An Epiphany and the Vernal Equinox of 2012.

So, I had a slight epiphany yesterday. I call it a “slight” one because it wasn’t full-blooded. In effect, I commented somewhere and when I received a response, my brain started doing its fiery thinking dance. And when I say that it is a fiery thinking dance then, what I mean is that I get feverish and wide-eyed while my brain tries to puzzle shit out. What started all of this was a post by Dver about what she had done for her equinox celebrations, as well as Liberalia. Yeah, I don’t know what it is, either, so I posted the Wiki article on it. Anyway.

I mentioned that I had issues when it comes to celebrating and rituals and all of that. I expect that what is needed may not actually be what is desired. In effect, I think that when I’m doing these things that something small and insignificant (to me) can really be equated to the celebration of a festival or Sabbat. I’m not sure what psychological defect I suffer to promote this, but there you have it. If I want to celebrate something then I think it’s got to be full of the biggest, baddest stuff out there. And since I can’t possibly get things to that accord because I’m not made of money and because I don’t think trying is better than not doing, I just don’t bother. I celebrated Mabon last year and didn’t end up doing anything for Samhain since, you know, the power outage from hell happened. And since then, I’ve been pretty much of the mind that since I can’t make things work out the way I envision them in my head, then so be it.

While my own idiocy may be a large part to why I haven’t gone about and done anything in this regard, the larger issue actually stems from being a Kemetic. What makes the Wheel of the Year so difficult is that I can’t quite associate the WofY with a Kemetic background. For Kemetism, every day is a major holiday. (No, seriously.) But never mind all of that; how do you correlate a religion based in a desert with the celebrations of the changing of the seasons? There were only three in ancient Egypt and not a single one of them was ever a “winter.” Okay, well, that’s nice quite true. There was a time where there wasn’t any planting going on, but it sure as hell doesn’t align with my [white-encrusted, slush-mired] visions of winter.

So, anyway, Dver actually commented back. I’m going to leave that gem for a future post. (Whaaaaaaat? It’s called suspense. It brings people back.) Suffice it to say that her comment got my ass in gear. I decided to celebrate the vernal equinox.

I was planning on doing something with my son some time this week in preparation for Easter. He’s finally at the age where he can remember major holidays, like Christmas and Photobucket Easter. So, while last year was fun with him, this year is even better because you can see the excitement on his face as you tell him what to expect for -insert celebration-. I told him all about how the Easter bunny goes around and leaves chocolate and small toys for little boys and girls in baskets before hiding plastic eggs all for him to find. (Since my place is the size of a postage stamp, we do that at either his great-aunt’s house or his grandmother’s.) I mentioned that the Easter bunny had deputies at the mall in case he wanted his picture taken with one, but he seemed more interested in the fact that, to celebrate the Easter bunny, we make colorful eggs.

It pretty much became the celebration for the start of spring.

We had twelve eggs, although we lost one to careless handling on behalf of TH. He ended up eating it, thereby reviving his disgust at the taste of hard-boiled eggs. One would have thought he’d remember such a thing prior to eating it, but… Anyway. I ended up with fingers that are blue as well as two “speckled” eggs that did not come Photobucket out anything like I was expecting. Although, TH was quick to assure me that one reminded him of a robin’s egg. My son ended up with two or three eggs sporting some very festive stickers while TH ended up making an “OMG” egg. (I don’t understand it, either.) I also ended up writing my son’s name on one of the eggs because I was worried the eggs would forget who he was? No, in reality, I think I wanted to add his name to the little familial spring celebration… even though, I was the only one consciously celebrating the start of spring… Anyway. Eleven eggs, much laughter and joy, as well as slowly-fading blue fingers later… we had a nice family celebration.

Some time ago, I mentioned having a bunch of dried carnations laying around. TH had Photobucket bought me this little bouquet for Valentine’s Day, so they definitely needed to be dealt with. However, I so rarely get flowers that I didn’t want to simply trash them or toss them in the river as an offering. I wanted to keep them with me for a while longer, so I decided that I should figure out how to make that happen. I had Tweeted a while back that I was thinking about saving them, or harvesting them really, but I wasn’t sure what the heck I would do with the petals or even how in the world I would do it. The first day of spring, with its representation of the start of life and the end of winter, seemed like a good time to play with some plants, even though they happened to be dead.

I still wasn’t really sure how to get a hold of the petals. I didn’t want the whole heads because that’s not what I was looking for. I really thought about using scissors to cut the ends off, where the green portion of the head meets up with the petals. But, it Photobucket seemed like a not-so-great idea to use something other than my hands to harvest the petals. I finally decided to just peel them, similar to what TH had done with his dropped egg. I had to experiment quite a few times and didn’t get all of the petals because of this. However, for the most part, I was able to pull them all apart and add them to my little jar. It was in the middle of it that I thought about giving thanks to the carnations, so I did a little spiel in my head. It was something like, Thanks, carnations for the beauty you’ve given. Now, I ask to be forgiven. I’m not sure if that’s how other people do it, but it seemed to work out. They fairly popped out of their little shells after that.

So, that’s what I did to celebrate the fact that it was the vernal equinox. And later, I’ll get into Dver’s comment, what made my brain really start to boil, and figure out where to go from there.

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2 thoughts on “An Epiphany and the Vernal Equinox of 2012.

  1. So glad my comment prompted this! And let me know if you want to further discuss the issue of working with the wheel of the year and a Recon tradition, I’ll be happy to help if I can.

    • Most of your comments get my brain working. So, thanks for making it work harder than normal!

      I was thinking that what I would do was sit down and write out the different holidays and see if any of the netjeru align with the holidays. And then, you know, freak out from there. :)

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