Have you ever had a moment in your life where all the shit gets rolling down hill and you begin to wonder if you’ve been cursed? I’m going through a phase like this right now. I don’t, you know, legitimately feel like I merit high enough on anyone’s radar to be cursed. Honestly, in the cases of curses or negative wanga or what have you, I think it mostly ends up being someone’s hurbis talking as opposed to someone actually sitting down to do some real work on you. I don’t know. I guess… I just feel like… well, I just feel as though I’m living in this quote from, The Mummy Returns.

Jacques: This place… is cursed.
Red: What is it with you and curses?
Spivey: He ain’t happy without a good curse. This is cursed. That is cursed.

You ever just feel that way?


15 thoughts on “Curses.

  1. It’s the year of the Dragon, yo!
    Everybody is fucked all over the place; protests all over the world (even here in peaceful ol’ Canada!), economies crashing, jobs lost, and people being forced to find new resources, new paths, and new ways to cope. It’s all very scary, transformative stuff.

    I just am holding on as tight as I can to my safety bar on this whacky Dragon roller-coaster, and hoping that once the ride ends I’ll have two feet and a stable foundation to land on again!

    As we say in the dance world (because it’s a french art, and you never wish a dancer to ‘break a leg’), ‘Merde!’

    • Well, the theory is that the world would end, not turn to complete and utter fucking shit right out from under your feet. And really, they never predicted the end inasmuch as just stopped counting cycles.

  2. Consider doing an uncrossing if you think it might be as serious as you believe. Its pretty easy to do and won’t hurt anything if your wrong. Otherwise, road opening might also be a good suggestion. I know what you mean though, i’ve felt like that once or twice and then pushed forward with a road opening with an uncrossing. Did me a -world- of good!

  3. I was going to suggest exactly what SilverShadow suggested just above me. Uncrossing and road opening would be a great thing to do. Road opening has done me a world of good as well, quite recently!

  4. Add me in to the camp suggesting uncrossing and road opening. Also, daily purifications do a lot to help. Give your physical space a good cleaning. Move all that stuck energy, get things flowing again.

    • I cleaned out one area of the house that was particularly stagnate. It should be fully finished, hopefully, within the next week. (There’s so much junk and none of it is mine and it’s causing plug ups everywhere).

  5. I’m going through it now: two medical problems and an unexpected 600 bill for my car. Bu it just feels like bad luck, not necessarily like someone put roots on me.

    • I honestly don’t think I’m being cursed, but it sure feels that way. As I’ve said a time or two, I don’t think I merit high enough on anyone’s scale to require a good cursing or hexing. Then again, I’ve made enemies so maybe they are and I’m just oblivious.

      In either case, I think I’m going to do this road opening and uncrossing thing that’s been mentioned. If nothing else, it’ll make me feel like I’m DOING in every quarter.

  6. I can say I have definitely had that feeling of being cursed before. I didn’t go as far as doing an uncrossing spell, but I did do some nice cleansing work. It helped the situation a lot. And if there is a curse, its gonna find it a lot harder to stick around if a good cleansing is done.
    Also, I’m sure you considered this, but I’m gonna mention it anyway: is there any chance that perhaps some spirit feels slighted? I have had stuff suddenly go rather wonky if I didn’t give an offering on time or remember to thank someone properly (I learned my lesson fast).

    • As to the spirits, no. I’m always very careful and “on time” when it comes to what they desire or what I’ve said they were to get. The only time I’ve put something off was when I went to purchase cowrie shells for Legba, but he decided that the bracelet of cowrie shells in his name was a better purchase. So, aside from that… I can’t think of anyone or anything else that would feel the need to make shit wonky.

      I think, honestly, that in doing the spell it will make me feel like I’m grasping the bull by the horns (finally).

  7. I went through this for a good few years, thinking I was cursed, life turning to a pile and all that jazz. I even asked the Gods via divination if I was cursed. But over the last few months things have changed. My life is still the same, no work, et al, But I did change my outlook, instead of fighting to try and change my life, I now accept what I have and have not,can do and can not do. While a good cleaning of yourself and personal space is always good, a corresponding mental change could do more good for you.

    Just sometimes I can make my life worse than anyone else could if I keep going against “the Grain” so to speak. Re-evaluate your life and wishes, you never know. You may find that nothing has changed, but you feel better than before.

    Keep the Faith


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