Weird Weather.

Today, I was going to write my next PBP, but I’m keeping off my laptop. We have a tornado watch in effect until 9PM. These are rapidly becoming standard during thunderstorms since our surprise tornado outbreak last June. No one was really prepared for that reality (and with only 3 casualities or so, we were really lucky). Now, we’re all scared and, possibly, “over prepared.” But a little ounce of planning…

Personally, I’m not scared. If a tornado does hit, there’s not much I can do besides trying to keep my family safe. Mother Nature shall give us one or not. (I heard there was one in Brooklyn, actually.) I will continue doing the cleaning I wanted to get done, but I may throw in a little bag of clothes, toys, and munchies for us. Just in case.

For everyone else in the NY, CT, MA, RI areas, I wish you luck and gods speed.


10 thoughts on “Weird Weather.

  1. We were under on in MD for a while too. Rare, around here. Glad everyone seems to have come through OK. Those storm cells were pretty intense.

    • Luckily, we didn’t get much of that intensity. Although, I could definitely understand why the meteorologists were saying it could cause flooding! The amount of rain that came down in such a short period of time… wow!

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