Fet Damballah et Loko.

I haven’t explored much into this Vodou lifestyle since first acknowledging that it deserves a place in my practices. I’m not very knowledgeable and often feel like I’m floundering. In fact, I’m often so uncertain that I let it keep me away from doing much. Of course, I feel like I’m floundering when I’m just focused on the Kemetic aspect, so it’s almost like home. It’s nothing new, really. Since I’ve stopped giving offerings (yet again) on a daily basis, I’ve been left feeling even more uncertain lately. I keep waffling back and forth on the whole thing. Really, it’s pretty fucking irritating but it’s in my nature.

It’s just one of the things I’ll have to overcome as days go by.

Today, Camylleon posted an article by Kenaz Filan about the importance of St. Patrick’s Day from a Vodou standpoint. Aside from learning what I can about the Ghede and about Legba, I haven’t explored much else. The whole thing is so new and different that I don’t really know where to begin. And since I’ve never really felt drawn to any other of the Lwa, it didn’t seem important to explore further. But in having read this article, it occurred to me that I should do a little something, perhaps, that could go either way in the eyes of Damballah.

I didn’t have anything that I could use to honor Loko, especially since I know that the relation there is in regards to an asogwe. Again, I haven’t much information gathered because of a distinct “AAAH” feeling about the whole process. And even though the article stated that in honoring one without the other was an insult, I didn’t think I would insulting Damballah by giving him a little something. It may not mean much because it is small and left with shaking hands, but it’s something at least. And while I’m sure Kenaz has a point about it being rude to honor one without the other, as a neophyte, I think I may be forgiven for not doing so.

So. Just a little something to say, “hey, I remember,” to the White Serpent.


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3 thoughts on “Fet Damballah et Loko.

  1. I think if Damballah is anything like Obatala (and they have a lot in common. A lot different, but a lot in common) you’ll be forgiven. But I’m not an expert or anything.

    As far as “daily offerings” go, don’t sweat it. Not everyone needs a “daily offering.” My Ancestors & Muertos give me the Jewish Grandmother guilt…”you don’t call, you don’t write…” lol. All they seem to want is for me to hang out with them, so I do…every day for at least a few minutes. And we talk.

    Remember, too…that tobacco, candles & incense count as “offerings,” especially with the Dead. They get energy off of white candles. :-D Makes things a little easier…lol. It doesn’t always have to be food/drink like we think of food/drink!

    Glad that article helped you. I’m liking his blog…sometimes very helpful…sometimes just an interesting read.

    • I didn’t get a negative feeling from Damballah, so I’m thinking he appreciated the nod I gave him.

      I guess I always just think of offerings as food or drink. I believe this stems from my Kemetic background: if you wanted to give to your Deadz then there had better be food and drink. I’ll try to think of things as incense and candle-lighting as offerings. And I’ll try not to think of it as “not enough.”

      I had a book of his that I lent to a friend of mine. I asked that she not give it back. After speaking so much with OF, it seemed like his book was white-washed fluff, which irritated me since it was written based on the idea that it wasn’t white-washed fluff. Of course, I’ve since wondered if I should give him another shot, but whatever. In reality, I’ve only read bits of his blog. He seems to get into a lot of, um, debates.

  2. Ok…here’s something that I think I understand, but you might want to look into…

    Most of the African Traditions (not all…pls don’t think I’m making coarse generalizations!) replaced their own Ancestral traditions with Spiritism. That’s where, as I understand it, the “Boveda” came from. This is where the clear glasses, white candles, and all that comes from. What I know of it makes sense to me…so I use it. *shrug*

    If you’re curious about that aspect of the African Traditions, here’s a website that has free downloads (PDF format) of the Allan Kardec books. He’s the guy who brought spiritism to its peak. (Spiritism, not spiritualism…confusing, but there is a difference…lol)


    Altho to be fair, incense is used as an offering in lots of different religions as well. I had a hard time buying into candles as offerings, myself…too churchy for me, and I don’t think of those candles as “offerings” so it didn’t work for awhile. But I get it now.

    I only do the coffee thing about once a week and the food…well, when I feel its needed. There are some people in the ATRs who have told me not to give offerings too often (especially to Eleggua) because they can become “spoiled.” Don’t know how I feel about that.

    Yeah…the Damballah post was a good one but most of his are…well, counterproductive. I can only say I find his RL personality childish, at best. I’ve lost respect for him, which is sad. He might have good knowledge to share, but I can’t take him seriously when all he wants to do is point fingers and start arguments.

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