Peret, Season of Emergence (PBP).

Sometimes, when I feel like I don’t have a clue what to write about next in the Pagan Blog Project, I start trolling through pagan and Kemetic glossaries. I prefer to go through the Kemetic glossary since I’ve noticed that this particular project is a trend towards what is Kemetic, more than anything else, in my pagan practice. I tend to be feel like if I write about something not Kemetic related, I’m copping out in a way. So, today, I went trolling through my favorite glossary of terms and went straight to the letter, P. I went through the first few suggestions, just shaking my head. Paser? Pectoral? Pelusiac branch of the Nile? None of these things worked with the framework I’ve set myself up for when I start writing for each Friday’s entry. And then, I happened to see the word, Peret, and I knew.

In the physical world, the time after Wep Ronpet is specifically known as the Season of the Inundation, or Akhet. This is the time when the fields would, hopefully, flood enough with the waters of the Nile so that the men and women and children of the nation would survive during the time of growth. It was a time dedicated to the god, Hapi. This way, by praying to him and giving him offerings, the amount of the inundation would be just enough to see the country through another successful year. But, you know, as I look around me and at the dead land that surrounds us, I have a very difficult time understanding this. I look around me and I see grass that is dead and brown, leaves falling from the trees, and there hasn’t been enough rain to keep the waterfall by my house flowing any louder than a whisper. There is no inundation here; there is no prep for growth. When I look around, I don’t see anything in the way the ancient Egyptians had sewn the seasons in anything other than myself… because right now? I am in the Season of Emergence, of Peret.

While flipping through the handy-dandy glossary, I realized that the reason the word Peret was singing out to my so much was because of the time frame of my spiritual growth. And I looked back at this long, long year and this crazy cycle that has come to a closer and I realized that then… That was the Season of the Inundation. For truly, I was flooded with information and knowledge. For truly, I was flooded with new things on a nearly daily basis, epiphanies every day to every other day, and I was having a difficult time letting it fully impact me. I was watching it try to sink in to my soul and my being. The black, life-giving silt was present and there was more than enough to see me through the season, but I had to wait to see if it would take. I had to wait until Peret before I would know if anything worthwhile would emerge.

As I look at the changes I’ve made to myself in my Season of Inundation and all of the things that I’ve learned, I’ve come to realize that it was necessary. I’ve come to see that cycle as necessary. But what is truly unknown and terrifying now is the knowledge that I don’t know if my Season of Emergence, of Peret will be as full of colorful new and innovative ideas as one should always hope it to be. I won’t know until months down the road or even years down the road that what I’ve gone through to come into the time of Peret was what it was supposed to be and what I took from Akhet was enough to see me through to a successful Peret.

But in looking at the things I’ve accomplished in the last week… and I have a feeling that it’s definitely worthwhile. And shall be an interesting time, to say the least.


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