KWGR: Creator Deities.

Hey there! How do you feel about the creator aspect to your nameless entity of a deity? Do you think He did a good job? Hasn’t it ever bothered you that you can’t really go around and thank him properly for creating the world, the universe, and everything? Haven’t you ever wanted to sit there and tell him “the number 42” amidst giggle fits? And then worried that He may not get the joke in the first place? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you! Come on down and pop a squat! Let’s talk about how awesome Kemetism and why creator deity woes are no longer something you should be worried about!

You see, in Kemetism, we’ve got creators coming out of our butts! If you don’t like what Ptah is doing down in Memphis, then you can always take a trip down to Thebes and check out what Amun is doing. Does that just not do for you? Maybe you’re a collector of all things creative, right? That’s a possibility. Then, you can start your collection with Amun, Re, and Khnum for starters. As a bonus, we can throw in Atum and Khneph! And then as a final bonus, you can even get down and dirty with the goddess who creates our souls, Meskhenet! Not only will you have a plethora of creator deities at your every beck and call, but you can explore the whole creative process with them, from beginning to end. You can tell your amusing anecdotes, jokes about popular fiction, and anything you so desire to any single one of them! We have so many that one of them, somewhere, should have a sense of humor hiding in there!

And that pesky creation myth… What can you expect with just a single story to tell? It’s so boring! All you ever hear about is Adam and Eve. What about all the other super awesome things going on around the time of genesis? How are you supposed to know what real history of the world is like if you don’t have a multitude of creation stories to choose from? Why should you just go with the only one that’s ever been tossed out and used like canon? Let’s be serious here, people. If there are this many creator deities in a single pantheon, imagine all the creation myths to go along! Rich and colorful in imagery, we’ve got creation starting with sex acts, lotus blossoms, eggs, and a mound! Come on! That’s far more colorful than anything a Western faith could come up with!

So come on down and give Kemetism the chance it deserves!

After all, it’s the greatest religion ever!


9 thoughts on “KWGR: Creator Deities.

  1. Great Article. If it’s okay I just want to point out two grammar mistakes. “…Let’s talk about how awesome Kemetism and why…” “…Does that just not do for you? …” Cheers.

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