Dreaming Ties All Mankind Together.

The above is a modified quote from Jack Kerouac.

Last night, I dreamed about gods. I can count on one hand how often that has happened to me. When gods communicate me, it is never through the acts of dreaming. And while I cannot say, for sure, if any god was trying to contact me, it doesn’t matter. I just don’t dream about gods in any context. I have vision-quests, I suppose you could say, in regards to the ones I have now. But, in the entire time that I’ve been walking down this turnpike of mine, I have never dreamed about gods. So, this is an interesting addition to my slowly growing repertoire of intuition based practice. I know that this dream is more than, merely, a simple form of my mind trying to de-stress or whatever it is that they’ve decided dreams are nowadays. My gut reaction is that it is important and as Devo is so often reminding me, if my gut says it must be so, then I should really pay attention to that. So, here I am, listening to my gut.

The dream in and of itself is fairly hazy. I tend to find this is true of dreams that I have later in the night, toward morning. It actually happened not all that long before I woke up the first time (and decided being awake wasn’t necessary at eight-thirty in the morning). I can distinctly remember being in a dark room, surrounded by gold. It was glittering everywhere. There were wavy, see-through curtains blowing in the window around a large window or doorway. Those curtains were a dark color and accentuated the gold all around the room. In the middle of the room was a cabinet or table that held statuary. It was covered in golden statuary. I remember going over and picking up a wooden, ungilt piece. It was a woman’s body with the head of a large cat*. “Mut,” I said to it. Or, someone else said it for me. On that, I’m not quite sure. I looked to the cabinet with all of the statuary there. And someone said something about having already added Aset to my slowly growing goddess collection. And I remember thinking or saying that I wanted to add Mut to that collection, as well, because I’ve always had a thing for her. There were some more distinct conversation about it, but I can remember staring down at this wooden idol and thinking that it was time to add her, too.

That’s when I woke up.

So. Really. Interesting.

The thing is that in trying to really recall this table or cabinet that the gilt statues were standing upon, I remember more statues than just Sekhmet, Hetharu, and Aset. There were indeed a good decent handful of goddesses there, but they were indistinct. I couldn’t quite focus on the statues because I wasn’t meant to – that much is obvious. I was meant to focus on Mut. And the conversation was meant to remind me that just because I’m only beginning to think (and freak out) about adding Aset to my arsenal of goddesses doesn’t mean that I haven’t already. I should really sit back and remember before I started writing TEHNOVEL™ and the research I did into the mothering woman of the later dynasties. I should really sit back and remember that. But, while Aset may already be counted among my goddesses, Mut is not yet there. She was lying in my hands, a wooden statue of consummate craftsmanship. It was cracked and old. It had seen much. Hm. I wonder what the symbolism behind that particular aspect is: all the others were golden and she was of wood?

But, really, I think that’s something I may need some time to think about. Right now, it’s time to start thinking about adding Mut to my goddess collection. (I do find it interesting that I have a goddess collection according to the dream. And seriously? Who the hell were the others…?) It’s really not surprising as I reflect on it now. I’ve always had a thing for Mut, for mothering deities really. I think it’s because it’s an aspect of myself that’s deeply buried. It’s only been in recent weeks that I’ve watched myself become kinder (and not just because of the living in ma’at thing, either) and more able to take care of my family without freaking out about it or thinking darkly about woman’s rights or some such bullshit. So, evidently, some work is being done and I just haven’t realized it until this moment. (Who to thank for that one, I wonder…?) But, Mut has always had a special place in my heart for some reason. I have no particular basis for where this has come from but the more I learn about her or read about her in some form or context, the more I want to know.

Maybe this is because I had initially chosen her as my main character’s basis in TEHNOVEL™. Since I didn’t end up going with that aspect (I couldn’t find a name that would sound something akin to what we have now that would infer her Mut relationship. That was the sole reason for that, actually…), it’s coming back now for work to be finished in the researching? I’m not sure. That feels like there’s an aspect there that I’ll have to poke and prod at, but it’s not complete. All I do know is that I have a lot of research to do. And in the mean time, I should probably start trying to get a grasp on these various goddess relationships that I, evidently, have.

I wonder who else was there…

* I know that Mut is often depicted as a woman with a vulture’s headdress on her head, or as a vulture in some form or context. However, my mind chose what I had seen as her representation because of Michelle Moran’s Nefertiti novel. The statuary for the goddess, Mut, is depicted as it was shown in my dream in that book.


21 thoughts on “Dreaming Ties All Mankind Together.

  1. Intetesting. It kinda reminds me of the dream I had of painting goddess statues gold. At the time you gave me some interesting things to think about. I wish I could wake the sleep fog enough to say something insightful. Lol. But I do think you have some sound musings happening and maybe you should poke at them a bit more.

    • You know, I had the thought about your dream and the gold-painting when I was writing it out here. When you’re less foggy, comment again. Maybe you’ll have some super awesome insight that I wouldn’t pick up on. ;)

  2. What types of feelings did you get picked the statue up? That might have some indication. In many ways, Hethert, Aset and Mut are all related. They are queens. Wives. Royalty. So maybe that is an angle for you to consider.

    Being that the statue is wood, I would guess that the statue is unfinished. It was not uncommon for wooden statues to be gilded in gold in AE. So maybe you’ve started on that path with her, it’s just not done yet.

    • I don’t remember feeling much when I had the statue in my hands, honestly. I remember studying the hell out of it though. It was warped in places and cracked. There was a bit of ear missing from the top. Really, honestly, it reminded me more of the pieces of that ancient Egyptian game that they had? Senet, I think. It was a cat’s head on top and I thought the body was human-like, but now as I think back, I wonder if it was just a piece. A tool. Hm.

      I like that. Yeah. Yeah. I can definitely see where it’s unfinished. I started the work on getting to know her, but stopped when life got in the way and writing got in the way and and and. It’s only been in the last year that I’ve re-discovered my affinity for her…

  3. It’s funny (in that “aha” sort of way, not the *snicker* sort of way) because the Gods/Spirits usually do harass me in dreams…well, when my big ole thick head isn’t getting the message, at least. I am a stubborn Pagan.

    The other thing about wood…just a thought…as opposed to gold. It’s living, or at least was. It has a feel of authenticity to it, the “older ways,” of “real ness.” It’s not “pretty” it’s useful. It’s easier to depict age with wood; gold seems somehow timeless to me. It’s more accessible…gold is expensive and not for the “common man.”

    And I can’t seem to get the third Indiana Jones movie out of my head…the one true grail was the humble one…lol.

    Not saying that the other goddesses are somehow less “authentic” but that perhaps this one has a humbler & easier to access personality?

    Since you mention the statue looking a little worse for wear…perhaps she needs love because she’s sorely ignored and she’s actively seeking people to “repair” her worship?

    Of course, your thoughts on working with her being “unfinished” work too…but I don’t know in that case why it would look *old* and cracked and all that…well, I suppose that could be from a lack of care not age…

    Ok, rambling now! ;-) Just another perspective. These things come from your own mind though, so it’s really what *you* think about it that will make the most sense in the end.

    • Not saying that the other goddesses are somehow less “authentic” but that perhaps this one has a humbler & easier to access personality?
      This is of particular interest to me. When I was doing some basic research on her before writing this entry, I found out that the Mut divinity seems to come as a basis from Naunet, the female personification of the Nun, or the waters before the world, so to speak. So, she’s ancient and has been around since before Zep Tepi (the first time). Something about what you said made me remember reading that and I think the two fit together somehow. A puzzle piece that’s related, but now I just have to fit them together. Of course, I can’t cheat on this puzzle because there are no instructions or how-to guide to go along with it…

      I can completely name one person who has actively mentioned her and not some joint personification with other gods. And that one person was, actually, talking about worshiping her as a part of a triad with Amun and their son, Khons. So, the thoughts about the statue being the worse for wear because she has few followers may, indeed, have some bearing. Of course, one might think that since she has some sister-selves out there like my two and that she’s being worshiped in that fashion, then maybe your statement doesn’t work. But one has to wonder just how much they can get from a joint worship venture as opposed to a solo manifestation.

      • ‘Tis something that has been flitting about my brain for a while now. *Why* they “need” or (perhaps require?) our worship. *If* it is an energy thing, then perhaps Mut does need worshipers for herself as an individual. One of those not-quite-formed theories…you know how that goes.

        I definitely got a feeling of *age* off of your description, tho. Age and…yeah, authenticity. Like she was around *before* all the gilding took place. And perhaps doesn’t require it. Like she’s more natural, down to earth, or something? I dunno. Stupid UPG never gives us all the details, does it? Grr.

        Yeah, I love throwing wrenches in other people’s machines. I do it to myself too often. It gets boring just confusing myself day-after-day. I like to spread the joy. XD

        • You’re going to have to write about how much energy/worship that the gods need so that my mind can kick into over drive and write about it myself. XD

      • There is a form of discussion going on about that on TC in the Adze. I, too, have been mulling over how much service the gods need, and whether a lack of service, respect or otherwise could, indeed, damage them or weaken them. Unfortunately, there is a lot in my brain, and it’s hard to write out without potentially upsetting people :P I know your response was geared for Camylleon, but I thought I’d throw that out there all the same.

      • Ramble time!

        Well, in short- I think that the gods do need our worship, on some levels. And I do think that how we as a community act towards the gods does affect how they act towards us. You could go read Kiya’s post ( http://peacefulawakenings.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/making-it-up-to-you/ ) and my stuff on the Adze and get a good idea of how I feel. I think that the community on a whole does us a lot of disservice. Dumbing down gods to play things and godpals shoots some of us in the foot- because on a whole, it seems like Kemetics aren’t serious about what they do, and instead of figuring out how to live and grow our faith, we spend a lot of time bickering over which type of soda the gods want. And in so doing, they don’t invest as much into us as perhaps they could (or maybe they can’t, because we’re not giving them what they need to do so).

        And in that, I like to take Wpwt as an example. In AE, he was a full out god. He had his own cult, his own offerings- he was him. But now adays, he is Anpu- just a different side of him (two sides of the same coin). The poor guy has been amalgamated into this being that is sorta.. less than what he was. And I can’t help but wonder if that doesn’t make his presence less than in the Seen realm. ANd while that’s not to say that our gods can mesh and meld into one another, but in the end, they always return to them. And in the case of Wpwt meets Anpu- it’s like Wpwt is just some weird second head that Anpu sprouts every now and then- and then he goes back to just being Anpu (does this make sense?). It’s like Wpwt is just some sort of shifted form of Anpu, which historically doesn’t seem to be the case. So would this affect Wpwt’s ability to get shit done, or his desire to get shit done? Imagine if you were demoted to some second head :P How would you feel?

        Sauneron talks about how rituals in temples were put in place to help the gods keep things going. We help the gods by supplying them with the tools they need to uphold ma’at, and they help us by keeping ma’at together, as it were. In that regard, it makes it seem that it was a two way street. As Kiya said, there was a deal made btwn the two realms- and somewhere, the deal got broken.

        (text wall!)

        • I can see where you’re coming from, especially with the arguments. The thing is that Kemetics don’t seem to be a solid community, or at least that’s how I view it. Nobody practices it the same way twice. I think this is even true in KO, although I couldn’t be sure. (I know some are more ritually attuned while others are more interested in seeing what gods they’re “beloved” of or what have you.) So, I think a large part is that the community is just so… fragmented that makes the things that much more ridiculous. Such as, you know, arguing about what type of soda to give. (SEKHMET LIKE COKE. No she doesn’t. YUH HUH. SHE SAID SO.) But, some of the arguments are, also, UPG entirely. I say giving blood in the name of my goddess is a-okay, but someone else tells me that I’m a fuck up for thinking such a thing. Or, just look at the difference between me and, say, Veggie. She’s given Sekhmet a blood offering, in the solitude of her own home, but I only do so when I go to see the Red Cross. We both agree that donations in this way are just fine, but someone else will tell us to go to hell. And I think that not having at least a solid, basic tenet to the faith (not just the living in ma’at but other aspects, as well, in regards to ritual and magic and the whole nine yards) causes the problems in the first place.

          Would I practice this religion if there was a more uniform practice between non-KO members? Yeah. I still would. But I’d like to be able to talk to someone about something and not feel like my views are secondary because it’s not how they practice. Does that make sense?

          In the Wpwt/Anpu thing. I’ll admit that I’m totally ignorant on jackal deities. When I think about the Deadz and the ultimate Deadz altar that I want, I invariably consider Anpu as the statue that will go there. But, maybe I should have more than one: maybe Wpwt should have a place there, too. I think a lot of the problem in that aspect is that there are so many deities in the Kemetic pantheon. Sure, there are a ton of them in Greek practice, as well, but you don’t hear people talk about some of the lesser knowns. Whereas in Kemetic, you will hear about the lesser known deities because, in certain nomes, they were the be-all, end-all. Do you know what I mean?

      • I will start by saying that I’m not trying to bash UPG :P There is a good…. 75% of my practice that fell out of my butt. It has no place in AE or a history book- it’s just what I suddenly started doing one day, and that’s how I do things. UPG has it’s place, but it also can take up too much of some people’s focus, imo. Some people get so caught up in what colors a god likes, what soda to give, what chips to give… that they miss the point sometimes (at least from where I sit).

        I agree that the community is fragmented. Even within KO itself, the community isn’t entirely whole or cohesive (which bothers me sometimes). And sometimes, I wonder if that’s not part of the problem. And while the community might not be a whole, those that practice Kemeticism of some flavor or another can still technically be called a community- even if we dont’ act like it. And a good chunk of those folks are more about the cola wars than anything else :P At least, from what I have seen.

        Sorry I picked a section you don’t know much about (jackals). But you could easily transpose it to your Two Ladies. Many people see Sekhmet as a form of Hathor. Pissy Hathor turns into Sekhmet- and Sekhmet has no role beyond that sometimes (I didn’t use this originally, because it’s worse with Anpu/Wpwt). So if you could imagine what that would be like- I imagine it’d give you a better idea of what I was trying to get across.

        All in all, the whole thing is a big mess, because I can see it from both sides. In FK, we’re taught that there is no harm in people half assedly practicing a faith. That it doesn’t hurt us, so just let them be. And my therapist was of the same thinking- everyone is where they need to be, and they practice however it is that they need to practice. There are no ‘right or wrong answers’. But I do question if the ancients would feel that way. As I had said on TC, we’ll probably never really have an answer- but I think it is interesting to consider what types of heka our actions carry. And if our negative actions (negative is subjective) can carry just as much weight as our positive. For me, at least, it has helped me to really re-evaluate what I do in ritual, and how much importance it does, or should, have for me.

        (I hope this makes sense… ~~;; I’m not entirely here right now)

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  5. In regards to the statue being made of wood. It’s my understanding that statues were often made of acacia wood and covered in gold leaf. The Ark of the Covenant was done this way. Acacia wood is considered quite “holy” (for lack of a better word) and the fact that it is bare wood tells me that although you recognize her as being part of your life, you haven’t yet accepted her. When you do, she will shower you with golden dreams and you will in turn cover her in golden leaves (referencing covering her statue and accepting her into your life formally).

    • I think that since I know of her presence in my life, but my lack of accepting her is a large part to why her statue is wooden. I also think that Camylleon’s interpretation (that her statuary is wooden because of age) has something to do with it as well. It wasn’t just because of me but partially.

      I have to wonder, though, about the other statues. This little cabinet or table was filled with golden statues and while I knew that my two patrons were there, the amount of statues lead me to believe that there were many many more than that (and that I haven’t just discovered). It’s this aspect that leads me to believe that either the other gods who haven’t made themselves apparent to me are well worshiped by others or that they’re not as old as Mut.

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