Out of the Broom Closet – IPCOD.

Today is International Pagan Coming Out Day. I learned about this from the lovely Mrs. B from Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom and Star Foster from Patheos who began posting about this event a while back. At first, I wasn’t going to write about it or do much in honor of the day. I mean, I wanted to do something, but I settled with a positive message posted to my FB, some comments on others’ PCOD posts, and lots of good energy. But, we all know that I cannot leave well enough alone because I’m not that kind of person. Just because I say things and feel some way doesn’t mean I’m through with it, per se. I’m a “writer” after all. How could some positive comments left in various Internet spheres be sufficient? Obviously, doing a rambling blog post was the best way to go about it!

Back in January, I started really thinking about how open and honest I should be with my spirituality. It wasn’t that I was hiding it, per se, when it came to family prior to that. I would dodge questions or change subjects, I was careful to create a page on FB that was pagan associated so that I wouldn’t end up with pagan associations on my public FB page, I was careful and conscientious about what it was I said to others that would lead them to believe that I wasn’t practicing a “sanctioned” religion, and I bit my tongue a lot. I did all of this for various reasons. I had a bad experience with my ex-husband and his family in regards to my exploration into paganism. I have a Catholic family from my mother’s side that probably wouldn’t be too thrilled that I had “fallen away” so to speak. It wasn’t that I was hiding what I was, but that I was overly conscientious about who would react and how they would react. I was over-thinking things because I didn’t want to step on toes and I didn’t want to cause problems. It was after the PBP post about the broom closet (linked below) that I really began to think and think about my stance in regards to my religion: Why was I hiding it?

When I first started this blog, it was with the intention of watching myself grow as a spiritual and religious person. It’s only been in the last year that I’ve come to realize that the actual reason I had begun this blog wasn’t so much just to laugh at the mistakes I made or figure out where I went wrong a time or two. It was also because I was sick of feeling like I was what was scraped off of someone’s shoe because my religious practice didn’t coincide with the generally accepted Christian religion. I started this blog with the intention of just doing things for me, but after I moved onto WordPress and began blogging on an almost daily basis, I came to conclude that I was really just putting myself out there. Not as a teacher or an expert, but that I was tired of hiding. When that realization dawned, that dumb epiphany face that I get frequently popped up: I realized that I was writing this blog as a way of saying, “Hi. I’m a pagan.” I didn’t want to hide.

So, after that initial post about the broom closet and after I wrote about the fear I’ve felt deep in my heart about how my maternal family would react to such news as my being pagan, I began to test the waters so to speak. I changed my religious status on FB to say “pagan” – nothing. I began to add people to my public FB page that were pagan associated – no backlash. I became part of a group that’s about pagan parenting – no response. I began following public pagan pages like Star Foster, Patheos, and Mrs. B – and no response. I began to start posting little status updates about nature and various pagan religions – no response. Finally, today, I posted a link to the IPCOD with a statement that read, Today is International Pagan Coming Out Day. I just wanted to say “good luck” and let others know that I support their decisions, in either way. And you know what? So far, I haven’t received a single negative comment about that. So, I’m going to do myself one better.

Hi. My name is Aubs Taylor and I am a pagan.

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2 thoughts on “Out of the Broom Closet – IPCOD.

  1. I would think that your family being Catholic would make for an easier explanation of your faith. You simply took the Catholic Faith, changed the Names of the Deities associated with it (Saints become Names of Netjer) and YHWH/Jesus become Netjer itself. Only the origin point has changed, everything else is pretty much the same excepting for the Saints are no longer humans but Gods in their own right. Some Celebratory days do coincide and some do not. You are still the same person and you have the same hope, but a different process by which you follow it in your life.

    • If I tried to explain it to them that way, I could imagine the over-shocked reaction to my “blasphemy.” Heh.

      I figure that if it does come up in conversation, then I’ll remind them that I’ve been practicing this for a while. And that nothing has fundamentally changed about me. I’m still their neice/granddaughter/cousin and leave it at that. However, if it does become an issue for them, I’m going to cut them out. I have no problems with doing so.

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