Letters to the Gods: Sutekh.

Dear Sutekh,

I do not know you well. I’ve heard of you, of course; anyone in this line of religion will have at least once or twice. I know a couple of your kids and they talk highly of you. I should probably learn more about you before I do this, but I know how much you like people who just toss themselves into the middle of the wash cycle without looking around for the lifeguards. So.

The reason I’m writing is because it was implied, heavily, that I should look to you at this time in my life. You see, I’m kind of in need for some luck, good would be best. I’m at a crossroads, or more like, a precipice. And I hear from those kids of yours that you have a thing for cliff faces. I don’t mind going over and I know you’ll be there to toss me over if the need arises, but I’d like to know that I can count on you for the landing or maybe, just to hold my hand while I’m going down and to pack me a parachute… preferably, a real one since I know how much you love your jokes.

I really feel like I’m heavy this month. And it’s not like I’m just gaining too much weight, but that everything is sitting on my shoulders. I know why it’s all there – that’s the best place for the stress. But the thing is that I don’t know if I can handle all of the downers that will be heading my way. I know a lot of them will be coming. I’m no fool. I don’t expect instant gratification just because I’m looking to you – and a few others – for help during this troubling time. But, I do need some luck. I do need some help. And I need a shoulder to cry on. Those kids I was mentioning earlier? They keep telling me that your shoulders are wide enough for another head to lean again them.

So, here I am.

I’m sending this out into the universe, into the cosmos, to the indefatigable place that you inhabit when you aren’t playing around on the planet. I’m sending this out with the plea that I need help. I need a hand. I need some luck. I need somewhere to shed my tears. I just… need.


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