A People at War

For signal boost and because she is absolutely right.

People, we got to stop the fractures. We’ve got to stop thinking, “it will never happen to me.” We have to stop being assholes and full of ourselves. I’m not saying live your life like this is your final moment(s) or in constant mortal terror. I’m saying reach the fuck out. Be kind. Be tolerant. And get your heads out of your ass.


3 thoughts on “A People at War

  1. Everyday I put on my Hammer I put a mark upon myself.
    To the Christian it is a reminder of those he feared, and those he dreamed subjugated.
    To the Jew it is a reminder of everything he hates, falsely though the symbol was used.
    To the Muslim it is a sign that I do not bow as he bows, pray as he prays.
    Everyday I wear the mark of my people, and know that death may find me. There are no illusions, no dreams that all will accept me in brotherhood. I pray to Heathen Gods hated and loathed by those who come from the East. I am the different. I am the strange. I am the insult.
    We can speak of tolerance. We can speak of kindness. But for those that believe Peace means Conformity to their ways, their converting others is kindness. Tolerance is for those who believe as they do. Because to learn kindness and tolerance would be to mean that theirs is not the absolute truth of this world. And to admit that would be to destroy their faith utterly.
    Someday, death may find me. When that day comes, I will wear my Hammer with pride. I will hold the heathen hammer high, and laugh at the terror and the fear. I will know that I have lived well, and died well.

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