To-Do List.

Things to work on…

1. Figure out the Negative Confessions for self.
2. Some kind of BOS to write this shit down.
3. Work on witch bottle for Hekate. (Nails? Dirt?)
4. Use K’s Tarot spirit layout on Pyramid Oracle.
5. Figure out festivals for Kemetic calendar.
6. Perform EE Deadz ritual on Daddy.
7. Start offerings for Gran Bwa.
8. Sit down with M for Met Tet divination.
9. Statue for Bawon and Maman?
10. Shrine cleaning for all and sundry.
11. Start alchemical experiment for the Sister.
12. Research various Lave Tets for future add to BOS.
13. Cowrie shells for Old Man.

6 thoughts on “To-Do List.

    • I’ve had one in the entire time I’ve been doing things. It’s been messed up. Since then, I’ve been considering what to do for my next and more official BOS and I still have no idea.

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