Porcupines: What I’m Learning And What I’m Thinking.

It’s been pretty much decided (by me and two others) that what the dream is going on about is that I’m trying to avoid something and that this could end up in me losing an aspect of my safety net or something along those lines. There’s, probably, more to it than that, but my problem [of the moment] is that I don’t know what in the world the overall conflict or what I’m avoiding could possibly be. So, this is me trying to bring all of the information I’ve gotten on porcupines into a single entry so that I can reflect back whenever needed.

Prickly, stickly, do not push
Into my life without consent.
Unasked advice has no price.
Control is not good intent.
  • innocence
  • wonder
  • humility
  • powerful medicines: faith and truth
  • trust in spirit
  • creating your own path
  • protection of boundaries
  • solitary
  • defense when threatened
  • allowing others their own path
  • non-interference
  • sensitive to criticism
  • overly critical of others
  • don’t get caught in the Chaos of the world
  • childlike sense of wonder
  • imagination
  • open your heart

(This information was culled from here, here, and here.)

In reality, while the spirit information is very interesting, I’m not sure it’s really the area that I need to look into. Okay, well, that’s not quite true. I do need to look into spirit animals *AT SOME POINT* but at this juncture, I can’t see any of these aspects as the reason behind the dream or the possible conflict that may end up happening because of said aspects. (That was kind of garbled.) I do have to say that in looking up the spirit information about porcupines, I’m vastly intrigued. However, in thus doing and in wracking my brain pan all day, I think I’ve come up with a couple of theories that are worth taking a look at.

My initial reaction to trying to figure out what the whole porcupine business was about was that I should look to myself and see what aspects of myself are similar to Photobucket porcupines. It seemed that, perhaps, this was based solely on my prickly nature. I am, after all, incredibly acerbic and reserved. One might even say that I have defenses similar to that which one would find on a porcupine. However, instead of using these defenses when fearful of a specific event or circumstance, I use them prior to being hurt in an effort to keep myself from being hurt. My defenses are always on high alert, too. So, in trying to bypass this very nature of myself, I may be incurring a future in which I lose someone or something very close to me because of said defenses. This theory has a feeling about it that’s very important to pay attention to. It’s possible that I may have interpreted not entirely accurately, but there’s something here that says, Pay attention.

However, this isn’t the only possible manifestation that I can come up with.

If anyone that’s reading this has read my personal journal, especially in the last month, then they know about my issues concerning OF. Another friend of mine also had issues with said person, although she got it tougher than I did. In effect, it seemed that the Photobucket two were (as based on OF’s perception, but not reality) were “battling” it out for whosoever would get “custody” of me. (Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Seriously.) Anyway, this friend of mine posted today that she knew she was being crossed and that, specifically, she had no delusions that OF and her husband had something to do with it. (The fact that they would turn to magic over differences of opinion and my decision to protect myself against her problems? Speaks highly, doesn’t it?) This led me to wonder if, maybe, it wasn’t myself that I was trying to bypass in my dream but their trying to cross me because of feeling slighted. It also leaves me quite worried that the overall outcome of trying to distract/bypass the porcupines in question was that someone in my group, that I relied upon and cared about, was “killed” in the process. Is this a reflection of my damaged relationship with the Sister, perchance? That in trying to bypass the crossing I’ve lost her? Or is it a future event?

The other thing that has come to mind actually came about because Devo made mention Photobucket that it was possible that Sekhmet was pulling out the “big guns” to get me to stop acting like a dolt. In it, she mentioned that it was possible that this was a visitation from Big Red, Himself. (I’m trying not to literally be scared of that statement. Seriously.) I have a nasty habit of just ducking my head into the sand and ignoring things or, as in the dream, just trying to skirt around said issues without actually interacting with them. This is a very bad habit of mine and I find it nearly impossible to stop. However, if it’s possible that there is some form of issue or conflict forming that I’m doing my utmost best to stick my head in the sand from, then I can see why Sekhmet would put a call in to BR. He does have a habit of shoving people over the cliff (Devo’s words) to get the ball rolling.

My last-ditch effort was to try a Tarot reading for this. I tried focusing intently on the Me/Porcupines., Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App two porcupines as seen in my dream. I also thought about, hopefully, getting a meaning behind the whole dream. However, from the get-go in trying to figure this out, Tarot didn’t seem as an appropriate outlet for trying to figure this out. I had, initially, felt that I’d give it a shot, but I wasn’t overly thrilled with the whole prospect. And to be honest, I don’t feel that I did an adequate job with this. Still, I did get a reading and the least I can do is try to figure out what the fuck it all means.

The first card was the seven of wands, reversed. This card was in the “current direction” area. According to my book’s interpretations, this means that I’m heading towards/in a situation of conflict and that I’m currently at a superior vantage point in the conflict. This remains possible as it is this dream that is foretelling the overall event. In giving me a glance to the future that does leave me in a superior position. The card goes on to tell me that I need to call on my strength reserves, my inner strength, courage and determination to prevail.

The second card is the page of pentacles, reversed. This card resides in the “lesson to be learned” area. This card is telling me that I may start to experience difficulties because I didn’t read “the fine print” attached. It’s also possible that I may fail to see the big picture because I’m so engrossed with the details. Both of these seem like it’s a possibility. However, the aspect in which I may be facing difficulties because I didn’t read all the details could, literally, pertain to any number of things: my friendship with OF, my friendship with the Sister, my taking on the personality of the porcupine to protect myself. And it is in my nature to focus more on the finer details than to take a look at the whole picture. This is, often, why I tend to feel blind sided by things that come up unexpectedly.

The third card is Justice, reversed. It was at this point that I began to think I had the reading wrong, but a pulled card came up in the affirmative. This is the reading I’m supposed to have for the question involved. Anyway, the Justice card happened to end up in the “moving toward” area. The card, at first, talks about miscarriages of justice (obviously). However, the lines that really stick out to me are the ones that hint that it could be my own fence-sitting is working against me. The card is, in effect, telling me to make a fucking decision and get on with shit.

The fourth card is the three of swords. This card resides in the “long-term objective” space. This card “suggests you have something to mourn or cry about. You are experiencing stress or sadness because of an emotional hurt that may involve separation from a loved one. It is important to put your sorrow in perspective. You may need to let go of a relationship or situation that only brings you anguish. …It is a card of severance and necessary cutting…” This card leads me to believe that it the dream does have to do with OF and that situation, but it could also just be me trying to bypass my prickly nature and therefore, losing someone I valued.

The fifth card is the Magician, reversed. This card is in the “help in gaining the objective” spot. What this card is telling me is that I’m not using my talents or skills to accomplish my overall goals. My indecisiveness (of which I have much) is blocking me and causing difficulties, as well as delays. It also mentions my lack of confidence causing issues as well as a general feeling of lack of empowerment.

If I’m reading this right, then I’m my own worst enemy. So, maybe the first thought on the whole dream—this being about my prickly nature—is correct? GAH. Why can’t the gods and spirits just give us STRAIGHT ANSWERS?

As a quick note: I felt the need to mention that a while back, I said on my FB that I wanted to come back as a porcupine in my next life. Either that, or I said something about having one as my spirit animal. I can’t remember which, but it just clicked in my brain after having been porcupine-focused all day.

9 thoughts on “Porcupines: What I’m Learning And What I’m Thinking.

  1. For what it is worth, I would say that the friend issue is the least likely. I say this because the friend issue has already happened. Those bridges have been burned, and it seems silly that your dream would be pointing out what you’ve already done. If it is to serve as a warning, I’d think that it would have to be something that hasn’t happened yet.

    I still think the duality aspect needs to be examined. Perhaps your theories on what the porcupine represents are accurate (or could be relative). Maybe you need to examine what role the duality could play in all of this. In other words, you have one piece of the puzzle (what the porcupine represents) now you need to see where that piece fits into the whole puzzle (duality, the dogs, etc).

    I’d tell you to go with your gut. If there is something that is screaming PAY ATTENTION, then that’s probably where you need to start sniffing.

    • I wonder if the duality aspect in the porcupines is a duality in me and the dogs… well, I just don’t know what aspect they are. I’ll look into their spirit animals and see what pops at me. We can expect more posts about porcupines to come. :)

      • Some potential duality aspects to investigate would be:
        seen/unseen (alt. seen/hidden)
        dark flame/bright flame (FK reference)

        It could also be a mixture of your goddesses, since they mix and mingle together.

        Another thing to consider is your location. You said that it was your childhood neighborhood. Perhaps what you are dealing with takes roots in your childhood.

        Not sure what else. I’ll let you know if anything else pops into my brain.

        • I think my issue with coming to terms with the duality is a lack of understanding. If the porcupines represent me, then what is their duality? If it does have to do with my ‘prickly nature’ then, the duality could be in relation to…? Stopped short.

          And I have nothing on the dogs. I’m going to research the whole man’s best friend thing.

      • Well, I think everyone has two sides to themselves. Things they show, things they don’t show. Things they accept and don’t accept. It really does depend on what angle you look at it from. And of course, the duality might not be you necessarily, nor may the porcupines represent you directly… it could be a number of things. I’m sure in time it will make more sense.

  2. Have you tried the online version of the Anubis Oracle? I’ve used and received surprisingly relevant and revealing results.

    As for your comment about straight answers, I like to think of this way: I rarely look for straight answers when it comes to divinations because there is a plethora of ways the future can unfold. Try to let the free associations lead you to an aspect of your situation that you have yet to explore. Sometimes you can come to insights you never would have considered before, and that are much more poignant than the preconceived conclusions that you had in mind beforehand.

    • I actually own the Anubis Oracle! I hardly use it because it’s just so esoteric. I’ll give either the online or IRL version a shot. Thank you.

      Stuff like this always sends me scrambling when They communicate this way. Oft-times, I get upset or confused since I haven’t a clue what I’m looking for and give up.

      • The webpage is what inspired me to buy the deck! Instead of taking each interpretation word for word, sometimes I see words or phrases that can be understood either literally, or metaphorically, or both. The deck has a strong theme of shamanistic renewal but you can ignore that and just focus on what associations the types of cards bring up for you, or think of the role each netjer plays and compare their story with yours in order to reach a new understanding. And sometimes the answer is there but you don’t realize it until it has already passed. In this case I like to save readings I’ve done with their interpretations and review them later on, and in this way I can practice interpreting certain cards by seeing how one significant word or phrase can spell out a certain outcome or tendency. Above all, patience and openness to what the cards are trying to tell you. For me a confluence of coincidence is no longer coincidence but synchronicity- the universe (or whomever!) trying to send me a message.

        • I’ll try to keep this all in my head. I’m a little worried about pulling out my deck (I don’t know if there was much of a connection since I used to years ago and have had it lying about since then). But, I’m going to try it because the porcupine thing is driving. me. nuts. :)

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