KWGR: Holidays.

How many of you are sick of only having so many religious ceremonies in a year? As a good Christian, then you’re only really given about ten a year. And if you’re a really good Catholic, you get a shit ton more because you practice paying attention to all those saints that are walking around in Catholic Heaven. But, let’s be honest here, that’s just not enough. You want to get down. You want to PAR-TAAAAAAY! You want to give all of yourself over to a holiness that you can only feel when those sparing holidays show up throughout the year and then, you’ve got nothing until Christmas time shows up. That’s just too bad… unless…


That’s right, folks! We’ve got holidays coming out of our butts on an almost daily basis! If you add all of the calendar systems that are found in ancient Egypt, we can come up with something like 500 holidays on a year basis! And while you’ve got the month-long Lent and the weeks of Advent to look forward to, wouldn’t you much rather get happy with spirituality every damn day? Some of these festivals are just as long as Lent and Advent! Hell, they could even be longer! And instead of sitting around, eating dinner with your family, getting ashes on your forehead, or giving shit up, all the Kemetic gods want are offerings and your attention! How fucking awesome is that? They don’t want you go give shit up. They don’t want you to run around with ashes on your forehead. They want you to have a boat load of fun (possibly in a boat, depending on the holiday in question) while you’re getting down with your spiritual selves!

So come on down and check out the World’s Greatest Religion!!!


4 thoughts on “KWGR: Holidays.

  1. Huzzah!
    At least on the KO calendar, there are four holidays today:
    Festivals for The House of Ra, The House of Heru, and The House of Wesir.

    It’s also “Burning the Widow’s Flame,” in which we celebrate Aset and her sister Nebt-Het re-assembling her husband.

    Tomorrow, there are 5 festivals, including ones to Min and Hethert.

    Like ‘ya said…

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