Apparently, Someone, Somewhere, Was Inspired.

I’d like to thank the Academy and all the other people out there for— Wait. That’s not this kind of post, is it? No. It looks like this gal will not be taking home some false golden idol to brain robbers with at any future point. But, today, I am going to have to say a big, old “THANK YOU” to Spider Goddess for saying that I deserve the Inspiring Blogger Award. So, to get this part started, I have to actually talk about seven things people might not know about me.

  1. I do not wear underwear to bed.
  2. I am a smoker.
  3. I rescued my first mini Dachshund, Sweet Pea, from my ex-in laws who wanted to “throw away” Sweet Pea because she was too old to breed. I’ve had her in my life since 2003.
  4. I thought I was infertile before I had my son.
  5. When I feel down, I watch B-rated (or lower) horror movies to cheer up.
  6. I do no mind washing the dishes.
  7. At nearly 29 years of age, I still break out like I’m 14.

Crap. Now I have to choose seven blogs that are inspiring. Hm. Ah. Okay, so, I will definitely choose seven of you, but I’m not alerting anyone (unless they read this). I know how it can be like, “What the hell?” when you get one of these awards. But, I can at least do the honor of saying so out loud (and garner you a few more readers, eh?) So, suffice to say that these blogs make my brain blow up with information and thinking happens.

  1. A Forest Door by Dver.
  2. Awaken in Light.
  3. The Crossroads Companion by Seillean.
  4. Twisted Rope by Devo.
  5. The Witch of Forest Grove by Sarah Lawless.
  6. Peaceful Awakenings by Kiya.
  7. The Bad Witch Files by TBW.

Also. This has made me realize that I need to clean up my links for my blog roll… real badly.


5 thoughts on “Apparently, Someone, Somewhere, Was Inspired.

    • You really do inspire, hon. I love the work you do and the way you go about it. Plus, you know, it’s always awesome to have someone to bounce words and ideas off of.

      Off topic: Sutekh spoke to me today. I’m crafting the post he’s asked for now.

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