KWGR: God Gets Pissed at The Creation? NEVER.

So, how many times have you sat down to read the Bible and realized, wow. God really doesn’t like humans very much. Think about it! He kicks people out of Eden because they eat some fruit. Then he sends plague, demons, and various other things to get rid of his creation. How many times has the Christian God sat down and said, “Wow, man. You guys are some fucked up shit.” And then set about unmaking that fucked up shit? Too many times. Just too many times can you go through the Bible to read about this stuff and that’s some sad, sad ju-ju right there. Why would you want to be part of a religion that tries to kill you when you do whatever it is you’re supposed to do? Or, you know, forces you to build a big huge boat to keep people alive? And then force you to repopulate the entire planet again? Talk about having way too much responsibility.

But in Kemetism, we don’t have that!

Oh, suuuuuuuure. Re got pretty irritated when man started talking shit about him behind his back. And yeah, he decided to send his fiery Eye down to destroy humanity, but he only did it once! And immediately repented. As far as I know, there weren’t any take backs after God flooded the earth to get rid of everyone except Noah’s family. But Re did. He saw the error of his mistake. And yeah, it took him a while to get Sekhmet from stopping the whole killing spree, but he never did it again. And God did a few more times.

So how can you give your all to a religion that wants to kill you all the damn time?

Come on over to Kemetism!

It is, after all, the world’s greatest religion!


10 thoughts on “KWGR: God Gets Pissed at The Creation? NEVER.

    • Let’s hope they stay busy, then!

      And besides, Re got pissed off in the time before, the Zep Tepi. And that was so long ago. His bones have long been that of silver and lapis lazuli. I don’t think we have to worry about it anymore. Besides, he gave us our own ability to govern, so he probably thinks that if we decide to fuck around some more, we’ll learn the lesson or destroy ourselves!!!

  1. Interesting series. I’ve noticed this too. It’s pretty messed up. It’s like God is saying “Why did I create humans again and why did I think this was good?”

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