Shadow Things: What’s Up With That?

A while back, I wrote about a particular situation that was going on with the Sister (link below). This situation seems to have been rectified by her, or at least she’s working on that aspect. (I won’t know until she’s done because I’ve asked that I not be kept in the loop but that I would aid her in research and whatnot should that need arise.) Anyway, so around that time, I started catching glimpses of a black shadow behind me. This black shadow was a male-ish entity that seemed like it was curious and intrigued, nervous and excited. I got the distinct impression that whomever this entity was hadn’t realized that they could do… whatever it was they were doing and this excited and made them anxious at the prospect. I wasn’t positive that the entity in question was tied to the Sister’s situation, but I had the feeling that since she had brought the object in question to me and that she felt it was tied to the person in question that, perhaps, this shadow person was the person that started the whole issue in the first place.

It seemed that the entity in question was just trying to scare me. I’ve been through a shit-ton of crap over my life, with the person-in-question’s best friend as a matter of fact, so I wasn’t overly interested in giving in to its demands. Well, anyway, what I thought of the person’s demands, which were that I give the object back to the Sister and that he wanted to scare me into it. After a particularly terrifying moment when it was spying on me while I was getting ready to take a shower, I had enough. I told it in no uncertain terms that I don’t take to spying, fear-mongering, or any of that shit. I wasn’t going to back down from my stance and if it tried to scare me again, I was going to make it pay. This was apparently enough because that particularly shadow person has not been back since that particular experience.

However, since then, I’ve had new shadow people in my life.

Now, the newest people in my life are of a lighter shade in the shadow scale. They’re more of a gray-to-white spectrum than the black entity from my earlier encounters. I take this to mean that whatever their reasoning for being around is not as dark-infested as the black shadow man from nearly two months ago. The other issue with these shadow people or person (I’m uncertain about the exact amount, but I’ll get into why in a minute) is that they are young. At first, I thought I was seeing shadowy after-images from my son having inhabited a certain space and then left suddenly. It’s something that happens when you stare at light for too long, but I’ve had it happen where I’ve accidentally seen a shadow leftover image of people if they move out of where they were standing/doing something too quickly. (Is that normal, by the way? Just curious there.) This has been going on for about a week now, to the point where I’ve actually yelled at TS accidentally, thinking he was peeking around the couch to watch what we were watching on television after being sent to his room so Mommy and Daddy can watch “adult TV.”

At first, I really just thought that a kid had followed me home from the cemetery one day. This has never happened to me before, but I know that things like that can happen. I’ve had old men follow me around before when they realized that they could make their presence known to me. (I had an old guy, like Father Time, following me around for about a week when I was still married to my ex-asshole. And boy, did that cause some issues for us…) So, I left it at that, but the whole thing began to niggle at the back of my mind. It’s both cute and endearing and aggravating to see little children in gray shadow form popping all over the place. They have a habit of appearing in the hallway, nearest my son’s bedroom and also peering at me just in quick when I’m laying down on the couch or the bed. Like, I’ll be lying down and see them peering from behind the DVD case in the living room at me or I’ve caught their heads peeking in at me when I’m reading before bed.

I’ve had a couple of ideas about who these creatures are.

1. As I mentioned, I thought that it could be a child or two that followed me home from the cemetery. However, at the last cemetery, I didn’t spend any quality time with the children’s graves like I normally do. I was, effectively, in and out. And as it was, I was at that particular cemetery for over two hours getting all the snapshots (that I still haven’t uploaded to Photobucket, which I need to: note to self). That was my initial impression, but I’ve since dropped that theory.

2. These are some form of tricksters gods or goddesses playing around. This is something that I latched onto only briefly. I’ve since jettisoned this theory, as well. As it was, I couldn’t think of any type of children deities that would be playful and childlike. In the Kemetic pantheon, there is Heru the Younger, as a child on his mother’s lap. However, the impression I’ve always received from Kemetic deities is that they’re serious and I can’t say that Heru would be any less serious, being the sole heir to his father’s holdings and all of that. Not to mention, I assume Aset would have empowered him with knowledge and magic, which I think of as a more adult and serious matter in Kemetic circles. So, I thought that it could be a Greek deity. Hermes has a thing for me, irritatingly enough, that I’ve completely ignored. However, after speaking with the Sister, she said that while any deity can take any form they choose (I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me in a Kemetic sense, but it never did), she couldn’t see Hermes as a playful child. I had to agree. He seems more insistent and whiny (to me) than anything else. So, I got rid of this theory after talking more with the Sister about the situation in question.

3. Her theory is that this could be the fairies at work. She has a deep connection with fairies, deeper than myself. This started when she picked up The Fairy Ring Oracle deck back before I met her. Whenever she has them out, things disappear and just generally amusing and funny fairy-type antics take place. Currently, these cards are residing in my house since I asked to borrow them from her. (We both have a good connection with these cards, which is interesting for me.) She mentioned that since the cards were in the house at the time that this began, maybe it was the fairies reminding me that I’m taking things too seriously. I have an intense feeling that if I pull the cards out for a self-reading, I will get a lot of nonsense that ends with exactly as she said: I’m taking things too seriously and need to lighten the hell up. (Valid advice.) While she was talking about the fairies and ghostly after images and whatnot, I had a thought that is my current theory.

4. The Marassa twins. This is a lwa deity that can be depicted as either twins or triplets, for the most part. They are children, which is where the thought first came from. And as children, they like children-type things. This could explain why I see them peeking at me just like my son does to me. This could also explain why I see the images around his room or in his general vicinity. A friend of mine recommended that I leave them out some candy, which I think I will tonight. I have some Dum-Dum pops that I will unwrap and leave out on the counter for them tonight before I go to bed. (I’d leave them out but with my son around, he’ll try to eat them.) As a quick son-related aside that helped me to jump to this conclusion. I had a conversation with him yesterday. “Mommy, I have three shadows.” I stared at him while my mind did funny gear-shifting. “What do you mean, honey?” “I have three shadows! On the wall! We’re all having fun!” This is when I began to rack my brain for a Lwa that could take children form and were seen as two or three…

It is primarily because of these last two theories that I’ve tossed out the theory that this is a single childish entity looking to play and have fun. (THERE IT IS AT THE CORNER OF MY DVD CABINET AGAIN!! I SEE YOU!!!!!!) All in all, I don’t want to get rid of whoever these children are. They’re doing absolutely no harm and I don’t feel that they’re a danger to myself or my son. I do, however, want to know who they are specifically. If they’re the Marassa, then I’ll set up an altar spot for them to have candy and whatnot, as well as set out small toys for them to play with (which will be easy with a four-year-old).

I guess I’m just asking for some thoughts and words on this matter. Since I have a fairly eclectic following of readers, I’m looking forward to everyone’s thoughts on the matter.

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7 thoughts on “Shadow Things: What’s Up With That?

  1. I’ve had some experiences with shadows- most of which were mean and icky. I’ve also done some work with fae- they usually show up as bright lights for me, not shadows. They can be a pain- taking your stuff. Moving things. Messing with your hair. They had a knack for making my arm or hands itch back in the day. I’ll be interested to see how the candy situation works out. Seems to me that if they’ve got interest in your kid, that maybe they’re looking out for him? My cousin used to share his bedroom with an ‘old lady’ that would apparently come visit him in the night. She used to tell him stories and stuff. So idk. I guess time will tell :P

    • I do think that this is related to what I’ve been working on, in a way, with my trying to mentally compose my religious beliefs with other aspects that I’m interested in: voodoo, fairies, etc. In fact, I’ve been trying to teach my son about the fairies, with the Sister’s help. He drew a picture the other day that he swore up and down was Underhill and demanded that I draw a fairy to live in Underhill. Heh.


      I’m definitely not worried about who they’re here for, either. If they’re here for my son to play with, then great. He has some friends that he’s picked up from his time at library functions and at the local park, but he’s a pretty solitary child most of the time. Even shadow figures should be good for him to play with. The thing that’s bugging me is that I haven’t seen them since writing this post, which worries me greatly. Did I offend by writing about them? Or did they just want to establish that they’re here and now, they’re doing the disappearing act or only appearing to my son? Questions, questions. Never any answers!

  2. You might know this already but if you have twins in your immediate family then, by default, you should serve Le Marassa. Regarding the three, they’re said to be a bit more fiesty, if you will, than the twins seeing as the triplets are served in the Petwo rites which by nature have the ‘hotter’ spirits. I don’t think your son would necessarily be in danger or anything, however you might have your hands full :P. Also, I think your son might see them more frequently than you as they might consider him a play-mate and are more likely to show themselves to children in general. Blessings.

    • TH has twins in his family. His grandmother was a fraternal twin, whose other half recently passed away. We figure there will be a set of twins coming in the next generation, but there’s no hope it’ll be from my line. We are decidedly twin-less on my half of the genetics.

      I think my son would enjoy the time to play with the two of them. I think that the next time I go grocery shopping, I’ll get a small baggy of mixed candies to leave out periodically for them. I think I may also buy them little toy cars to play with. Albeit there’s plenty in my son’s room, but I bet they’d like their own toys.

  3. I think Marassas might be a good guess… there’s also the chance it might be child members of the Ghede family… they are not often mentioned but I have read somewhere they exist… i wish i could have a link to share but sadly i can’t recall anything about where i picked this notion up.

    • I forgot about Ghede children… I know I’ve read that somewhere too… Ugh. This Vodou stuff would be much easier if there was a simple Complete Guide to the Lwa out there!

      • SO TRUE.

        Oh wait… remember that thread we had on the Baron and Maman B by the Cauldron? Right when Snow was trying to outline the gist of vodou and Ghedes’ family structure for us? I think it’s when she mentioned ghede children…? possibly.

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