Quotidian Practices (PBP).

One of the worst parts about some of the harder letters of the alphabet is that I don’t want to go with the status quo. I want to stand out in some way or another. While I do suffer from that unfortunate side effect of a Gemini moon, I am a Leo. I tend to think that the desire for flair comes from that dominant, headstrong personality I’m rumored to have. If I didn’t suffer from the Gemini moon thing, I’d probably be a lot more of a pain in the ass than I already am. But, that’s not the point here. The point is that while looking for words while doing this pagan blog project, I didn’t want to choose just anything. I wanted something that would catch the eye, I wanted something that other probably wouldn’t do, and I wanted something that would keep me apart from others. I don’t like to follow the masses – yet another Leonine quality, I believe – and I knew that I couldn’t hold a candle to real practitioners when it comes to things like Quan Yin or talking about the quartz stone. So, I decided to go with words that were completely out of this world.

And that’s why I chose “quotidian.” In effect, it means “daily” or “common place.” So, in this entry, I’m going to talk about some of the daily aspects to my practices and some of the daily things that I do to remind myself that I am just a speck on this planet.

Upon waking, my first act is to do some sit ups. I started this practice very recently, but I think of it as a form of dedication to Sekhmet. I may not always follow her preaching or her ways every day. I may not always be able to clearly point to things that I do throughout the days or the months or even the years and say, “Can’t you see that I’m a child of Sekhmet?” But, I can do a few things here and there that remind me that I am her child. And one of those things is paying attention to my health. The first step to this, to me, was doing sit ups. I actually like to do sit ups. I enjoy the feeling of the burn in my gut after I’ve done a rep. (My reps, also, are only ten. I’m not looking to give myself a hernia here. And I doubt Sekhmet would appreciate that anyway.) I’ve also seen really excellent weight loss results just with some casual sit ups and with the constancy of doing them, I can build my reps up every week. (When I was doing them as a teen, I was up to fifty a night before I stopped.) The action behind this dedication is for my health – a mover and a shaker in the realm of Sekhmet – but it is also a sort of jumping off point for the rest of the day’s daily tasks and practices.

After that, I give everyone a hardy breakfast or a nice cup of coffee. In effect, I give them offerings. Recently, I’ve come to question why I give them the same routine. While some routines are made to keep us going during some of the harder times in our practices, and I advocate just plugging through quite often if and when someone feels that they are in a Fallow Time, I am not in one of those harder times. I am feeling very free and right with my spirituality lately. Yes, I have bad days – everyone does – but I can still feel the general connection I have to my netjer and that speaks volumes to me. It is because of that connection, as well as key comments from other Kemetics, that I began to question the Grain and Drain Train that I had been doing. I started to put more thought into what I was giving to my gods and spirits as opposed to, you know, just going with it. I’ve been giving stones and incense and water and apples and other things to my gods. The whole point is that I stop to think about it before I actually do. This has followed me into the realm with Legba and Hekate, who have both been getting offerings (Legba still gets his coffee, though) that are not the norm for me. Hekate gets more frequent Tarot readings and Legba gets pennies or a key or whatever I think is appropriate.

Now, Sekhmet isn’t the only lady in this house who has my affections. When it comes to giving to Hetharu and Mut, I tend to let things slide. This isn’t because I am a horrible follower (although, maybe it is) but because Sekhmet is very all-consuming to me. She is my mother. So, is Mut however and she deserves and selected place in my affections as well. When it comes to Hetharu and Mut, I tend to do things around the house. This could mean that I do a load of dishes or that I make a healthy dinner. This could mean that I clean my living room. It really doesn’t matter the action, itself, so long as I know that what I am doing is honoring these goddesses in my life.

Another aspect to my quotidian routine is that I tend to go outside, in the backyard, and marvel at the growth. I’ve blogged about this before, but I’ll mention it again. When I was renting from my previous landlady, this place had a very closed off and suffocating air. This was made manifest, to me, in the fact that the trees did not grow. They were cut down very, very far (beyond where they should have been) to keep the upkeep manageable. The grass was cut very short and on too regular a basis. Since the place has sold to a new landlord, he has left the yard to me. (It’s a deal that I get a cut on rent.) While the front yard and the small patch that abuts my ex-landlady’s property is not nearly as wonderful as I would prefer, the side yard and trees are flourishing. The grass is actually thick, green and wild as hell. There are hardly any brown patches in the back yard. I maintain the upkeep with regular weeding (pretty much when I go outside, I try to pull some weeds) and just thank the property for all the beauty it is giving me.

This beauty is another act to me. It is a clear indicator that if you care enough, things will come back to you. I do not leave outside offerings, although I occasionally feed the birds and squirrels. However, I have prayed in that grass. I have done rituals in that grass. I have felt connected to that back patch even while it was still feel stagnated because of my ex-landlady. And I feel that it is a “thank you” that it is as flourishing as it is. (One day, I’ll post pictures of that wild as hell grass and the green foliage of that tree.) This is how I commune with the earth. It’s not really my patch of land, but it is while I rent here. And it is how I remind myself that I am just one of many, but even just one can see so much change with effort.

These are just some of the things that I do to remind myself, daily, that I am a creature of the gods and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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