What’s the Difference Between Communicating and Coincidence?

Yesterday, I woke up with this song in my head. Since I first heard it, it’s pretty much been in my head because the thing is just fucking catchy. I was doing the dishes and decided to do a good listen while I was busy doing chores and whatnot. I kept repeating it because it was like I couldn’t get enough of it. (As I write this, guess what’s playing?) After a while, I had my fill and the chores were done. So, I went about the rest of my day until some time later, I sat down in front of the table I set up for Hekate’s impromptu entrance into my life. The table is still pretty bare (I’m going to look for a purple scarf to place on the table akin to the green one on my altar space for the three main OTHERS™ in my life) but I have purchased some things for it. All that being said, what goes on it isn’t important as it is a focal point to think and pray to Hekate as well as a way station for my Well Worn Path deck, which seem to prefer to be near her.

After sitting down, I got it into my head to play the song in question. I’m not usually the kind of person who (A) sits at an altar and then (B) feels the need to listen to music while I’m doing whatever it is I have in mind. So, I put the song on my phone and placed it on the lower shelf of Hekate’s table. And I just started bawling. It wasn’t like awful, horrible sobs or anything. I was just tearing up and crying. It was at this point that I realized whatever work she has in store for me, tears are pretty much going to be part and parcel. I cannot escape them and as the Sister mentioned to me yesterday, crying can be cathartic. I could use some serious catharsis in my life.

The cards’ meaning in order… Higher calling; commitment and self-discipline; generational legacy.

So, while I’m teary-eyed and not fully in my head, I started randomly shuffling the cards before pulling three. I stared at them, looking for the meaning hidden there. I’ve had some ideas, which came to me as I was sitting there and singing along to the song in question.

While I was mulling over how odd my music choice was and how odd it was that I had a music choice while “in shrine,” I began to wonder if there was something to it. It was at that moment, that particular thought, when I ended up pulling the cards pictured above. And I began to wonder, seriously, if this all wasn’t just about working on myself but working on myself from generations ago as well. It seemed weird and freaky and odd that this could even be in my head much less a conscious thought that I was seriously entertaining. As far as gods are concerned, the only two that I’ve ever felt like I probably associated with in another life were Sekhmet and Mut. I’ve never given serious thought to having worshiped Hekate or walked with her before, in my life… Hell, I’ve never thought of any of my previous lives in a religious sense anyway, much less who I may or may not have been worshiping, hanging with, nurturing, working with at any given moment of those past lives.

But the problem remains as it eternally is: What can we take as honest communication and what can we take as merely being coincidence?

Here, I am, obsessing over a song that makes you feel the need to listen to it. This is actually one of the reasons the Sister has yet to listen to it in its entirety. She says she’s suspicious of songs that are just that “catchy.” (If she comments on this blog post, she’ll probably rant about songs from Josie & the Pussycats. No, I’m not joking.) And it’s been playing on one of the radio stations my car’s radio is tuned into for a while now. I don’t hear it often, of course, but when I do catch snippets of it, I’m sure to listen to it. And that’s an issue, right there. It’s a catchy fucking song, as I said. How far can I take this song must be listened to on endless repeat before I’m being foolish and retarded? How far can I take what may or may not be signs? Where do you draw the line? For those in the FB group I’ve mentioned this in, how long before all of the spiders I’ve been seeing are an actual commentary on who I am and what I may need in my life versus it being summer time and bugs being out?

How do you know when you have to start paying closer attention to things as possible signs of communication with gods?

This is honestly something I’ve always had a hard time dealing with and I’ll tell you why. I am rational. I am logical.

If I see a shadow form out of the corner of my eye, I tend to dismiss it as having stared at the TV too long or something. Or, it’s a flash so it could be just my imagination assigning features to a shadowy spot in my house. But, then, sometimes, it happens over and over again in various spots. It’s only after a few times that I begin to seriously consider if this is something “other” that is trying to communicate with me in some way. The same thing with all of the spiders I’ve been seeing all over the place. Sure, it’s that time of the year when they come out, but it’s a little strange that one hitches a ride in my arm pit to be placed down in the grass (and I have no idea where it came from in the first place, honestly) and another one in a sink that’s used on a daily basis for the first time in the entire three years I’ve lived in this apartment. It’s only when things start repeating, endlessly, that I begin to pay attention. Fuck. That’s how I finally figured out Sekhmet wanted my attention! If it doesn’t happen more than once, then I tend to dismiss it.

The thing is that, in this case, as I was sitting “in shrine,” listening to this catchy fucking song, I couldn’t help but analyze the lyrics in lieu of the card spread I had pulled. The first card is definitely about Hekate. The exact definition of it I can’t recall off the top of my head (and laziness prohibits me from moving four feet to my left to get the book in question). But, I remember looking at the card, re-reading the meaning behind it a few times, and instantly associating it with Hekate. There was something specific to the meaning that said the higher-calling was outside or other, something that would come and teach. The self-discipline card makes sense because that’s something she requires in the working we’ll be doing together. (Working on your being fucked up sure does need some serious commitment.) But it was the card about the generational legacy that intrigued me the most. Whatever it is I’ll end up with, it’ll be with me for the ages…

…but the thought went in kind with the song I was busy listening to. It’s kind of a downer if you look up the lyrics. So, maybe, the generational legacy wasn’t just about what I’ll have to offer to my future generations, but also what came before. (And the card’s explanation even mentions that it’s what you’ll give to your progeny as well as what the ancestors have put into you.) And maybe part of my soul journey into who I am today had to do with Hekate. Now you’re just somebody that I used to know… is one of the lines of the song. And it’s at that point, after having that particular thought, that the line popped up. (It does a thousand times in the song, but you know, interesting moment, right?) I began analyzing the lyrics that I had been able to identify in listening to it over and over again. If I really looked at it, could it be…? Is it possible that I had been walking with Hekate before, in a different life, and packed up my shit without so much as a “by your leave”? Or maybe it was for my own safety – witchcraft isn’t even popular now, never mind prior to the 20th century – and I made a promise to go back, at a later time, only to have that later time never show up?

This has left me with a metric shit ton of fucking questions. And either my God-phone is acting up, she’s waiting for something else before she starts talking to me, she is talking to me and I’m not hearing it, or I’m just so busy questioning myself that I don’t know what to take as a sign and what to throw away as garbage.

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14 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between Communicating and Coincidence?

  1. I wish I had more input. I’m in a similar boat to you- knowing a deity wants my attn, but trying to figure out what it is that he actually wants. Even if the song isn’t sent from her, I don’t think there is anything wrong with considering what it could be telling you. If the song helps you to connect with whatever you need to tap into, then it’s doing its job. It’s hard to figure out when things are coincidence and when they are important. Sometimes, the only way you can find out is to flirt with the item or idea in question- and see if the shoe fits.

  2. Mh, ironically, The Morrigan kinda put this same song in my head for freaking days before some huge fight happened between me and my brother. I realized after the resulting rift that the song reflected exactly how I had felt toward him for a long time- we weren’t as close we used to be since awhile, but lately for me it was like he started going out of his way to show how inconsequential he found my opinions or feelings. I won’t lie, that hurt like a bitch as i took it in but it helped in the long run. It freaked me out that the song turned to be prophetic for me.
    Now, it wouldn’t be unlike Hekate to go and send Her messages through music, movies or even books but with me it was generally about the inherent meaning of the song/movie/book and how it related to my feelings/path in the present. Maybe you felt in the way the song describes in your past? Maybe in relation to your family (thus explaining the generational legacy bit). Or maybe the cards describe the work She is expecting for you to do – maybe She wants for you to look in your past family generations and discover how they affected you. Hard to say.

    But if you don’t ‘get Her meaning ‘ at the first attempt, I am sure She will manage correct you soon.Knowing all of that might man something is already a result.

    Sometimes the best you can do is take note and wait to see if the ‘maybe sign’ relates to something else.

    • I do think the card reading has a multiple possibility for the actual interpretation. I think the last card was to open me up to the possibilities that what I learn with her is for my good, and the good of my future generations. I think, too, it is about reconnecting with my ancestors on a more emotional level than I have been able to do, to this point. But I do think some of it also has to do with my soul’s journey over the years. All this is tied in with my emotional repression as well as the stuff that’s happened to me here, in this realm.

      I think the song is a good indicator for most of my relationships. I’m closer with my mom now than I’ve ever been, although other relationships are lacking. And it’s possible the song is reminding me of that.

      I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. :)

  3. I already said a bit in “that group” about songs as messages. Interesting to read this now after listening to a favorite live track by my favorite band twice this morning. Some songs we fixate on can be messages. Sometimes though, they can be like fuel or food. Something about the energy of the song just sinks into you and fills some need.

    And for general signs, if it’s a one-off it’s easy to dismiss. (though I have learned some of them are indeed the spooky woo-woo and not coincidence or imagination.) When it keeps happening, take note. I also have some physical reactions when I come across things/events/people/etc. which Must Be Noted. For example, with a few books which have been very influential on my life, just seeing them produced a feeling like someone was pulling on my hair.

    • I’m so used to being able to right off what could be signs that I’m less likely to believe something is a sign. Sometimes, it’s good because I know I won’t end up falling into a category of people that take EVERYTHING to be a sign from the gods. But, on the other hand, sometimes, it feels like my life isn’t as mystical as it could be.

      • but that also means when it does happen, it’s all the more special. I also think part of the purpose of spiritual work is to create a flow where you’re always in that special state so even the seemingly mundane takes on new depths.

  4. Well since you HAD to mention the fact that I would probably bring up Josie & The Pussycats in relation to that song, I am now obligated to do so.

    For people who don’t know, In the 2001 Move adaptation of the classic cartoon, the trio get signed to a record company…who is using music as a form of subliminal messaging/mind control. The songs are so catchy that no one can stop listening to them. (I really wish I could find the opening scene, but I can’t. Rent it, it’s not a horrible watch). So yeah, I get a little but suspicious of songs like that one she’s talking about (I won’t even say it by name). I have vowed to never sit down and listen to it, and if it does happen to come on (say at work or something) to do whatever I can so I don’t actually hear it.

    Okay, my diatribe is over, and I shall move on. There are songs that I find catchy for myself, and tend to listen or to find them randomly when I need it most. (Of course THOSE aren’t played on the radio. You know the one’s who lyrics are “Gonna look myself in the eye, and say it’s gonna be alright, maybe everything won’t be alright all the time. Gotta take these chances where they lie, and say it’s gonna be all right. Gotta see things for what they are at the time.” No instead it has to be the most depressing, life will always suck because they left me shit. Or so sugary bullshit it makes your teeth rot out)

    Keep up the work. Keep up the catharsis. It takes a stronger person to admit the problem and cry it out, than to keep it hidden.

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