Con artists

I don’t usually reblog others’ posts, but in this case, I think it’s necessary to get this information out there.

I’ve read this person’s blog. I’ve commented on her posts. She has, actually, commented on my posts. And with every new post that she would put up, begging for money, the cynical side of me couldn’t help but wonder why in the world they couldn’t actually make do for themselves. Well, as I go through this blog about their con artist status… now I really see why they could never do anything for themselves.


3 thoughts on “Con artists

      • Well, in some states, at least, there are supposedly protections from things like this, but the hard part is proving that the money was given under false pretences. “Donated” doesn’t really mean anything legally, unless a person is running a non-profit charity; what most people call “Internet donations to a needy individual”, are legally about on-par from getting $10 in a card from your great aunt, at least until you can prove it isn’t. I forget what kinds of proof are needed to prove it was a con; but a blog with screencaps can probably help, if some-one wants to press charges.

        This kind of thing really pisses me off, though. I’ve been trying to raise money for a legitimate thing –I’m disabled, I usually don’t use my blog to ask for cash from people (and when I have, it’s always been for something specific), I make a little extra money with an Etsy store, selling pinback badges (the round “punk rock” style things), and I need a circle punch to be able to keep doing my Etsy shop. This kind of crap makes it *so much harder* for people to trust that I have a real reason for needing money –and makes it harder for them to trust other people with legitimate needs. This person isn’t just hurting the people she’s taking money from, she’s hurting all the people with legitimate needs that those kind souls might give to if their trust wasn’t damaged by her.

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