The Time Has Come…

This post was actually requested by Bastemhet and I try not to disappoint.

So, after finally figuring out that I should be using my Anubis Oracle to speak with Sekhmet, I pretty much didn’t bother pulling them out at all. It wasn’t really that I was waiting for the right moment, in so much as I am the laziest being on this planet. I wanted to clean off the table and clear out space in my “spooky cabinet” before I got started with this. (The “spooky cabinet” is the blue cabinet I use to house Legba, Sekhmet, and Hetharu. I figure the name is appropriate.) So, I just put it off and off and off and after yesterday’s post, I got pretty down for a good long time. By the time I finally felt like I could get something done, it was fairly late at night. And again, I put it off. I did a little puttering here and a little puttering there until I didn’t have an excuse any longer. I finally pulled out the Anubis Oracle deck that’s been sitting in my spooky cabinet for months upon months, in a drawer before that for nearly a year, and who knows where else prior to that? Seriously, it’s just been sitting. (Side note: There was a moth in the box that flew out of it when I opened it. I only mention this because this becomes important in a future post.)

I sat down at the kitchen table and began shuffling them. I kept thinking, tell me about yourselves; what are you good at, where lies your weakness; tell me about yourselves. I didn’t have to shuffle very long before I finally felt like I could set out the cards in the five-card pull that K talks about in the entry I’ve linked below. This particular spread is designed, specifically by K, to get to know the spirit(s) of the divination method you are using. I couldn’t comment on whether or not it would work with runes – but why not? – but it does seem to work very well in regards to Tarot and Oracle decks. I used it on my Rider-Waite deck and it told me exactly what I thought it was going to. (Oh, want to know what is? Pretty much that the deck is my go-to for everybody in the world, but it will only allow me to see my deepest, darkest fears on a given matter. BECAUSE THAT’S HOW THEY ROLL. And you know, so the search for a Tarot/Oracle deck that’s specific to me is ongoing. Then they proceeded to fuck around with me because THEY THINK THEY’RE FUNNY WHEN THEY’RE NOT.) So, I really do recommend that you check out the linked entry below if you’re having issues with your oracle method at present. Moving on.

What you see there is five cards and then two underlying cards to explain the final card. I’ll list off Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App what we have before I get into any in-depth explanations. The three cards along the left side are the first ones to turn to for explanations, specifically what kind of deck spirit you have going on here. The three cards there are I – Entering the Mystery, 6 – Sobek and Horus, and 3 – Isis. The next card is in the place that K has signified as “what the cards are good at doing” and I’d like to point out that yes, that is Sekhmet’s card. Right there, in the center, where all the good stuff that the deck is good at is where Sekhmet is chilling-chilling. The final card was confusing as it is listed as the weakness of the cards. I honestly couldn’t figure out what the hell the 20 – Ptah was trying to tell me. So, I pulled two extra cards to clarify and received, 14 – Hathor and 23 – Pyramid.

The type of spirit this deck is reminds me very much of the feeling that I get from the Well Worn Path deck that I utilize to commune with Hekate. The Well Worn Path deck is very much more about change and creation. It’s more in tune with the path itself that you are treading (thus the lure) but a lot of the communicate is about rebirth, lessons, and all that jazz. This deck has a similar feel to it. And if I’m reading the three cards across the side correctly, it is indeed related to what I get when I talk with Hekate from the Well Worn Path. However, the distinctive difference seems to be more along the lines of different planes of existence, perhaps astral, whereas Hekate’s deck is pretty much entirely about working on the various lives I’ve lived and consolidating the hurts from this life with the hurts from the last lives, and whatnot. That’s the feeling I get from the Entering the Mystery card anyway. The addition to this is that the spirit likes to work on opposing sides (the Sobek and Heru card). This would be, like, me trying to unify the unemotional, cold person that I am with the simpering girly-girl that likes pink deep inside. (She doesn’t really like pink, but you know what I mean.) The final card, Isis, is to show that this deck will get to the heart of the matter. I will never be confused with what they’re trying to say. (SURE AS SHIT HOPE SO.)

So, then we come to Sekhmet’s card. I didn’t bother reading what the book had to say about her because, really, it’s pretty obvious what the hell the deck is saying. This is what I felt initially when I wrote my post about finally thinking about pulling them out: they’re Sekhmet’s deck. This is the deck that I am to use to communicate with her. Honestly, I don’t know what to say to her or what I should focus on working on with her or how she’s to help me heal myself if Hekate’s working on that stuff already. I’ll ask her at some point (soon) and find out. But I really did like the fact that I got the clue-by-four to the face and then I was given confirmation when I did my own card reading about it.

And the Ptah card, as I said, confused the shit out of me. This is in the “I dun do this good” area of the reading itself. The card talks about looking into your heart and using it to see the creation or something. I was just kind of like, “What.” I had no idea what it was trying to say, which is why I pulled the two clarification cards. I went with two because I had a feeling that just one wasn’t going to give me the damn information I needed. And I was right. The first card I pulled was Hathor. And while I had a feeling that this was saying that while Hetharu and Sekhmet are sister-selves, this deck was not to be used with Hetharu. I would get confusing, mixed up reading. The second card I pulled is Pyramid and is associated with the element of earth: foundations. In effect, if I’m reading the what the deck isn’t good at correctly, this deck will not help me build a foundation with Hetharu in any way. So, it looks like I’ve got a communication tool with one but not the other. (I’ll probably try to use the Pyramid Oracle deck for her, anyway.)

All in all, I’m very pleased with this reading, over all. I got UPG confirmation (since my clue-by-four was mine alone, I consider it UPG). I was also given an effective tool to foster relations with Sekhmet. And you know, I can finally use a deck that’s been sitting around for years.

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7 thoughts on “The Time Has Come…

  1. 1. Totally jealous you have that deck, I’ve been drooling over it for months!
    2. Since I haven’t worked with it, off the top of my head Ptah + Pyramids I’d be inclined to think of strengthening your foundations as well, perhaps not the ones of your relationship with Her, but rather your foundations as a person/practitioner?Going back to the roots sort to speak, does that make sense? Or more radically thinking: Ptah as a God of thought and creation through thought (and speech) coupled with the Pyramids as in aiming for certain goals? Perhaps you need a more tiered approach to things, taking baby steps. This is pure intuition talking, just what I picked up reading your post.
    3. Still jealous!! xD

    • It is a pretty awesome deck. The only reason I had it is because it was a gift from an ex-coven mate and because I collect all decks of Egyptian flavoring. I’m just glad I’m finally able to use them!

      I do like your interpretation there. I have been kind of focusing on my calendar a lot lately, after months of thinking about it and ignoring it. And I’m slowly building up to daily offerings again. (They get glasses of water in the AM right now.) So that’s an interesting thought and also an extreme possibility.

  2. Yay! :D

    My take on Ptah: the book focuses a lot on taking thought from idea to reality and manifesting on this plane. It also talks about him being a seer of future aeons. Therefore, you can use this deck to figure out what´s going on right now, but it won´t tell you prescriptively how you should go about changing the situation. Nor can it do that for anyone else. Or perhaps it won´t be able to show you a future that you want to be possible, even if you really want it, thus tying into the truthfulness aspect of Sekhmet´s card.

    Maybe? That´s what I intuited but only you can decide what´s relevant to you and your deck.

  3. Okay I totally need to try that with the Elvish Tarot and the Baseball Tarot. I already know how my fairies work (In yo face, no pulling punches!) But the Elvish ones seem to be for others only, and who the fuck knows what’s up with Baseball. The really only seem to work if I’m watching games.

    • The baseball thing makes sense on another level. It’s only when you’re actively watching baseball that you (a) think to use that deck and (b) have the energy to put into them.

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