Spam Comments and Odd Search Terms.

I actually don’t go through my spam comments or my search terms very often. After my last weird search term, I’ve decided to stay away from them. However, after my last post, I think I need a bit of levity. So, I’m going to share some of my weirder spam comments and search terms. We’ll do the search terms first.

wep set that one can post a puppy

Only if he has an Internet presence. Otherwise, what’s the point?

i’ve lived 7 past lives

Excellent! I’m very glad to know!

my fathers wife is my grand mind fucking

I’m sorry to hear that. I suggest making amends or at least, pretending to be nice during Thanksgiving meals. It wouldn’t do to break up the family because you’ve been mind fucked.

cajun evil spirits

I have never once talked about Cajun anything, so I have no idea where this came up. Or even why they would link to my blog about this.

My last two are my favorite. That is because one makes me feel like people are paying attention when I do my 101 posts and the other is because it makes me feel like I’m being paid attention to. The first one is, “fallow time definition.” That just made me smile so big and huge and was exactly what I needed. This second one made me smile and be all happy because the person was specifically looking for me (I assume) as opposed to just randomly putting words into Google and getting a link to my blog. That search term is, “the bewilderment blog.” That totally happens here!

Hi, I’m 15. I have 5″ (i think you understand). Should i buy viagra to make it longer?

One the one hand, I’m going to go with a tentative no. And on the other, I am going to start yelling the word no. At the age of fifteen, we shouldn’t really worry about how long our penises are. Also, Viagra is going to do absolutely nothing to assist you in that. It’s only going to give you an erection, which at the age of 15, I am hoping no one needs assistance with.

Light is the most important thing. There is no single most important item. I’d say your brain is the item.

What a very interesting piece of philosophical spam!

All of the rest of the spam comments were just telling me that I had a terrific blog and that they were grateful to have found what I had written on that particular day. While I know they just want me to click on the links they’re spamming my blog with, some days, it’s nice to see such positive sentiments about my blog. So, while it can be irritating clearing out all of that spam, I think I may spend a little more time reading about what a fantastic writer I am, how the topic really helped other people out, and just generally, feel good about what I’m doing.


6 thoughts on “Spam Comments and Odd Search Terms.

  1. I find “spam divination” really interesting, and I lay all this blame on Sannion’s past posts about it, especially the poetry!

    I actually had a couple of good spam comments in my spam queue, but I accidentally deleted them all. :( Some of them were quite interesting!

    • I go through them page by page (I usually don’t check until I’m at nearly 300) before I delete them. Although, I’ve been known in my excitement to hit the “delete permanently” button without meaning to. XD

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