never actually thought to head in this direction. However, when I begin to amass a list of possibilities in my head, I get a distinctive feeling that someone is greatly pleased with all of this. It’s a female someone who is a new addition to my life, but Hekate isn’t the only one smirking and grinning in her corner. As I do more and more research, think about ideas for the ritual I want to craft for myself and how I would go about doing that, I also get a very pleased vibration from a particular loud-mouthed entity who also has a thing for crossroads. Call me crazy, but I’m beginning to think that the Divine Weaver and the Spirit Weaver have been in cahoots.

I’m distinctly reminded that I began my shadow work with Hekate in an effort to remove some of the blockages, emotional and mental and spiritual, that have prohibited me from a more free range work with magic and witchcraft. That relationship wasn’t supposed to last longer than a month and a day, but I think Hekate realized just how much past life and current life baggage I’ve been carrying around. I can imagine her putting down her torch, patting her favored dog upon the head, and metaphorically rolling up her sleeves whenever I seek her advice or need a nudge to continue my shadow work in her name. And all in the background, there’s the pleased-as-pie smirk on the Old Man’s face.

I’ve mentioned before just how much he likes to weave and orchestrate in my life, but again, I have to admit some serious awe in the way he goes about this stuff.

I’m beginning to think that this current shit-sucking section of my life is a very purposeful thing. Part of it is my own fault. I follow the same patterns, attesting and swearing that I won’t fall down the same well a hundred times just like Timmy from that iconic television show. Invariably, I see the well (or as I tend to write about it, the cliff face with the spiked horns ready to impale me) coming up and I cannot stop myself from swerving to miss it. As much as I may claim I want to or swear that I will not do it again, I do it again. It’s the same old cycle; it’s the same old shit, different day syndrome. I have that in spades. Perhaps this is my subconscious mind working here. It prefers to know what is coming instead of venturing into the unknown.

So, with myself being the vehicle here, the SSDD syndrome keeps acting up.

I have to break out, so to speak, of the rut. I have to stop letting myself fall down that well, smash into that painful cliff face, and I have to break the fuck free from all of this damn shit. And I’m beginning to wonder if it’s in the vehicle that I began my work with Hekate – the whole spell craft thing – that I will find my out clause. In just contemplating all of this shit, I’ve found myself taking a different track just in my own mind. I may not have made it materialize or have acted on it in the material plane, but at least in the realm at the back of my head (you know the one where I say all the cool shit the second it’s warranted instead of thinking of it hours later), I’m beginning to separate myself from the same old cycle.

Weave, weave, weave.


5 thoughts on “Connecting Dots.

  1. When it comes to hoodoo, the one thing i’ve noticed is that when its right for you. It doesn’t go away. The drive to find more and try more is resistible and when you finally decide to take up the torch, stuff starts going your way in a really bizarre way. All and all its fantastic, but the calling of the spirits of the crossroads isn’t one to be light hearted with. They will play your life as they see fit as I imagine you’ve discovered with Hekate. After she became one of my deities, things turned upside down briefly. I will say however, when the smoke cleared and the ashes were shifted, i found my place and I haven’t been more connected to my spirituality at any of time in my life.


    • Papa Legba has been playing for a while. Hekate is a new addition to the plucking of the web’s strings. I never considered (before today) that my current situations were their specific wishes. But it makes a lot of sense.

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