The Shadow’s Back, Or Magic PT 1.

When it comes to magic and spell craft, I have to be pushed against the wall before I actually start working towards those goals. I have to be at my wit’s end before I’ll even consider working anything. This is a very unfortunate attitude since one of my dreams is being that wise woman people go to. That woman who practices wort-cunning and hearth craft and has all the answers you seek, whether you want them or not. I can’t really get to that stage if I’m so busy being all, “Magic is a no-no, okay?” So, I have to work through that, which is something I recognize. The only other way to get me passed the “magic is a no-no” stupidity is the actions of someone else. In effect, I have to be poked and prodded in that direction. I was poked and prodded in that direction by a darling, dear friend of mine (the Sister). She said, “We need to do something. Magical. Soon. It’s a show of solidarity.” And I just about wanted to curse so much as to make a sailor blush. My reaction?


Some of the back story is listed in the first link at the bottom of the post. The rest of it is this…

The Sister, being connected to Demon Boy, has weird moments where she knows he’s fucking around. She suffers from the KNOWING. (That’s what she calls it. It’s a family trait on her paternal grandmother’s side of the family. And it is both irritating that she always KNOWS and good because then I don’t necessarily have to explain shit.) Since she’s been laid up, her KNOWING has been more pronounced. After all, since she is in fact an invalid at present, what else does she have to do besides watch movies and color in her coloring books? So, she’s spent a lot of time the last few days KNOWING that shit isn’t quite right with me or with her ex-boyfriend and to some extent with another mutual friend of theirs who is just starting out on this pagan path. At first, she just figured her KNOWING about issues with the ex-boyfriend were, you know, leftovers from their relationship but then, she had a dream. And some of her dreams, well you don’t ignore them.

This particular dream detailed conversations between myself, her, her ex-boyfriend, and the new pagan friend of hers. There were others, but they were background figures. The only other person pronounced in the dream was The Shadow. She’s positive that this is Demon Boy and I am not one to deny her. I know how he works. I’ve known him longer than she has for fuck’s sake. I don’t know what the hell the kid dabbled in prior to MEH and I moving back up from Texas and before the Sister moved in with him, but it was some heavy shit. I’ve mentioned the living room’s nexus of sorts that left everyone feeling the need to sleep within five minutes of being in that room, no matter how well rested you were or what you were doing in that room, either. The kid is a dabbler, or was. He’s used this to get his way with who knows how many people. Part of the reason, in all honesty, that Demon Boy and I have issues is that I am one of the few women in his life that wasn’t sucked into his little demonic hell of horrors. This pisses him off, but it also gives me a fair immunity to his shit. If I wouldn’t put up with it in real life, I sure as hell am not going to put up with it in the astral either.

This is one of those cases where he’s fucking around with shit because he wants to do whatever to the Sister. Maybe he needs to feed on her some more. Maybe he just wants to hear her voice. And she’s not listening to the carefully crafted signals he’s been sending to her. So enter the dream. And it wasn’t just the single aspect of this dream that makes the two of us sit up and realize that this shit is real but that every subsequent dream that the Sister has had ends up with having the Demon Boy in shadow form in them. It’s at the point where the two of us are pretty sure that she needs to sit down the new pagan friend and her ex-boyfriend, just as a warning. There’s no telling that the two of them will listen, but it’s better to be prepared than anything else, eh?

So, enters the Sister telling me that we have to do some magic soon. I’m more likely to listen to her intuition on such things over myself. My instinct is to throw down some brick dust at the entrances to her home, as well as mine, and leave it at that. I’d also, possibly, ask Legba to do some guard duty so that Demon Boy doesn’t bother entering my house in any way, either physical or astral. Since I told him I’d hex him to death and shove his dick down his throat if he bothered me again, he’s been quiet. But if he can’t make entrance via the two people who have no idea what the hell is going on, then he’ll come towards me next. I know that. I don’t have to like that, but I know it’s only a matter of time.

It’s time to prepare.

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