KWGR: Explanations and Commentary.

Last week, Lucius wrote a blog post about how he found a blog entitled “Islam: World’s Greatest Religion.” This set up his hackles (as well as mine when I read the post about it) because, well, it seemed rather asinine and presumptuous to sit there and tell everyone that your religion is the best in the world. Opinions may vary with anyone and everyone and that includes what others’ think of others’ religions. What I think about, say, Judaism isn’t exactly what may be in the minds of people who follow the Jewish faith. The same can be said in reverse: What I think about Kemetism isn’t necessarily going to be the same thoughts that a Jewish person has about my religion. After a lot of back and forth, Lucius and I decided to try this out for a week long mini-blogging project via our own blogs. If you haven’t noticed, you can look up and see that I have, indeed, changed my blog’s name to “Kemetism: World’s Greatest Religion!”

Now, I feel the need to explain that this is entirely parody and tongue-in-cheek. I don’t think my religion is the greatest one out there and I don’t feel the need to proselytize to others about how they should all be Kemetics. If you’ve been reading my blog enough, then you know that this is the complete antithesis to how I feel about religions in general. And if you’re just coming to my blog because of this post, let me reiterate what I think about religions and others’ belief systems: TO EACH THEIR OWN. Everyone walks their own spiritual path and what works for me is not going to work for others. Fuck. I came to Kemetism because I’ve been obsessed with ancient Egypt since I was a fucking kid. Sure, if you’ve been obsessed with an ancient religion and are exploring paganism, then I recommend you go with what you know and adore, as I did. It’s been a richly rewarding and painful experience that I wouldn’t change for the world. But what I do on my spiritual path is not going to be what Joe Blow or Jane Blow do on theirs. Or, if they try it out, they may find that it doesn’t work out.


So, all that being said, if you take this seriously, I’m going to head-desk a lot.

In regards to posts about my spiritual practice, I’m thinking I’ll be posting my “Kemetism: World’s Greatest Religion” posts in the morning. For the rest of what’s actually going on in my spiritual life, I’ll try to update as new things happen. So, for the next week, at least, expect two blog posts daily. This is what I’ve decided because I can’t put my spiritual practice on hold just to show that I can be as big a dick as the next guy.

Wish us luck.

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9 thoughts on “KWGR: Explanations and Commentary.

  1. This is awesome. And I’d just like to point out that I have loved Greek Mythology ever since it was an in class required reading in the 4th grade. :) I was one of the few who actually enjoyed it.

    • I don’t understand why kids don’t like learning the myths. It’s not like they actually teach the truth behind the myths, like the really bad stuff!

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