So, I tweeted this but I thought it could merit its own post.

A lot of lovely people recommended that I should do a road opener and uncrossing on myself regarding my dismal attitude and basic feeling like I’ve been cursed lately. As far as magic goes, I’m a strict cleansing, basic warding kind of gal. (With dreams of becoming more one day!) I have no idea how to even go about doing either of those things but I think the acts would help me to solidify my “I am woman; hear me roar” that I need to get back in touch with.

So. Recommendations and thoughts and opinions and ideas are heartily welcome.

But first, there will be a lotnof cleansing going on.


14 thoughts on “Um…

  1. If you ever want a basic how to for uncrossing or road oepnings shoot me an email. Ill be glad to help you move with it. I could ever recommend root workers who could help if you feel you need a professionals touch. I know Mister Hob is looking for new clients and is just starting out. :)

    • I’ve given thought to working with an outsider on this. They’d probably have better perspective on all of this than me, right? Thing is that I definitely want to take the bull by the horns and do it myself. Also, it’ll be a huge learning experience in this realm of magic and whatnot, which I definitely need.

      Thank you!

      • Well working with an outsider isn’t really something you need to do but perhaps what they call spiritual coaching. Its normally expensive unfortunately, but it can be worth it. Perhaps seeking a friend or faith mate that can throw cards, bones, runes, etc to get to the root (If you don’t wish to read for yourself, if you can read for yourself, DO IT) and then begin to work it out. Its not something you may be able to conquer in one going and you need to be okay with that. Each will be a little step in the road toward knowledge. Hoodoo offers a LOT of very personal very involved rituals that will leave you changed for sure. So do what others have suggested and take the steps there and see what feels right. Trust your gut (And or your Egun /ancestors and things will be just dandy.

        Lastly keep in mind your always have your ancestors to back you up. They want only what is best for you. So trust that gut feeling, it very well could be them giving you the right choice :)


  2. I can also offer some suggestions. Check out Lucky Mojo and the various sub-sites because they are just about guaranteed to have something.

    And when all else fails, you can bug your Papa, along with my Dad Wepwawet, for some help. ;)

    If you want more, shoot me a mail on fb or dm.

    • I always forget about Lucky Mojo. Can you tell I consider myself in a specialized religious field? My first thought was to look into voodoo when you know, I could have looked to the hoodoo cousin. Durr.


  3. My general Protective Uncrossing spell is this;
    – Carve your name into a black (for banishing) or purple (for spiritual strength and power) candle.
    – Bless the candle, a hematite stone, and a photo of yourself with a banishing or protective oil (Uncrossing works nicely, but you can use juniper, lavender, rosemary, etc.)
    – Place the photo of yourself behind a mirror (any mirror will do) so that the photo’s face is up against the back of the mirror. Tie the photo there with black thread, glue it, or tape it in place.
    – Bless the mirror with your chosen oil
    – Burn down the candle near the mirror, in the company of the hematite stone
    – If there is wax left from the candle afterwards, throw it as far from your home as possible. In a river is always good, but as long as the wax is off your property.
    – Carry the hematite with you for protection
    – Leave the photo there as long as you need; ‘feed’ it with your protective oil every month, or every season

    The Symbolism:
    – The candle is there to bring light into your environment, and to burn away any negativity that may be there already
    – The photo represents you, and it is being safely hidden behind the mirror, which is reflecting negativity away from you so you cannot be found by negative forces
    – The hematite is what I call the ‘Suit of Armour’ stone, or a ‘Mirror stone’. It reflects negativity back to its source, and protects. It is the anchor for your spell.
    – The oil is used, obviously, for consecration and for its banishing or protective energies
    – You throw the wax away at the end to ensure that the negative energies are thrown away with it. In candle magic I often see banishing spells require tossing the wax, while attraction requires saving the wax in a safe place.

    When you do this, feel free to read or speak something you find empowering. Speak to your deity to ask them for help. Do whatever feels empowering for you.

    Also, an alternative I have done to this when a client knew a specific person had cursed them was the do the whole thing as I mentioned, and then to smash the mirror and throw the whole kit-and-kaboodle into a river to wash it away. Mirrors are sometimes seen as not reflecting our images, but absorbing them. So it absorbed the curse, and we trapped it there in the mirror by smashing it.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Since you already got excellent suggestions on this, I would like to add one thing: I usually recommend some sort of divination beforehand to gain some insight of the root of the problem. Many people who think they have been cursed or crossed discover there’s actually a whole different issue. And also, some (at least basic) shielding is thoroughly recommended as well. Your unease and restlessness and general bad feeling might can be caused by a variety of things. And although uncrossing and road opening is always a good idea, a bit of ‘digging deeper’ into the problem wouldn’t hurt :)

    • I’ve been avoiding doing any form of divination because I’m scared of what will come up. Also, the deck I use for “general use” tend to be, uh, stupid and give me “worst case scenario” if I do a self read. I’m debating on which of my other decks I want to utilize for this – because you are right and a divination should be done – or even if I want to discuss it, one-on-one with OTHERS in the house. (Both Legba and Hekate come to mind for this stuff.)

      But, I will definitely do a divination session before I get into doing anything else. I’m thinking this will all go down around the full moon because, you know, ENERGY.

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