Letters to the Gods: Ptah.

Dear Ptah, in His Aspect of mesedjer-sedjem,

It was made pretty clear to me recently that I needed to turn to you now because it’s a time of need. I’ve never really looked to you before. Oh, I know about you, of course. You are the husband of my most esteemed lady. And while I don’t always follow her advice, as things get harder, I see her wisdom in her decisions. She chose a few gods to turn to and you were one of them. And so it is to you as a craftsman as well as the one who hears that I turn to now, in my hour of need.

Things are just… blowing up all around me. I know I need to take a break. I need to take breaths. I need to go for a walk and ignore things for a while. I need to just get away and ignore and come back stronger, but I can’t. I’m sitting here in my house and trying not to cry. Today, my car broke. Before, the fix was relatively easy once I had sure-fire solution. But now I know what the problem is. I know what the problem is and I know that it’s probably not easy or simple. It could be a huge problem since it’s transmission related or it could be something as simple as a leak in a tube. I don’t know. And that not knowing gets to me, but also the real fear that I could be without a car when I really need one: job interviews and trying to get my son into school and all of that stuff. I can’t be without a car – what would we do for TH to go to work?

I’m worried and scared right now. I don’t know what to do. The money isn’t the issue, but the next step is. What to do? Where to go? Who to turn to? I don’t know any of these answers except the last one.

I’m turning to you.

I need help.


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