The Machinations of an Old Man.

The other day, I was starting to get a distinct poke and prod from Legba. It wasn’t really anything more than a little tap of the cane upon my head or a jab of it in my ankle. It was just a little bit here and there. It started when I got into a conversation with a fellow Kemetic about their possibly being called to voodoo, which in turn made me make my Twitter statement that blew up the world and made everyone begin to think about the “something is coming” feeling we’ve all been having lately. And this made me remember a conversation I had been having with Sky from Seastruck by the Crossroads about the lwa. I had mentioned that there needed to be a flipping Complete Guide to the Lwa or something out there. Sure, you can buy a book but they’re only going to talk about the main entities out there instead of telling you all the ones that you could come into contact with. The niggling feeling grew stronger.

So, I sought out some advice from a fellow friend and left it at that. Legba was, apparently, not completely satisfied with this. I started the blog post in question in draft form and plotted out how to get it going. I mean, there’s a lot of information going around out there about the lwa that is complete bullshit. And, as I said, there are a shit-ton of spirits to consider and name and discuss. So, I figured if I do go through with this, it would end up being a mini-blogging project on its own. And I figured I was pretty damn good with that. I left the drafted form as it was and decided to wait on more comments from the friend I asked for advice from.

This was definitely not enough for Legba because he hit me with a clue-by-four.

I ended up having a long conversation via my FB with various people about the “something is coming” blog post I had written. This devolved into a conversation between Devo and I for a bit before another friend weighed in. She mentioned that she had been interested in the voodoo thing in recent years as well, but never went anywhere with it because she was always worried that she would offend or do something wrong. And as she mentioned, she can handle lots of things but being made to feel stupid via the Internet was not one of them. I gave her a comforting comment in turn (“Newbies are new. And make mistakes.”) Devo followed suit with saying something along the lines of, if she wants to know, then I’m probably the best bet in regards to voodoo-related information. And there went the clue-by-four.

The bastard was sending people to me. When this dawned on me, I heard his distinctive laughter in my head. It’s something you cannot miss. It is deep and it is old, and it is infectious. I heard him laughing and giggling. It was at this point that I started doing that BM-epiphany look I get and started looking back at all of the little strings he’s been pulling in the background. A little bit here and a little bit there. This all began months ago when I began to realize that voodoo is so secretive that most newbies are going to be at a complete loss unless they end up joining a society. And not everyone is interested in that particular song and dance. I know a number of solitary practitioners, but they’ll tell you that what they know is not what you’d learn in a society. And at around that time, I began to realize that I really needed to get shit down, get it out there, and teach.

The devious little bastard (who is chuckling at me) has been trying to get me in that direction from the fucking get-go.

I honestly don’t know what he’s hoping for, or what he’s thinking this is going to do, but it should be an interesting road. In the mean time, the niggling feeling has abated since I realized all of this and he seems satisfied with how things have been left in regards to the drafted blog and its eventual conclusion. I will tell you this: awed and impressed by his devious, underhanded machinations, he got some very delicious rum in his coffee this morning. It’s the least I could do.


14 thoughts on “The Machinations of an Old Man.

  1. But those like me who have studied different things here and there about voodoo and well actually loss of different religions just for a more understanding of other views. Plus the fact you never what spirits you have around you until much later on in life…. I didn’t have a clue who that silly old man with the dogs where when I was little, or who the fancy skeleton was, I’d love to learn more about the two of them!

  2. Ah, what we really, really need is truly a guide to the Lwas for the polytheistic -or at least, not strickly vodou-practicationer. It’s hard to get real info without getting entrapped in the usual ‘if you are not doing the original way, you are not serving the Lwas for real’.
    The point is that I will never be a full vodouisant, but still a few Lwas made themself comfortable in my life without minding my polytheistic beliefs… or the gods in themselves.
    If the Lwas reach out to few plytheists and witches like yourself… they probably didn’t expect being served like they are inside a society.
    Tradition is useful but… maybe now they want something different as well too? Different things from different people in a different time ?

    I join to you in being impressed with your OldMan trickeyness and look forward your future project!

    • I’m going to start off the first post with discussion on how having the lwa in your life is not like the gods. I’ve seen a lot of newly intrigued people discuss them as “gods” and “pantheons” which gets to me. I also want to discuss them in layman’s terms. So, I think you and I are on the page with that one!

      • Yay! I will love to read it! I remember how frustrating it was in the beginning, when I was struggling to understand who and what MamanB and the Baron were ! And there’s a frighteningly large amount of people convinced that Erzulie is a love goddess and not whole a family of spirits!
        To not mention, I once smacked into a text that claimed that LaSirene was a pansexual goddess and LaBaleine was her lesbian lover! It might at least to find it the little bit funny (not) if I at least could understand where ideas like that originated.
        Misconceptions like that are why I try to talk about Lwas often and honestly, even when it is hard.

        And… on this note, I recently and accidentally watched The Serpent And The Rainbow. Even there Erzulie (Freda, very evidently, even if they didn’t bother to explain the difference with Danto and other Erzulies) stars as love goddess… but it was so cool to see her possessing one of her children that I was enthralled and regardless.
        By the time Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte graced the screen I was in full fangirl mode: I was utterly convinced that Maman B popped in the movie protagonist dreams to warn him about dangers because she owned his head. LOL.

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