Dreams, Porcupines, and Some Discernment.

So, Dver over at A Forest Door tends to talk about discernment a lot. In fact, a few times in comments she’s left over here (SHE’S READ MY BLOG: SQUEE!) have actually had to do with this whole discernment thing. The post I’ve linked to specifically talks about how we need to discern the difference between what we think our gods want/like versus what they actually do like/want. And this is something that I’ve been trying to work on because I’m not very good at it, honestly. I tend to dismiss everything out of hand as simple coincidence. She’s mentioned before, in comment form, that just because there are rational explanations doesn’t necessarily mean that the gods or spirits aren’t using them to communicate.

Now that’s an idea.

So, with that back story…

Last night, I had a very strange dream. (I’m getting used to strange dreams, actually.)

In it, I was investigating either a disappearance or a murder or both. I had to go to my childhood neighborhood because that was where the crime scene actually was, instead of the beach where the body (literally, magically) fell from the sky. So, we’re in my childhood neighborhood, which has [in dreams] taken on a very dark and angry connoitation. There are trees that are ten times taller than they should be that are doing their best to block out the lights from the street lights and all of my dreams that take place here are at night. So, it’s night and I’m taking a group of people down the road to get to some house. We had found the crime scene and decided to leave it. Anyway, this herd of people and I are joined by a pack of random large breed dogs. I can remember a black lab and a golden retriever, as well as a couple of other larger breeds. There were a total of five dogs in this pack.

I think they were our helpers?

So, in the dream, we’re walking down the road and we’re nearly to a house that is our ultimate goal. We just passed a side street (that doesn’t exist in my honest childhood neighborhood) when two porcupines step out of the woods to block our way. They are very large creatures about thirty pounds a piece. One is jet black and the other is golden colored. Every time we try to walk around them, they move to block us further. As we keep trying to bypass them, they move closer and closer to us. We all know that the intent here is very malicious and that they just want to stick us, the dogs, and be on their way. So, I decided to distract the porcupines. In front of my feet was a plastic, deflated ball. I threw it as hard as I could down the side street that doesn’t really exist and watched as the porcupines went tumbling after it.

The rest is fuzzy, but it culminates in me walking around shirtless with a shower curtain draped decoratively about my upper bits as the group and the dogs come into the house that was our main goal. Unfortunately, the golden retriever was lost in the attack from the porcupines. That was about the moment that I woke up.

Now, my initial thought on the dream was to simply say, “Huh. That’s fucking weird.” And in reality, I did exactly say just that. As time has gone by, my dreams have been progressively easier to remember but also odder. Things have been clearer, but they’re also just incredibly strange. I’ve found myself dreaming about animals a lot in recent weeks. (I’m thinking specifically of the dream where I came out of nowhere in the middle of the woods and ended up startling a moose in mid-eat.) And after that, I decided my next step was to check out Dream Moods and check out what they had to say about the whole porcupine thing. However, the website would not load on my phone, no matter where in the fuck I was standing and how many times I tried refreshing the feed.

Normally, at a moment like this, I just get frustrated and decide to check out the meaning at some later point in time. However, the reason I’m now beginning to wonder about the whole interpretation aspect is because of Madam Wolf from Fluid Morality. I’m not going to get into her story, since it’s not my place, but suffice it to say that when she commented on my FB status about my dreaming about porcupines, she asked if I was being called, so to speak. (This led me to wonder if I was going to start hearing “I’m an aardvark” in my head at any given moment.) This really made me wonder, in light of the fact that I couldn’t get to the fucking website and find out about porcupines.

And it would be interesting…

And there is discernment…

And there is the fact that I like to fob everything off to rationality…

Well, the whole thing is interesting if I start to really examine it. The things about my childhood neighborhood and its darkness are psychological in nature, and so pose little merit to what I’m wondering. But, the duality aspect of two separate creatures from my dream is very interesting to think about. Duality, as any Kemetic knows, is part and parcel to the whole faith. And the fact that the dogs as well as the porcupines were dually matched, one gold and one black, is interesting in and of itself. (As a quick aside: it’s interesting that it was the golden dog that was attacked and injured—though I don’t know if it was the black or gold porcupine that did the attacking. The only reason I say so is that now that I’m trying to context it into a Kemetic standpoint, I’m thinking of the battles between Heru and Set… Of course, that could also be because of Madam Wolf…)

You know, at first, I really didn’t think this dream had anything more to do but be odd and strange. But, now with the comment from Madam Wolf and the fact that I couldn’t access the website… now, I’m really beginning to wonder. And I have to say, I had better not start hearing about how I’m an aardvark!

(To see a porcupine in your dream suggests that you need to look out for yourself and protect yourself from emotional or psychological harm. Trust and honesty are important qualities. Alternatively, a porcupine indicates that there is a situation which you need to approach with openness. Someone in your waking life may be on the defensive and are not be exposing their vulnerabilities. As taken from Dream Moods’ entry on porcupines. …No. Just no.)


12 thoughts on “Dreams, Porcupines, and Some Discernment.

  1. I honestly found the aardvark thing ironic. Did you know we both saw him as a princess around the same time? Creepy.

    As for your dream, when I saw the post in my feed, I couldn’t help but feel it meant something. Perhaps that something will come out in time. Maybe not. I think what is most important (of course, it matters more what you find important, but still) is that it is black and gold- duality (I actually thought of Bezen’s name- the dual wpwt’s, but who knows, it could be anything). That this duality will NOT let you pass. And in trying to pass these things, you end up losing something that protects/helps you. Maybe it’s a reflection of your waking life… that you want something to move, and whatever method you’re using is going to cost you something in order to get said blockage to release. Maybe you need to change your methods in order to keep your ‘dog’ as it were.

    Hopefully that makes some sense…

    If it *is* the aardvark, aka Big Red, knocking on your door. Avoiding him will only make it more difficult for you. BR likes to send people to cliffs. If you don’t jump off, he pushes you. Such is his nature. However, I would find it odd that he suddenly took interest in you. Time will tell, I suppose.

    • I didn’t know that. So, he likes to dress up in drag a lot, then, huh?

      I never thought of the duality as something that I wanted to bypass, although that makes sense since that was what was going on in the dream. I wonder what the duality is, though. Is it people? Is it emotions? Is it an obstacle in the physical way? There are so many possible interpretations that it drives me crazy since, you know, I’m less likely to figure it out until whatever it was signifying ends up happening.

      I don’t think it’s BR. I mean, I suppose it’s possible. However, I’ve been around the block for a while now. It seems odd that he would show up now, as you said.

      I asked Sekhmet and I got “enigmatic smile” as a response. -.-

      • It really does depend. If you are trying to void or skit whatever the porcupines represent, it’s possible that Sekhmet might have to pull out the ‘big guns’ to get you to do whatever it is that’s happening.

        Sometimes we don’t figure it out until it’s too late. And that’s okay. It’s part of the learning process. I personally find that dreams are more for my subconscious, anyways. It understands the symbolism, and on a subconscious level, my mind is already preparing for whatever the dream is warning me about. That way, I’ll be calmer and more able to think on my feet when shit hits the fan. Whatever happens, happens. You’ll come out okay on the other side no matter what- and that’s what is important.

        • I’m going to correlate as much information on porcupines, in myth and animal totems, as I can to see what I get out of that. I’m then going to figure this damn thing out if it kills me. Okay, no. Not really. But I really want to figure it out.

          Thanks for having faith that I’ll come out of whatever this is okay. I’ll need that, I’m sure. :)

    • Yeah, I’m beginning to sense that figuring out what the conflict is about is the direction this is heading. Meditation is out. I suppose I could ask the cards for an interpretation, but that seems wrong, too. Gah. I wish there were manuals for all of this.

  2. All I know about porcupines is that it is illegal to have sex with them in florida. This I know from a random “10 weirdest sex laws”

    So don’t have sex with them!


    But in seriousness I hope you figure it out. Good luck on your quest!

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