A Wise-Woman In the Making?

So, I’ve mentioned before (to people and in here) that I really want to end up as an old-school wise woman. I don’t want to be the person who travels the hedge to seek the answers, although I’m not throwing that out. (I don’t think I’m cut out for that travel kind of stuff.) I’m thinking more like herbal remedies and perhaps, some magic work on behalf of a person. What I end up seeing myself, inevitably, doing is performing deeds on behalf of others. I don’t even think the idea of payment really comes up (unless in the case of magic work: supplies will need to be bought…) in this vision, but definitely, I can see myself helping others.

And tonight, I did that.

I have a friend from college who has a lot of issues, health wise. Actually, she has a lot of issues in general. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. I sympathize and empathize with her. I also read the cards for her on occasion because I know that she is legitimately blocked from seeing how to get around the obstacles in her life. So, I try to assist her whenever I can. Mostly, this has been just as a sympathetic ear as well as the Tarot readings I’ve done for her. Tonight, however, she was asking for some holistic remedies for headaches because, due to a kidney dysfunction, she’s barred from all of the over-the-counter stuff.

I banged out “chamomile tea” without even thinking about it. I’ve always been a big fan of prescribing her chamomile tea, actually. She tends to get caught up and she needs to remove the stress that she’s so busy getting caught up in. I think I’ve actually told her to take some chamomile tea on numerous occasions. She wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t aggravate her kidneys and I double-checked. I told her that ancient peoples used it for various ailments. I mentioned that I had found out that the Romans used it for ailing kidneys and livers. (Neat!) So, I was pretty confident with all of that. There were other suggestions thrown out: hot bath, warm shower, cold compress, dark room, lavender scents, etc. I started going through other herbs that she could purchase herself, but she’d have to double-check about the kidneys in relation to said herbs.

So, then she mentioned that she wouldn’t be able to get the tea because of some reason at home. I don’t live that far from her, actually. In fact, I could walk there if I wanted to. I rarely mention going out with her because I’m a home-body in the worst way. (As in, the idea that I may actually be willing to meet up with other pagans is such a far leap out of my comfort zone that in re-living that moment, I have the shakes. Yeah. Yeah. I’m a home-body.) But I didn’t think it right that she couldn’t get some tea because of stuff going on at her house. I have a whole jar of the stuff. Quickly, I mentioned that she should message me her address so I could bring her some and off I went to get my supplies.

“Get my supplies.”

Look at that! I’m so adorable. My “supplies” was a jar! Tee-hee. I also added a blue sachet filled with lavender about halfway. I was thinking about the old-time women who used to run around with scented sachets in their hands to keep the vile scents of the roads at bay? It seemed like a really good idea. And you know, gut instincts and all that jazz.

So, I be-bopped down there and gave her a bunch of chamomile. I also mentioned some of the more holistic possibilities for headaches and her kidney problems: Reiki, acupuncture, herbal supplements and teas… We actually talked about various possibilities to help her out in numerous ways. I talked to her about some of the better types of organic teas. She’s not a huge fan of getting the whole herb and making her own teas from it. I mean, she has the tea ball to do so, but it can be kind of expensive to do that on a regular basis. Plus, aside from me, she has no idea where to go out and get that stuff.

On my way back, I had a huge shit-eating grin on my face. You know what I’m talking about? It’s that grin that says you did a good thing and it makes you feel like you’ve got some sunshine on your insides? Yep, that’s the grin.

And it’s still here.

All in all, I have to say that (A) I think I know more about herbs than I give myself credit for and (B) I like this feeling!


10 thoughts on “A Wise-Woman In the Making?

  1. Fantastic! Sounds like you really have the gut/intuition for the work… and clearly the disposition. I love those smiles.

    I hope you can find more of an outlet for this work.

    • I never really considered having the instinct for it. I just figured, “Eh. I’ll read a lot of books and learn what I can as time goes by.” Apparently, I’m picking up more and more as I go. It’s so exciting to have something I can do!

      I hope I can find an outlet, too. I don’t even know how to go about it, but you know, if I can help friends at first… that will do.

  2. Just an advice: be *very* careful when it comes to healing and illnesses and issues.

    In this case it was a friend you’ve known for a long time and one who is careful with her kidney problem. Also I wouldn’t rely on old usages of herbs alone. Folks did wise but also pretty dumb stuff over the centuries.

    If you want to take things on the healer level, look for some education, like Healing Practioner or something.

    I don’t say this stuff to bring you down, I say it because I know how tricky all those things are. And that there are legal consequences to it, too.

    • You won’t bring me down. If anyone can give me advice, then I’m glad to hear it/take it!

      I wonder where I’d find classes like that around here… I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled. But it’s definitely a terrific idea.

      • I wish I could help there.
        But I only know how it is over here.
        There is distant learning for that kind of things, where you get your lessons via mail and can study whenever you have time in the evening and things.
        Maybe you can find something like this?
        I really hope you can follow down the path that you are pulled to. Being a healer is most challenging. (I’m told I was and am one now, but honestly, I don’t have the stamina to do the work in a larger extent.)

        • I think I found an online school that might work. It’s one of the *only* ones that has “herbal studies” as a program! Apparently, if I want to do massage therapy, I can go anywhere. However, if I want to study herbs, then I can only choose a single school out of how many possible ones in America? Yikes. The closest in-person school is hours away! It’s kind of frustrating, but I think I am strong enough and stable enough to take online courses and, you know, do the work now.

          It feels like this is the right thing. I have a feeling this is a Sekhmet-related thing (on top of my own curiosity). So, excellent that it coincides. :)

  3. More stuff we have in common:

    I’m not a hedgewalker; they come to me, I don’t go to them… ;-)

    I’m a homebody too…no, seriously. Not agoraphobic, I just really prefer being here to anywhere else! *giggle*

    Thoughts for your friend…what’s the *reason* she’s having the headaches? Western medicine has us trained to solve the symptoms, not the problems. There’s scads of reasons she might be getting them, and you might be able to prevent the problem where it starts…

    Thoughts for you…I know you have a good heart. I know you have good intentions. I know you want to help as many people as possible. But remember the energy exchange. If you’re helping people, make sure that they’re giving you *something* back. With friends (real friends) this isn’t much of an issue b/c there’s a constant energy exchange. But when you start with people you don’t know and semi-friends…they really should give you *something* for the help. Even just $5, a pack of smokes, a ride somewhere, watching your kid for an hour…just *something.* Otherwise, all the energy is coming out of you & not getting replaced. You don’t want to go running out of spoons again! :-)

    And Tana is completely right. You don’t want to get hit with “practicing without a license” or getting sued by some idiot. Get some piece of paper that says you can do this stuff.

    And DON’T worry about how it’s going to happen. If you’re good–and you are–you don’t need to advertise or promote. You don’t need to have an online presence. You don’t need to charge outrageous amounts of money to prove your stuff is better. Word of mouth will spread simply because you ARE good. That’s how it’s always been done…and there are many out there still doing it that way!

    Sorry for hijacking your blog again. I know return you to your regularly scheduled author…lol.

    • You can hijack my posts anytime, baby. ^.- Okay, back to serious.

      She mentioned that she was recently put on blood pressure medication. I remember my mom starting on her blood pressure meds and having headaches, red cheeks, and dizziness on a regular basis. She also seems prone to tension headaches, which coincides with her inability to pull away from a stressful situation at any given moment. She pointed out where the headache was to me last night, and I figured it was a tension headache. (Back of the head and radiating forward.) This is where my tension headaches begin before moving to my temples/forehead area and making life miserable. But, I told her that with the blood pressure medication then she will end up having a good deal more headaches and so, she’ll have to start working through them if she can’t get any tea or meditation done.

      Yeah. I’m enjoying having all of my spoons at the moment, so your words of wisdom really resonate over here. I did find myself pretty tired afterward and I know that it’s a mix of things. It was not getting any energy in return, as well as the fact that it’s my first time in a long time having to throw out my herbal knowledge like that. And plus, being in bed by midnight is so totally last year. I’m more interested in bed times around ten o’clock now! (Getting old? Me? Sigh. Yes.)

      I’ve found an online school that actually has herbal studies as a course. It’s, like, the only one. All of the others are nursing and health administration. And while it sounds very interesting, I just don’t want to delve that deep. I’m also growing more and more less-willing to rely so heavily on Western medicines (although, birth control? Yeah, I stand behind that). But with the path that I’m on in my pagan life, it really seems that holistic medicines are a good place to begin. And there’s the whole, I want to learn more and more herbology and wild harvesting. It seems to go hand-in-hand. Plus, I get the feeling Madam Sekhmet is pretty pleased with this idea. (AND WHO DOESN’T LIKE A HAPPY PATRON?!?)

      Thanks for saying I’m good. I think that was my favorite-est part of your comment. I love the vote of confidence.

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