When Gods Act Silly…

So, I’m going to tell you a story, but all the names have been removed to protect the people and the gods in said story. I’m removing the name of the person telling me this because I don’t need people to sit there and tell that person or me that they are nuts. If we wanted someone to question that person’s sanity, we’d ask in a poll. And I’m removing the name of the god from this story because people who know this god – and it’s a popular one nowadays – will either say, “X isn’t like that; X doesn’t behave in that way.” All I’m going to say is that let’s keep an open mind here because we don’t honestly know how the gods act when we’re not around or when they’re with people who can understand them on a level that followers may not be able to.

So, my friend is just hanging around last evening and minding their business when X walks into the house. And my friend is all like, “Whoa. Whoa. We don’t let gods in here. All of you are dicks and make me feel like shit because you suck so you can just get the hell out of my house.” And the god in question starts whining at my friend. MY FOLLOWER ISN’T LISTENING TO ME. YOU HAVE TO HELP THIS PERSON BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT I HAVE SAID EVEN THOUGH I’VE SAID IT A GAJILLION TIMES. YOU DO MY WORK FOR ME BECAUSE I CAN’T GET THE POINT ACROSS. And my friend is just like, “Wait. What?” I think my friend was startled out of their initial negative feelings towards this god coming into their house. I mean, can you imagine what it must be like to have a god stop in and demand that you help the god’s follower because the god can’t actually get the person to listen? What a fucking weird ass way to have an evening at home, right? Right. So, anyway, this is the task that my friend has been given via a god whom they do not follow nor want to follow and all because the god’s follower is all like, Waaaaah. My life sucks. I want my gods to make it magically better because actually doing something takes too much work. Waaaaaah. Fix it. Wave a magic wand. Waaaaaaah. When I first read the conclusion of this story (thus far), I just kind of shook my head. All of this because someone is too big of a baby to follow the advice of the god they follow? Really?

Now, I’ll be honest. When I first read this, I couldn’t really believe it. The god in question is not someone who we would associate with whining at someone. And let’s face it, what the god was doing was whining at this person. That god was just like, I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS, YO. But that wasn’t really the disbelieving part. I think what really got to me was the fact that the god was at such a wit’s end, they walked into a house [uninvited] of a person who isn’t a god hater, per se, but has made it quite clear that they do not want to follow gods because gods are assholes. (Obviously, not all of them since that person hasn’t been working with every god out there, but they’ve had some shitty experiences with those higher beings some of us worship, so… Let’s put it this way. My friend is fully entitled to the opinion they have of gods.) And the god in question really believes that my friend will help out the follower in question. I think the part that really gets me is that there are gods who can throw their hands up in the air and ask humans for help. That does seem a little far-fetched right?

But no, not really. Think about it. We need them as much as they need us. Or maybe, they need us more than we need them. Without our belief, would they even have the power they do to affect anything in our lives or on this planet? It makes you wonder… but that’s not the point in all of this. The point is that I had a smidge of advice to give my friend (and by proxy, the god in question) after reading and re-reading my friend’s post about their evening last night. “Gee. Maybe X should take the hint and NOT HAVE THEM AS A FOLLOWER ANYMORE. AND MAYBE MAKE THE POINT PRETTY FUCKING PLAIN. I MEAN, GAAAAH. SEKHMET MANAGES TO ON AN ALMOST DAILY BASIS FOR FUCK’S SAKE.” And it was at that point that another friend of mine – a Kemetic pagan – chimed in with, “THE NETJERU DO IT BETTER.”

And it’s at that point that I realized that I am supremely lucky to be in a relationship with a goddess like mine. Sure, I’ve had my issues with her and she’s had her issues with me. But she has never held back. She has never thrown her hands up (as far as I know) and gone to seek outside help on the matter. She has never gotten fed up with my hard-headed nature. She may not like it, but I think she’s proud of it. (And that’s a story for another day.) But the thing is that I am not just lucky that I have a god who has the cajones to tell me like it is, on whatever it is I’m asking her about or whatever it is she thinks I need to know, but that I am also really fucking happy that I work in a pantheon where being overly emotional doesn’t happen. Because I really and honestly and truly believe that it is X god’s emotional nature that is making them look for outside assistance. I’ve talked before about how I couldn’t work with various pantheons do to the overly emotional nature of their gods and this just reinforces that belief.

I don’t think I could ever respect a god who needs to slink down, whine at someone who doesn’t care, and then assume that person in question will be fixing the situation.

And so, the conclusion of this whole thing is this…


41 thoughts on “When Gods Act Silly…


    I think too, deity may come down to others because that person either functions as a priestess, or a spae or some kind of being that’s been titled as the middle-man for the deity. Deity get frustrated too~~ I’m sure their job isnt easy, and if they see someone who CAN hear them, they’ll vent.

    Then again, I’ve seen deity do some pretty weird shit so what the eff do I know :/
    At the end of the day, I think every pantheon reacts differently too. I think the Netjeru have a certain code of honor to their actions. It would be distasteful for them to do so. For other pantheons, like the Greeks for example, are a little more emotional, or based in communing with humans by acting like humans–making babies with them, getting drunk with them, going to war with them.

    I don’t know shit about netjeru either though so maybe I’m pulling that out of my ass. xD

  2. I admit I am not a believer in this concept of ‘gods need us more than we need them’ so maybe this influences me in not understanding the feeling behind your post.
    Are you saying that you think it’s silly behavior from a deity using a closer devotee as messager as a warning before delivering a smackdown? :)

    • That’s the thing. This deity isn’t using a closer follower. It actually makes more sense, to me, if X was doing that. What the deity in question did was choose someone who does not work with deities and while they believe in them, refuses to have any type of relationship with them except, possibly, in passing as a, “hey, you exist but that’s about all I’m going with.” X chose someone who has no interest, whatsoever, in having a relationship with the deity in question or any other type of god. That’s what boggles me.

      • I agree that is unusual… was it by chance a trickster deity? I can see that sort getting a kick out of a similiar situation …but it’s also true that They have a more complete vision of the ‘big picture’, so there’s the always the chance that X wanted to teach a lesson to that thirdy party by temporarily involving him/her while accomplishing the delively of the message. Sort of killing two birds with one stone….

  3. Well, if you wanted to be sure you were taken seriously, who better to use as an intermediary than someone who openly dislikes deities in general? Impartial third party and all that.

    In all honesty I don’t know if I would really get along all that well with the Netjeru. None of them have ever whispered to me and I’m pretty OK with that. I love the fact that the Hellenes will sit around the campfire and tell stories, or whatever else. Maybe they knew that when they called me? ;) We forget sometimes just HOW MUCH MORE they (deities in general) are aware of. They call the people best suited to them.

    I guess sometimes that means walking in on an unsuspecting neutral intermediary.

    • You do have a point. I’d be more likely to listen if one of my gods stepped in and asked this person to speak on their behalf… (Probably listen even more than I do now… which is 50/50. Haha.)

      Honestly, I wonder how many of us were called in childhood and are only now figuring this stuff out. I’ve had an obsession (literal, obsession) with ancient Egypt since I was eight or so. Psychologically, I understand the need for it – my dad had died the year before so the dead cult thing really gave me hope that he wasn’t just dead dead – but it really makes me wonder if it wasn’t Sekhmet guiding me back then, too. I have crazy thoughts sometimes.

      • When I began to really examine my past, it floored me just how much Ares and Aphrodite both had been guiding my steps before I even knew their names. Of course, I learned their names very young- as a little kid I preferred Bulfinch’s Mythology to the “normal” bedtime story book LOL. I guess it’s just who we really are. Gods know, 8 years in Catholic school couldn’t drive the pagan heart out of me.

  4. I kind of had an experience like this though it was more “HEY YOU, POKE HER IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION SINCE YOU CAN HEAR ME AND SHE CAN’T” And I was the deaf person being poked. XD They do what They feel They must.

    • Thanks for the award! I don’t think I’ve received that one before!

      Oh, I know that my goddess has had plenty of reason to be upset with me. I’m stubborn, which is more than enough reason. However, I just don’t see her ever having gone on over to someone else and said, “Gah. I can’t deal with Satsekhem anymore. She just isn’t listening.”

      • I’m so incredibly stubborn, and at first I could hardly believe that my goddess had asked me to be her priestess. In fact, I was downright skeptical. So it took a while before the reality of being a priestess set it, and even when it did I was still stubborn and ignorant. I have a lot of respect for my goddess for tolerating me! If I were a goddess, I’d have just ignored me and let me carry on in my own ditzy way. Ha ha! :) And once again, congrats on the award.

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