Lost: Advice?

A while back, I had bought myself a deep-healing gris-gris from Snow. I had bought it with the intention of helping myself heal from the sexual abuse that Hetharu wants me to work on. After I bought it, but before I arrived, I changed my mind. I had decided to give it to TH’s grandmother who suffers greatly from pain that the doctors won’t give her medication for. (They don’t want her final years to be ones that are addicted to pain meds. She can barely function!)

So, I gave her the gris-gris to place on her bedside table… and she instantly felt worse.

Being ignorant, the family decided that it was because the gris-gris was next to her cross. I explained to TH that this didn’t seem very likely, considering how related Vodou is to Christianity, specifically Catholicism. He shrugged and mentioned that it has been moved across the room, but still is in residence.

I’m at an utter loss here. Help? Why is this happening?


12 thoughts on “Lost: Advice?

  1. You already had intent focused on it – you purchased it for your OWN healing. Gris gris are highly personalized and the intent you focused on it was not the same as the healing your grandmother needs. It was for YOU, not her. You can do other things to help her healing – such as a green candle and a prayer to Raphael (even if you have never worked with Him before, he’s very kind and helpful for healing) or (why ever not?) work with Sekhmet for her healing.

    • I was wondering if that would affect it. When I mentioned the change of purpose to Snow, she said that was a good idea. So, I wasn’t overly worried about it. But now…

      I’m going to set a petition for Sekhmet, tell her to pray to Raphael, and maybe set up a petition to the Ghede as well.

  2. It might be that I am a simpleton and always go the wrong direction on these things, but is it possible that it is healing her first by getting the rest of the pain medications out of her body? I mean, detoxing from pain meds is terrible but it lets the person start over. Some docs are figuring out that long term pain med use actually makes pain worse. Don’t know. Maybe “Healing” means healing…you know? Not comfortable and sometimes it sucks, but necessary. Or maybe it’s like people said about the purpose change.

    • I hope not, honestly. The point in the gris-gris was to aid in the pain management! There’s no way that her back will ever regenerate, especially at this stage in the game.

  3. You may also want to think of it this way: Ghede are great healers but their energy can be very hot (they were once alive like we are now, so they’re closest to humans) and for people who aren’t used to that raucusness, it’s possible it could make the patient feel bad. When you petition Ghede, give him a bit of food (something spicy) and maybe a pack of cigs and ask him to cool it down a little bit.

    • Any recommendations on spicy food? We don’t make any in this house because I can’t stand it. But, I’m willing to make as spicy as necessary to at least help Gma.

  4. It may be that there is no more healing that can be done. If its trying to heal but can’t go and do what it was made to do, then it could be healing something else- like pain receptors previously dulled by constant pain, let’s say. It all depends on what the cause of her back pain is, whether it’s something that can even BE healed. A tweaked nerve is a hell of a lot different than degeneration of the spinal discs, for instance.

    You may want to try going at it a different way, like taking the pain out as its produced, like a great big sponge. It would need regular cleaning and cleansing, but it’s worth a shot.

    • As far as I know, there will be no healing for poor gram. She has a degenerative bone disorder, primarily in her back. Osteoarthritis and a thousand other pain-filled issues to boot. So, as far as I can see, the healing aspect won’t really do much. Maybe I should have taken it aside myself and said, “This is to aid her pain,” instead of doing a quick, “for gramma,” to it. :/

      I’ll try that. Thank you, Erin.

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